No Deposit Casino Bonus Codes

Along with their friends, more and more people around the world are acquiring the passion to bet on online casinos these days. Blackjack, poker, roulette – these are popular games that people spend their time with on top online casino sites on the web.

If online shoppers do get to enjoy coupons and save some money on their shopping, casino goers on the other hand gets to avail bonuses. A casino bonus is one thing that attracts new casino goers. Many online gambling houses offer their gamers a no deposit bonus in a form of cash as soon as they register on their site. They can either double that amount or lose it in a game but they cannot take the free cash out if not for playing.

The use of no deposit casino bonuses is a great way to assess an online casino house especially for frequent gamers without risking any amount, not even a cent from their own pocket. It also allows first time players to hone their gaming skills and build up confidence while playing at no cost.

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Beastie Boys Member, Adam “MCA” Yauch, MCA Dies of Cancer at 47

It is Saturday today and I am supposed to relax and play with my online games. However, in this very early morning, upon checking the news online, just a shocking news update greeted me; one of the Beastie Boys member, Adam “MCA” Yauch, dies at the age of 47.

Adam “MCA” Yauch was suffering from cancer of the Parotid glands. It was on July 2009, four years ago, when he was first diagnosed of such cancer of the parotic.

Adam Nathaniel Yauch, his full name, but more commonly known as MCA, aside from being an American songwriter and a rapper, he also founded the Oscilloscope Laboratories. It is film production and distribution company. The company has released more than 40 DVDs by far.

This is truly a grieving days for the Beastie Boys family and fans. May Adam “MCA” Yauch rest in peace!

Anyway, getting back to my online game, I have found new Bingo site to caper myself at. It is at

Free Bingo

What I really like about this bingo site is that, since I am still new to this, they offer free to play bingo daily. Isn’t this a good deal to start? It is! So for now, let me get out from blogging to play bingo. See you later guys!

FREE Slot Machine at Europa Casino

For me, it is obviously more fun to play online games than doing beach volleyball under the summer heat. I haven’t escaped any beach resorts and even wore my best swimwear yet. But if you’ll ask me how many times I’ve hit online slots, you, then you would surely say that indeed I’ve found online games more fun and excitement to attend to than those getaways and escapades lately.

I have already visited a lot of online game websites and played a hundred times from there too. One of them is the Europa Casino.

Europa Casino, just a bit of information, is an online gaming and gambling website where one can choose different online games. One can play casinos, roulette, blackjack or even online slots. Online slots is one of my best choice. I love to play it because it thrills and excites me to what the next possible combinations would be and if it could win me.

But what I like more with this website is that they also offer free slot machine. As I have said, slot machines are one of the best games I usually play even in real casino halls. Having a chance to play with the free slot machine they have, is already an ‘A’ point for the said website.

Other than that, Europa Casino is available in many different languages which enables the site to be accessed and be played by different people. Another thing is that they have casino software which anybody can download and conveniently play with it anytime he could.

Get Involved with Texas Holdem Poker!

Texas Hold’em has become the most popular form of poker online. Want a part of the action? Read on for a quick overview:


How to Play Texas Holdem:

  • When the game first begins, all players are given their hand facing down. This is followed by the first round of betting.
  •  Once the first betting round is complete, 3 community cards are placed in the centre of the table, facing upwards. The next round of betting then follows.
  •  A fourth community card is revealed, prior to the third round of betting. This is followed by the fifth and sixth final betting round.
  •  Using the five cards displayed on the table and two cards from their hand, each player must make the best five card hand possible.
  •  The aim for each player is to win the pot.

If there is a tie – the pot is divided between the two successful players.


Note: Players do not intend on winning each game that they play. Players make mathematical decisions and thee help to capitalise on their winnings.

What Strategies can you use?

  • Bluffing: Good bluffing techniques can cause fellow opponents to fold and forfeit their hand, essentially allowing you the opportunity to win the pot. This technique works well alongside your poker face!
  •  Poker Face: An absolute must for all players is to be able to display a poker face. The key is not to let on if you hold a good poker hand. Signs such as; a twitch, sweat,  or tapping of the fingers, are all giveaways.
  •  Folding: Arguably, one of the most difficult decisions a player has to make during a game of Texas Holdem. At the end of the day probability would state that if your hand is weak, then there is little chance of winning the round, therefore it would make more sense to hang onto your money and invest in into the proceeding round.
  •  Bet: It is the bet that is the key aspect in a game of poker, especially in Texas Hold’em. Look out for those who like to place big bets; it is possible that they have a good hand, likewise it may be a trick in the hope that you will fold.
  •  Observe: It is crucial to know how to observe the cards. It is worth observing the cards as they are being dealt. By being observant, the decisions of calling, betting or folding become easier.


It takes patience to master these strategies. Once you become aware of hot to apply these strategies effectively, the game of Texas Hold’em will soon start to play to your hand!

Visit Pokerstars poker now to get your game on the road!

Thursday Night is Poker Night

It’s Thursday once again. Most commonly, people gotten more excited for Fridays to come. However, in my case, this week, I love Thursday more than Friday because I don’t have any academic obligations tonight. Tonight will be my stress-free night from school stuff. As usual, school stuff-free nights are almost always intended for online enjoyments, not to mention my preplanned an hour or two of poker online.

Aside from blogging, playing online games are what I used to do. And as what I always been saying in my previous posts, playing online has been part already of my relaxing and de-stressing stuff to complete especially during every after exam weeks.

Tonight, I might be trying out Texas holdem poker game. I haven’t tried this one yet before and I found this one exciting to try out. But of course, I won’t be gambling. I will just make use of the free online poker games. This is, actually, one of the advantages for newbie online gamers since it is free and definitely, no cash used but the player could practice playing.

Anybody would want to play online games with me tonight?

Online Skill Games

I do play online casino games every time I get bored at home. But more often, when I do nothing but online casino. However, I can’t play casino online games in school because the doctors might catch me playing then. Since skill games are just allowed to play when using the internet at school, lately, I am more into playing skill games in school than playing casino online games.

In skill games, most specifically the online skill games, players need to make the best in making their strategies, performing best tricks, planning the most appropriate and applicable moves to win the said game. It’s because the players has the option to send their scores in the global score and leader boards. It means that the players need to register and log in, for instance in one of the online skill game sites like the

One of the online skill games that I used to play when I am in school is the Aztec Temple 1. It is an “adventure” type of a skill game. It is actually about traveling the whole world. And while having such travel, the player encounters an Aztec temple along his way. The Aztec temple has jewels inside it. What the player needs to do is to get out of the temple as early as possible before the big door of the temple closes.

For me, it’s very exciting because it’s a travel-like game. But off course, when the going gets tough because of the time pressure, it’s getting more adventurous.

The QWOP Game

Have you tried the QWOP game?

Actually, it’s one trending hit online game lately. I, myself, haven’t tried it yet, but I am somehow curious of how it’s gonna be played so I look over the internet some information about it. Here below.

QWOP games is also a Olympic running simulation game that can be played only with four keys. In QWOP game you’re playing an Olympic athlete named Qwop who participated in the sprint race of 100 meters in an Olympic Games.

QWOP game: running simulation game

For play QWOP games, there are four buttons that can be used, namely the Q, W, O and P. From this it can be known why the game is called QWOP game. Gamers must strive for Qwop could run as far as possible without falling.

QWOP game: atest radgoll game

If you need help, there is the question mark button you can press in the top left corner of the screen game. Or if you feel you will lose, you can simply restart by pressing the R key.

I have also read that it’s just a flash game so no hassles and other resources needed. Hmp! Lemme try downloading one later after our classes this afternoon.

Anyway, earlier, while looking for details about the QWOP game, I also stumbled upon the no credit check payday loans. It was shining in my eyes so a skip the QWOP game first and spent a minute checking it because, as I have shared to you before, that I once applied for payday loans online but was rejected. I shared it with M but he just laughed at me and even seconded with the reply of the payday loan online personnel. This time, the one I recently checked, I’ll go with it again later same as with the QWOP game. This really need a second thoughts.

I’ll update more with my new QWOP game addiction.

Good Bye Coffee

I think I really need to totally wave good bye to cups of coffee Smiley even though it’s really hurting me most.

Actually, the other week, I tried not to take any cups of coffee for a week even we’re still flooded with exams. Off course, as with my daily burps, milk is what I am just taking. But, since I need to strive harder for our final exam which has just started last Monday, I tried coffee again last Sunday night. But, telling you guys, I felt a lot of unusual things like palpitations until today, my migraine is getting back and dryness of mouth. I do not know why. I am not really sure if coffees do cause dryness of mouth, but with our symptoms which are really disturbing, I am pretty sure those are caused by coffees.I am getting shaky now more and more especially when I thought of going home the soonest and feeling these strange because my mum might be seeing me differently. Aside from that, my casino online games which I am just relying on to three to four cups of coffees a night might be disturbed.I haven’t talked to my cardiologist yet. I’ll just observe these symptoms up until Friday. If these will persists, and that would still be the time for me to permanently cry good bye for coffees.

Internet Explorer’s New Features

It’s been years since I started blogging that I am not using internet explorer. Smiley As experienced, and been said by some internet savvy friends, IE is the most attacked of all browsers by viruses. So I never used it then.
And now, though, no plans of shifting back to IE, there are new features installed to it making some users to feel more comfortable. Some of which are as follows:
  • Streamlined Interface
  • Pinned Sites
  • Jump Lists
  • Windows Aero Snap for Web Sites
  • Thumbnail Preview Control
  • Icon Overlays
  • Notification Bar
  • New Tab
  • One Box
  • Address Bar Top Result
I haven’t tried any from those listed yet. I am just wondering if I can still play USA online casinos hassle-free with IE. Smiley

Luzon to suffer outages

Since then, I only rely on internet communications when it comes to news be it national or international. As I have said, and been saying, I am not a TV addict but an internet savvy.
For the past two days, every time I check on the internet, I only check my facebook and blog accounts. Nothing more. But this morning, since I am having an ample time to update my blogs, I also check some news web pages. None of those latest updates shocked me most but the outages where Luzon area be experiencing aside from the typhoon.

Oh no! This is only the reaction I am having. I even shouted.

What does this mean? Are Filipinos really getting poorer and poorer everyday? Smiley

I even heard that Visayas, specifically in Cebu City, there will be rotating brown-outs also as what we had in Mindanao last summer. I still do not know why these all happening. Maybe, I am just not minding all those news I usually hear.

Having done reading all these, what am I thinking all along are my online activities. Hehe. I might sound stupid but that is true. Off course, the semester will be ending so soon and what am I gonna do if there will be no electricity then? I can’t check the top online casino games or even just those popular online casino games then? See? Haha.

But mum said in Mindanao, there were no rotating brown outs already, so I might go home Smiley and do my routine there.