Inverted Nipples

Earlier today, a friend of mine who is pregnant now is having a problem with his inverted nipple. She has already consulted it with her OB-GYNE since she was still on her 3 weeks of pregnancy. Even though her medical doctor (MD) has a lot to tell and the right person to talk to about her situation, she’s even comfy sharing it with me. She’s just in Mindanao and am here in Dumaguete City, so we’re just exchanging SMS.
She’ll be giving birth by the end of April and up until now, she’s getting paranoid on how to have her baby boy be breastfed. She’s actually having a normal breast size, in reference to her weight and height and to the baby’s recent status also. I actually, and honestly, do not know what to tell her more but to make it a joke to have her try breast enlargement instead so her nipples would do reverse. LOL.
Though I have already some good ideas and informations on the physiology of having inverted nipples and the good thing to do about it, I am still cautious to give her advises since we are not licensed yet to do that. Though I have explained things to her, I am still worried to her and to my coming another godchild.

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