Will Smith Slaps Reporter at Moscow Premiere of ‘Men in Black 3’ — Video

Will Smith slaps a Ukrainian reporter after the latter kissed Will Smith in his face. Below is the video from TMZ.com which shows Will Smith slaps Ukranian reporter.

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Donna Summer Dies at 63 Due To Lung Cancer

She’s known to be the ‘Disco Legend‘, Donna Summer, died at the age of 63 after suffering from Lung Cancer.

Donna Summer Dead at 63 Due To Lung Cancer

Early this morning, we lost Donna Summer Sudano, a woman of many gifts, the greatest being her faith,” a statement from the singer’s family. “While we grieve her passing, we are at peace celebrating her extraordinary life and her continued legacy. Words truly can’t express how much we appreciate your prayers and love for our family at this sensitive time.”

Some of the songs of Donna Summer are “Love to Love You Baby” and “She Works Hard for the Money” which made her a Five-time Grammy Winner.

Google’s Project Glass

Google seems to be getting more smarter and wiser after pursuing with the Google’s Project Glass.

Image from Google’s Project Glass

“We think technology should work for you—to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t. A group of us from Google[x] started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment,” says Google.

Watch the video below.


Woman gives birth to 13.14-pound son at Tri-City Medical Center — IMAGE

Cynthia Sigler of Vista, California, gave birth to a 13 pounds and 14 ounces (13.14-pound) boy at Tri-City Medical Center.

Sigler’s first reaction was, ‘how’d he fit?‘.

Below is the image of Cynthia Sigler who gave birth to 13.14-pound son.

Woman gives birth to 13.14-pound son
Woman gives birth to 13.14-pound son

The usual weight of a full-term babies ranges from 5 pounds, 8 ounces, and 8 pounds, 13 ounces. But Jayden Sigler, the name of the 13.14-pound baby boy, is beyond the norm.

Technology and Language Today

How does technology affects a certain language or languages now a days?

I remember, before, when I was in college, it was a very big debate for us regarding the rise of technology — globalization, per se, and its effects to languages. And now, this is still and again another rounds of a cup of tea on the table.

In my own thoughts, technology helps preserve a language or languages. There are already available applications, be it a mobile or an online computer software and websites, like dictionaries and word hubs, with which local dialects are shared or posted for everybody to learn and use it. At any time, one can immediately check those words of a certain language using those applications and software. These words can even easily spread, virally, shared to others who haven’t learned the word yet and even throughout the world wide web in just a wink. These websites also help preserve those words and keep them available online.

But since not all languages are easily understandable to everybody, there goes the benefits of translation services online. Language translation application and software are available online where one can easily download a copy and use it. But this is just usually applicable for a few words or sentences. For a bulk of documents, translation services from certain companies worldwide are now providing online services. Most of these companies translate paper works from a specified language to another making an output readable and comprehensive to other foreign readers.

Translation Services Benefits
Translation Services Benefits

These are just some of the benefits, by far, I can see from the technology that we are having now.

There are also some consequences that we need to open our minds for possibilities to happen.This is exemplified by the use of mobile phones in texting or sending messages and tweeting. Since these two media innovations offer only limited letters or words for every sharing opportunity, people tend to create new words or even new languages.

6.9 Magnitude Earthquake hits Cebu City

At around noon time yesterday, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit Cebu City and other areas in Visayas..

6.9 Magnitude Earthquake hits Cebu City6.9 Magnitude Earthquake hits Cebu City

It was such an unexpected event for me and for every Cebuanos since warnings and other signs were not announced. Good enough no casualties and badly hurt in the city but in other areas in Visayas, a number of people were hurt and even died.

Elizabeth Smart Is Engaged

Do you know Elizabeth Smart?

Elizabeth Smart is EngagedElizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart is the child safety advocate who was kidnapped at knifepoint held captive for 9 months at her early age of 14. Now, she just recently shared that she is already engaged and will be getting married by Summer of this year.

Wikipedia’s 24 hour blackout protest

I am supposed to lurk information about silver dollars using Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia online however, it seems like “Wikipedia’s 24 hour blackout protest” has started already. The website is showing black features on it.

Wikipedia's 24 hour blackout protestWikipedia’s 24 hour blackout protest

Wikipedia’s 24 hour blackout protest is an act of the company opposing the proposed US anti-piracy legislation.

Anyway, so much with that Wikipedia, let me talk back about silver dollars that I first mentioned. I am actually curious of the Morgan silver dollars price guide because one of my friends has mentioned about silver dollars which he and his friends are collecting. And yeah, upon checking online, Morgan silver dollars are great stuff to collect.

GPS on Mobile Phones

When I bought my new mobile phone last month, one of the features that my boyfriend suggested me to check to each mobile phones that I was longing to have is the geocaching GPS units.

At first, I don’t have enough knowledge on the use of GPS on mobile units at first. But he shared to me how things work on GPS units.

geocaching GPS units

Shown above is a diagram on how a GPS unit works. That is just, somehow, a summary on how my boyfriend explained to me what he has known about the GPS.

And yes! I followed what he advised. I was getting more curious on using and exploring how to use the GPS units on mobile phone and I indeed bought a mobile phone having such feature.

By far, it helps me found the easiest route to drive especially during my travel vacation three weeks ago. I wasn’t that very familiar with the place, though that was already my second visit to that place. Good enough, the GPS features on my phone is working well, it helped me not gotten lost from the place.