10,000 Hours wins 14 Awards at Film Festival

 10,000 Hours movie starring Robin Padilla which is a fictional movie that is inspired by the life story of former senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson won 14 different awards during the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2013.

10, 000 Hours Movie

The movie was also starred by actors and actresses Michael de Mesa, Bela Padilla, Pen Medina, Mylene Dizon, Ketchup Eusebio and many more. The following are the awards which the movie has had received.

  1. Best Sound Engineer – Emmanuel Clemente
  2. Best Musical Score – Teresa Barrozo
  3. Best Visual Effects
  4. Best Production Design
  5. Best Editor- Maria Ignacio
  6. Best Cinematography
  7. FPJ Memorial Award for Exellence
  8. Best Story
  9. Best Screenplay
  10. Best Director – Joyce Bernal
  11. Gat Puno Villegas Cultural Award
  12. Best Picture
  13. Best Supporting Actor – Pen Medina
  14. Best Actor – Robin Padilla

Here below is the official movie trailer of the movie.

Adelle’s “Skyfall” is 007 Soundtrack

 Adelle’s “Skyfall” sets the new James Bond’s adventures for this year.

Adelle's SkyfallAdelle’s Skyfall (image from mshcdn.com)

This basically means that Adelle’s “Skyfall” will be the official sound track of the upcoming movie and new adventure of James Bond, an addition to his 007 films.

I have not personally listened to this song yet, but I think this must be good. I am not a fan of Adelle even if she’ll use pearl flute, but since the production of the 007 films has chosen her and her song, I might as well start liking her songs then.

Bourne Legacy to film in Philippines

The spy fiction thriller, Bourne Legacy to film in Philippines, specifically in Intramuros.

This movie will be starred by Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton and was written and will be directed by Tony Gilroy.

Many said that this will surely boost the tourism in the Philippines. Yes! This might be. However, in my personal views, I prefer job opportunities of Filipinos that is beneficial in a long term basis like Sous Chef Jobs or other hospitality jobs. Well then, this filming could surely benefit the country then, in a way or another.

‘Hunger Games’ Trailer: Full Trailer (VIDEO)

I was actually looking for storage and shipment boxes that I could use to transport my things back to our home town when suddenly I was destruct by the newly released official full video trailer of the movie Hunger Games.

Hunger Games is actually a science fiction-derived movie from a novel written by Suzanne Collins. It is said that the Hunger Games story is a trilogy of events. As expected, the movie would be as such as well.

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Drop360™ fulfillment Co. provides transport and shipping services that is highly trusted in storing products. They also provide lesser and discounted rates on their services.

But since my things are not too many, I might else lurk for just a box and ship it then myself.

Captain America: The First Avenger Trailer

I supposed to lurk about where can I buy golf gps software since one of my techie friend asked a help regarding this. However, I was contained over the entertainment sections in the internet, most specifically about the recent movie trailers of Captain America: The First Avenger.

With just the movie trailer itself, I found Captain America: The First Avenger movie a great one. I will be marking my calendar for me to have a date with the ultimate Captain America. Ain’t that very exciting to have? Yay!

Cameron Diaz’s Dirty Mouth Stars in the Bad Teacher Trailer

My mum is a teacher. I have a lot of relatives, friends who are teacher. But none from my siblings. When I first saw this Cameron Diaz’ Bad Teacher movie trailer, I really laughed out loud thinking of my mum! Smiley

I can’t imagine a real teacher doing this in front of me! Let’s wait for this movie to be released! Smiley