NAU football staff, Jeff Lewis, dies at 39

Football news saddened me much lately. After reading the news regarding the Former Illinois coach, Pete Elliott, dies at 86, here’s another football name, Jeff Lewis, dies at 39. But the cause of death was not disclosed.

NAU football staff, Jeff Lewis, dies at 39NAU football staff, Jeff Lewis, dies at 39

Jeff Lewis is the recent assistant football coach of Northern Arizona football team. He was also a former NAU quarterback in NFL.

Jeff Lewis died in Phoenix yesterday, Saturday.

Former Cleveland Browns owner Arthur Modell dies at 87

The former Cleveland Browns owner, Arthur Modell, more commonly known as Art Modell, dies at the age of 87. Any causes of his death were not disclosed.

Former Cleveland Browns owner Arthur Modell dies at 87Former Cleveland Browns owner Arthur Modell dies at 87 (image from

To any NFL fans or followers, you surely knew how Art Modell made a history in the football sports history. He was a longtime football team owner of Cleveland Browns.

Saturday Night Live: Eli Manning

Eli Manning, the American football Quarterback of the New York Giants in National Football League (NFL) hosted this week’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) last night.

Saturday Night Live: Eli Manning (image source and credits)

If you happen to watch yourself the SNL for this week, you probably would have fun since it is evident that Eli Manning really had fun.

Furthermore, Eli Manning is the real life younger brother of another NFL big player, Peyton Manning.

For me, Eli Manning showed something for hisself that he isn’t just for football games but for more awesome yet funny roles as well.

Oakland Raiders fire Coach Hue Jackson

It seems like everything in the Battlefield for the American Football team, Oakland Raiders ain’t getting better from the previous year that even ended to fire their head coach, Hue Jackson.

If I remember it well, last 2010, Oakland Raiders also fired their coach Tom Cable.

With the vacancy of head coach seat for the Raiders, many different reports said that they are still looking for new “Oakland Raiders Head Coach” to replace Hue Jackson.

Week 9 NFL power rankings

I have missed a lot of NFL football games’ updates lately. I don’t even have had the chance to check and watch for any live games on my PC-TV. Things gotten even worse when I went home two weeks ago that I thought I could even catch for any TV shows that I would want to, but I failed. We don’t have cableĀ  TV connections anymore at home.

But since tonight I have a spare time to date back all of those missed game, I really will this time.

This week is already the ninth week on NFL. The Green Bay Packers, as I expected, is still the leading team scoring 7-0. Next to Packers is the San Francisco 49ers which is fourth on the previous week. They scores 6-1. Pittsburgh Steelers which is on the fifth rank last week is now on the third seat with score 6-2.

It seems that this quarter is having a good fight in aiming to would get the trophy this time. Which team do you think would carry the pride? What is your bet on sports – NFL football this time? Let’s wait for the coming weeks.

NFL Lockout

I have been very busy the past days with my studies – exams, clinics, that I wasn’t able to check the latest news about NFL especially about the NFL lockout. I even forget one of my plans before the month ends which is to loss weight. I’ve been lurking for best fat burners yet I still end up eating and sleeping.

Anyway, getting back to the NFL stuff, if you happen to follow me since then, you surely know how addicted am I to sports not to mention football. I haven’t played personally this sports game though, but seeing my fave team on the grounds keeping tightly on hand the ball, I could imagine that I am the one playing the game as well. No one can blame me, I just love sports.

I better get on track tomorrow, Saturday with all the updates on NFL lockout.

By the way, don’t you like to know my fave team from the East, West, North and South?