Kristi Noem: Another Sarah Palin in South Dakota

If money is any indication, the hottest Republican House candidate in the country is Kristi Noem. The 38-year-old rancher has raised more campaign cash than any Republican house challenger in the country. More>>

Noem has raised $1.1 million over the past three months, about twice as much as her opponent, Rep. Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin (D-SD). And that money will go a long way: South Dakota’s media market is one of the least expensive in the country. More >>

Noem may need the cash. Herseth-Sandlin is a moderate Democrat with a proven ability to win, and win big, in South Dakota. She decimated her Republican opponent in 2008 with nearly 70 percent of the vote, even as the state voted overwhelming against Barack Obama. More >>


I want KACHING!!!

With the flooding, but never been drowning, air transportation promos which are really tempting for me to fly to anywhere, I do not know if I could still have the full control with my budget. Smiley I am shaking every time a post master is dropping an envelope outside our gate. I do not know how much my bills would be again month after month. It’s giving me a migraine, much more that the semester is yet to end and sure to have a lot of hang-outs coming. I am really in risk budgeting now. Though I have my tickets for planned flights with M, I do not know where to steal for my pocket money. I can’t let M pay for everything since he already been throwing cash since last August when he had his vacation here then the last time I flew, he was the one who paid everything. And for this coming October, I am somehow ashamed if I still let him pay for all my expenses. Though he doesn’t want me to cost much, personally, I am of guilt that what’s left with him is just a few from his savings. Smiley

Kaching is what I need and a real good budget manager.

Conan by Frank Frazetta

‘Conan’ painting by late Pa. artist goes for $1.5MPHILADELPHIA — A 1971 painting by fantasy artist Frank Frazetta has sold for $1.5 million, two months after the Pennsylvania artist’s death.

Frazetta‘s managers said this week that a private collector bought “Conan the Destroyer” from a family trust. Managers Robert Pistella and Stephen Ferzoco call it the price the highest ever for a work by Frazetta.

The illustrator died in Florida in May at age 82. His iconic illustrations of Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan and other characters often graced comic books, album covers and movie posters.

In recent years, his children have fought over an estate estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars.

The feud boiled over in December when Frank Frazetta Jr. used a backhoe to try to break into the artist’s museum in the Pocono Mountains.

More of Frank Frazetta.

Mom Said.. early as now, you have to save your money for the future, emergency cases else, you know what to do.
This is what my mum has been telling me because every time I withdraw from paypal and before my bank provider has transferred into my card, I already have my lists of what to buy that sometimes the costs are much higher than my expected money. Smiley

With my blogging and other online money making jobs, I honestly don’t have income protection insurance. By now, what I earn is what I go happy for! Just as simple as that!

Goodbye Blogging

For the past days, I have been worried with my cash or credit vacation drama ‘coz in less than a week, my 2010 summer vacation would be over. Our classes will definitely starts this coming June 7. By then, I could say that I wouldn’t have any time to free myself from stresses, but only this summer.
With these dilemma, up until I am sleeping, I don’t have any thing to think of but cash and credits. In fact, just last night, I was dreaming of being surrounded with gold bullion in my room. Smiley They were really shining and shimmering inside my room. Nyahaha!!!
As I woke up this morning, those gold bullion coins really bothered me. I was thinking then to buy gold bullion that are for real. Oh yeah, I was thinking also that what if I have just a number of bullion with me? Smiley Surely, it would be a “GOODBYE BLOGGING” to me anymore. Haha.

Losing Cash

A friend of mine once said it’s not good nor bad to try online cash advance. She, herself, can prove the goodness it has brought to her. For instance, she has had bad credit records before, but when she opted to apply for online payday loans, it was still approved. So no worries for bad credit history. Aside from that, since the need of cash is very immediate, she was able to hand in the cash in just 24 hours right after her application.
These are just some of the bundles of information she shared to me since I’m living broke now. I mean, I can’t go for a vacay anymore with my own money. I need to wait for my pay-outs online just to savor the last days of summer 2010.
Smiley Hopefully, I could have clear idea before the day ends whether to go for cash or credit for vacation.

Happy Shopping V-day Shoppers!

Admit it, every blogger needs not just blogging itself to earn but thru referral programs also. And oh, that doesn’t exempts. Yeah, I also am into referral programs because it’s like a passive income-generating system over the internet. Isn’t it? For instance, in my case, I used putting the referral badges with links in my blogs and let visitors decide then. Sometimes, I twit the links. Easy, right?And here’s what I wanna share to you, a good referral program site for us bloggers especially now that Valentines day is coming. Smiley This actually made me excited this afternoon after our exam coz upon checking over the internet my referral status, I stumbled upon new referral system which I found it great. It is the ma Cashback – Get paid to shop. Signing up is definitely free. And this is how it works. If someone will go to and shop at your partner shops (can choose your partner shop when you sign up for example, you can choose like gadgets, computers and more), automatically you will receive cash back on each of the purchases of your referrals. Easy, isn’t it?

Actually, it’s just like after signing up, you can just sit and wait for shoppers, specifically for this season, shoppers mostly shop for V-day. Smiley

Yayks! Happy shopping V-day shoppers! LOL!

Finally, I found Adsense Notifier

I have this problem months ago after publishing TLB regarding my adsense account. I can’t easily access to it and can’t monitor from time to time since I have different accounts for all my financial accounts. And that doesn’t exclude adsense account. I have been searching for toolbar which could help me monitor my adsense easily.Phew! I finally found adsense notifier. I found it very easy and convenient to use since it’s just an add-on application in Firefox. Smiley So I don’t need to worries of additional application running at the same time while happy blogging and dropping that could sometimes cause Oshi to respond slowly. Smiley Smiley

This is how adsense notifier looks like.

Union Bank Opens in Dumaguete City

I supposed to have this post during the day Union Bank has opened its branch here in Dumaguete City last November 2009. I already forgot the exact date when was that. If am not mistaken, it was either November 23 or December 2. SmileyBut anyway, I was very glad when this bank has opened its branch here in Dumaguete City for me to have the easiest and most convenient way in doing transactions with regards to my online kaching. During the opening of the bank, I immediately applied for new DC coz I had trouble with my previous CC. Take note, I just had DC now, and not CC anymore. Smiley It was a long disappointing story, so better, I guess to have DC then than CC.

Well, so much with that, though haven’t fully decided yet whether to accept the offer on being a webmaster, I have already browsed over the internet on what would a webmaster would do. Good thing I have found a very useful guide in webhosting. Aside from that, it is also affordable. I was thinking then of having one? LOL! Help me decide whether to be MD at the same time webbie mastah or just solely MD!?!?


Bone Marrow Donation for Money?

Nowadays, Bone Marrow Donation Smileys has been a good income-generating thing for people. Just donating some, money will then be yours.

However, isn’t it very dangerous to have that? Oh well, as what people has been telling, because of the poverty – economic crisis that we are in now – having almost nothing to eat Smileys, no wonder people would just go and try to whatever they could do just to have the easiest way to have money.For patients’ side, this would be very helpful especially those who really need to undergo transplantation.

But the danger is still there. It’s up to you then if you really go for Bone Marrow Donation or Not? Smileys