College Basketball Coach, Rick Majerus, dies at 64

Being a die-hard fanatic of any basketball games, reading a news about the College Basketball Coach, Rick Majerus, who died at 64 from LA Times, it really saddened my day.

Rick MajerusRick Majerus (image from

What I have known about Rick Majerus is that he has had only 1 losing season in his 25 years of coaching college basketball. One more thing being such remarkable about him was that he made Utah to the NCAA finals in 1998.

But now that he has gone due to a heart failure in Los Angeles hospital just yesterday, Saturday, Dec. 01, 2012, all I can say is may he rest in peace and good luck to the college basketball team!

NCAA – College Football Series 2012

I don’t have my own television at home nor a cable connection in my PC-TV. Hence, I am overtly outdated when it comes to the sports that I love to follow this season, the NCAA – College football series 2012.

College Football - NCAANCAA – College Football Series 2012 (image from

Honestly, I have no idea how the NCAA – College football series 2012 is going on now because I really have no access to television. And if you might tell me what the internet’s uses be. Well, of course, I want the live update than the replay of all the games.

So for this season, I might have to leave all behind in history. I might just wait for the next season and promise to myself to really catch the upcoming season — games.

Virginia Commonwealth University beats Kansas University, 71-61 in NCAA Basketball

In the last remaining Number 1 seed, Virginia Commonwealth University won over Kansas University advancing Virginia Commonwealth University to the national semifinals of NCAA basketball men.

Virginia Commonwealth University
Rams scored 71-61 over Kansas University Jayhawks.

Virginia Commonwealth University is the third No. 11 seed to reach the Final Four in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball tournament and the first since George Mason in 2006. Louisiana State in 1986 also reached the national semifinals as an 11th-ranked team.

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George Mason University Wins During 2011 NCAA Tournament

Though not live, I had a great time watching the replay of the 2011 NCAA Tournament.

Anyhow, a here’s the latest report on the 2011 NCAA Tournament results.


George Mason University used a 13-3 game-ending run to beat Villanova University 61-57 in college basketball men’s championship tournament. Top-seeded Duke beat Hampton 87-45.

The University of Notre Dame topped Akron University 69-56, the University of Texasbeat Oakland University 85-81, and the University ofMichigan topped the University of Tennessee 75-45 on the second full day of National Collegiate Athletic Association play. West Region fifth seed Arizona beat Memphis 77-75.

Luke Hancock’s 3-pointer with 20 seconds remaining put No. 8 seed George Mason ahead for good in its East Region win over No. 9 Villanova at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.

The Wildcats, with 20 points from guard Corey Fisher, led by as many as 10 points during the game and by six as it headed into the final two minutes.


Excerpted from Notre Dame, Texas, Michigan, George Mason Win Games During NCAA Tournament.



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2011 NCAA Tournament Schedule

I have been missing a lot of sports events the past months. The last time I checked and blogged was on Nadal’s loosing grip in 2011, though lawn tennis is just second from basketball among all my fave ball games.
Anyway, talking back with basketball games, NCAA is the latest basketball game tournament that almost the whole wide world is looking forward to. Since it has started already, I am having here the 2011 NCAA Tournament schedule.


Thursday, March 17

  • EAST:West Virginia (20-11) vs. UAB-Clemson winner, 12:25 p.m.
  • EAST:Kentucky (25-8) vs. Princeton (25-6), 30 minutes following
  • SOUTHEAST: Butler (23-9) vs. Old Dominion (27-6), 12:40 p.m.
  • SOUTHEAST: Pittsburgh (27-5) vs. UNC Asheville, 30 minutes following
  • SOUTHWEST: Louisville (25-9) vs. Morehead State (24-9), 1:40 p.m.
  • SOUTHWEST:Vanderbilt (23-10) vs. Richmond (27-7), 30 minutes following
  • WEST: Temple (25-7) vs. Penn State (19-14), 2:10 p.m.
  • WEST: San Diego State (32-2) vs. Northern Colorado (21-10), 30 minutes following
  • SOUTHEAST: Florida (26-7) vs. UC Santa Barbara (18-13), 6:50 p.m.
  • SOUTHEAST: UCLA (22-10) vs. Michigan State (19-14), 30 minutes following
  • SOUTHEAST: BYU (30-4) vs. Wofford (21-12), 7:15 p.m.
  • SOUTHEAST: St. John’s (21-11) vs. Gonzaga (24-9), 30 minutes following
  • WEST: Connecticut (26-9) vs. Bucknell (25-8), 7:20 p.m.
  • WEST: Cincinnati (25-8) vs. Missouri (23-10), 30 minutes following
  • SOUTHEAST: Wisconsin (23-8) vs. Belmont (30-4), 7:27 p.m.
  • SOUTHEAST: Kansas State (22-10) vs. Utah State (30-3), 30 minutes following

Friday, March 18

  • WEST: Texas (27-7) vs. Oakland, Mich. (25-9), 12:15 p.m.
  • WEST: Arizona (27-7) vs. Memphis (25-9), 30 minutes following
  • WEST: Michigan (20-13) vs. Tennessee (19-14), 12:40 p.m.
  • WEST: Duke (30-4) vs. Hampton (24-8), 30 minutes following
  • SOUTHWEST: Notre Dame (26-6) vs. Akron (23-12), 1:40, p.m.
  • SOUTHWEST: Texas A&M (24-8) vs. Florida State (21-10), 30 minutes following
  • EAST: George Mason (26-6) vs. Villanova (21-11), 2:10 p.m.
  • EAST: Ohio State (32-2) vs. UTSA, 30 minutes following
  • SOUTHWEST: Kansas (32-2) vs. Boston University (21-13), 6:50 p.m.
  • SOUTHWEST: UNLV (24-8) vs. Illinois (19-13), 30 minutes following
  • EAST:North Carolina (26-7) vs. Long Island University (27-5), 7:15 p.m.
  • EAST: Washington (23-10) vs. Georgia (21-11), 30 minutes following
  • SOUTHWEST: Purdue (25-7) vs. St. Peter’s (20-13), 7:20 p.m.
  • SOUTHWEST: Georgetown (21-10) vs. Virginia Commonwealth
  • EAST: Xavier (24-7) vs. Marquette (20-14), 7:27 p.m.
  • EAST: Syracuse (26-7) vs. Indiana State (20-13), 30 minutes following

Saturday, March 19

  • EAST: West Virginia_UAB-Clemson winner vs. Kentucky-Princeton winner
  • SOUTHEAST: Pittsburgh_UNC Asheville-Arkansas-Little Rock winner vs. Butler-Old Dominion winner
  • SOUTHEAST: Florida-UC Santa Barbara winner vs. UCLA-Michigan State winner
  • SOUTHEAST: BYU-Wofford winner vs. St. John’s-Gonzaga winner
  • SOUTHEAST: Kansas State-Utah State winner vs. Wisconsin-Belmont winner
  • SOUTHWEST: Louisville-Morehead State winner vs. Vanderbilt-Richmond winner
  • WEST: Connecticut-Bucknell winner vs. Cincinnati-Missouri winner
  • WEST: San Diego State-Northern Colorado winner vs. Temple-Penn State winner

Sunday, March 20

  • EAST: North Carolina-Long Island University winner vs. Washington-Georgia winner
  • EAST: Ohio State_UTSA-Alabama State winner vs. George Mason-Villanova winner
  • EAST: Syracuse-Indiana State winner vs. Xavier-Marquette winner
  • SOUTHWEST: Notre Dame-Akron winner vs. Texas A&M-Florida State winner
  • SOUTHWEST: Purdue-St. Peter’s winner vs. Georgetown_Southern Cal-Virginia Commonwealth winner
  • SOUTHWEST: Kansas-Boston University winner vs. UNLV-Illinois winner
  • WEST: Duke-Hampton winner vs. Michigan-Tennessee winner
  • WEST: Texas-Oakland, Mich. winner vs. Arizona-Memphis winner

Thursday, March 24

  • SOUTHEAST: Pittsburgh-UNC Asheville-Arkansas-Little Rock_Butler-Old Dominion winner vs. Kansas State-Utah State_Wisconsin-Belmont winner
  • SOUTHEAST: Florida-UC Santa Barbara_UCLA-Michigan State winner vs. BYU-Wofford_St. John’s-Gonzaga winner
  • WEST: Duke-Hampton_Michigan-Tennessee winner vs. Texas-Oakland, Mich._Arizona-Memphis winner
  • WEST: San Diego State-Northern Colorado_Temple-Penn State winner vs. Connecticut-Bucknell_Cincinnati-Missouri winner

Friday, March 25

  • EAST: Ohio State-UTSA-Alabama State_George Mason-Villanova winner vs. West Virginia-UAB-Clemson_Kentucky-Princeton winner
  • EAST: North Carolina-Long Island University_Washington-Georgia winner vs. Syracuse-Indiana State_Xavier-Marquette winner
  • SOUTHWEST: Kansas-Boston University_UNLV-Illinois winner vs. Louisville-Morehead State_Vanderbilt-Richmond winner
  • SOUTHWEST: Notre Dame-Akron_Texas A&M-Florida State winner vs. Purdue-St. Peter’s_Georgetown-Southern Cal-Virginia Commonwealth winner

Saturday, March 26

  • SOUTHEAST: Semifinal winners
  • WEST: Semifinal winners

Sunday, March 27

  • EAST: Semifinal winners
  • SOUTHWEST: Semifinal winners

At Reliant Stadium
National Semifinals
Saturday, April 2

  • East champion vs. West champion
  • Southeast champion vs. Southwest champion

National Championship
Monday, April 4

  • Semifinal winners

Excerpted from:2011 NCAA Tournament Schedule

More of the 2011 NCAA Tournament Schedule.

Kyle Kuric, Highest scorer in NCAA

Kyle Kuric is dribbling my heart away.

Kyle Kuric had a career-high 22 points, as Louisville closed out Freedom Hall in style, knocking off top-ranked Syracuse, 78-68, in front of a raucous crowd.

Playing in its 54th and final season at the facility, Louisville (20-11, 11-7 Big East) got its fourth win ever against a No. 1-ranked team and bolstered its resume for an at-large berth in the NCAA Tournament.

Kyle Kuric is my new crush now in NCAA. LOL! He vanished my stye. LOL!