Google Doodles Li Shizhen 495th Birthday

Today, Google Doodles Li Shizhen 495th Birthday. It even have an animation on the Chinese names of each herbal plants on their homepage, I assume.

Google Doodles Li Shizhen 495th BirthdayGoogle Doodles Li Shizhen 495th Birthday

But anyway, Li Shizhen was one of the greatest doctor and best known for his contributions in the field of medicine specifically in herbal medicine.

From Wikipedia:

The Bencao Gangmu is a medical text with 1,892 entries, each entry with its own name called a gang. The mu in the title refers to the synonyms of each name. The book has details about more than 1,800 drugs (Chinese Medicine), including 1,100 illustrations and 11,000 prescriptions. It also described the type, form, flavor, nature and application in disease treatments of 1,094 herbs. His Compendium of Materia Medica has been translated into many different languages, and remains as the premier reference work for herbal medicine. His treatise included various related subjects such as botany, zoology, mineralogy, and metallurgy. The book was reprinted frequently and five of the original editions still exist.

Private Medical Service

Getting sick nowadays really cost a lot; hence, taking care of one’s self is what everyone should do. Although there are health insurances which cover all the expense for these instances, still we should consider of taking ourselves especially if we do have work or perhaps we do have kids who needs us.

Taking care of ourselves is one way of caring our family. With that, we all do our best to take care of our body from possible sickness and stressed. However, getting sick chooses no time neither the place too; thus, nothing else a person could do if it happens that s/he encounters this problem.

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Chad Everett, “Medical Center” star, dies of Lung Cancer at 75

The star of the medical-related TV drama series of CBS, Chad Everett, died at the age of 75 due to Lung Cancer.

Chad Everett, “Medical Center” star, dies of Lung Cancer at 75 (image source and credits)

Accordingly, Chad Everett has been suffering from lung cancer for 1 and a half years before he succumb to death.

Chad Everett was known from the TV medical drama, Medical Center, where he earned Golden Globe nods and an Emmy nomination.

Herbal Products Today

The idea of using herbal plants and products is a traditional way in medicine. It makes use of the natural benefits and potentials of plants products in healing any health problems.

However, though the field of medicine has evolved and a lot of innovations are emerging so fast, these herbal products are still being used today by many. One good example for these are K6 herbal incense and spiritual powders. They are naturally processed plant parts to produce powders as incense. Incense, as we all know, are used to produce scented aromatic smokes for relaxation, meditation and even during spiritual and religious ceremonies.

Moreover, herbal products are also manufactured to help maintain physical alertness and vigor. For instance, Party enhancers, produce and manufactured by Herbal City LLC, help to strengthen the body’s stamina and energy even during the night.

These are just some of the benefits and uses of the herbal products today.

GP Review and Exam

Each general practitioner (GP), a person who has the license perform medical or surgical medicine and who plans and has decided to join the academe, need to undergo medical interview training for skills and medical teaching courses. This medical teaching courses are required for each GP to effectively practice teaching medical courses for medical students and other medical schools. There are also other medical-related management and career development courses that almost but not all general practitioners should underwent and acquire. But of course, getting the degree or the diploma after training is a very good experience to be used in functioning as a management official in any health institutions.

One of the leading medical schools in world that offers the trainings and courses mentioned above is the Oxford Medical in United Kingdom (UK).

Oxford Medical

The Oxford Medical provides GP exam after a GP application was done. The school also has GP recruitment for GPST stage 3. The exams that will be provided are rest assured related to medicine, medical management, medical teaching  and other medical-related stuff. But the types of exams mainly about communication skills, conceptual and problem solving and more.

Online Canadian Pharmacy

Now a days, online shopping is the most preferable way of buying stuff from anywhere in the world. It’s the most convenient way since in just a click, one can buy as many as he could and even delivered at the front door on the next day or two.

Stuff that are sold online include not just fashionable apparels, gadget but also pharmaceutical drugs. For instance, the online Canadian pharmacy offers safe yet cheap and affordable medical drugs. The Canadian pharmacy also provides reliable drugs that are from known brands or even just those generic ones.

Some of the pharmaceutical drugs that consumers are often lurking online are drugs for heart attack and osteoporosis. Many are browsing over the internet where to buy plavix, a drug for myocardial infarction and also where to buy actonel, known drug for bone diseases.  All these drugs are available online even at the online Canadian Pharmacy.

Life Saving Cylinders

One of the mechanical stuff inside the hospital that, for me, is very important are medical gas cylinders.

Gas cylinders are tube-like bottles that are pressurized which contain and store gasses that are of high atmospheric pressure. Some of these gases are oxygen and nitrogen.

In a hospital setting, most of the gas cylinders contain oxygen. Oxygen, from the most basic knowledge in science, is one of the most important and vital gasses a human needs to survive. Perhaps the reason why oxygen gas cylinders are usually employed and attached to patients who suffer from difficulty breathing, inability to breathe properly and or on patients who complain of pain while breathing. Gas oxygen cylinders incomparably help almost, but not, all patients to recover and survive from any diseases. On the other hand, nitrous oxide gas, a sweet gas as it is called because in a room temperature it does have a sweet odor, is commonly used in any surgical procedures. It is used as an analgesic and as an anesthesia. It also has a powerful oxidizing effects that is basically the same as to oxygen especially when used on areas that has high temperature.

Talking about hospital mechanical apparatus reminds me of the youngest brother of my grandfather, my mom’s father. He was suffering from an idiopathic disease that even put him to death in more or less twenty-four hours. I was present there, in front of him, while all of the medical team were circling him while trying to revive him after consecutive 5-minute interval cardiac arrest within 20 minutes. That was really a very sad experience inside the intensive care unit of the hospital where most of the mechanical ventilatory apparatus are present, not to mention the above mentioned oxygen gas cylinders. However, there were no nitrous oxide cartridges  attached to my grandfather because he didn’t underwent any surgical procedures anymore.

Ralph Steinman, 2011 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine

Haven’t I told you that the winners for the 2011 Nobel Prize will be announced this week?

Yes! You heard it right! But I will be individually be posting here in Walking News Paper the 2011 Nobel Prize winners. So now, let’s keep the ball rolling.

For the 2011 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, Ralph Marvin Steinman won after doing more than five laboratory testing on some unproven therapies to diseases such as pancreatic cancer.

Ralph Marvin Steinman is an immunologist and a cell biologist from Rockefeller University.

However, unfortunately, Steinman died three days prior to the announcement of the 2011 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine.

One discovery of Steinman which is every helpful in immunology is the dendritic cells in 1973. His discovery paved the recent ways to treat diseases with the use of vaccine.

Tramadol, A Pain Killer

Now a days, people used to claim of positional back pain. Most often, it is due to improper posture when sitting and even standing with no specific age bracket being affected. For the younger generation is usually because of prolong improper sitting position when in front of the computer. But with the older one, it’s no doubt, age causes the back pains.
Back are supposed to be treated easily with just mild pain reliever. However, there are a number of people considering tramadol, a narcotic-like pain reliever, as a routine pain-reliever which is not good. Perhaps, it is addictive. It is not an NSAID, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.Yes, it relieves pain! However, there are also a lot of things to consider when taking the drug to relieve pain. It shouldn’t be taken more than the normal dosage because of unwanted side effects like seizures, and as I have said, it is addictive, so most likely, the one taking it might be looking more for the drug and use it not just for therapeutic use. Aside from that, the drug is not good to be taken along with alcohol, narcotic drugs and more. It is even not advised for people taking drugs for seizure because it might cause a prolongation and increase frequency of seizure.

Generally, tramadol is a good drug but must be taken under supervision with medical practitioners.

Eat Your Fat Out!

Lately, a friend of mine used to talk about dieting, getting fit and slim ‘coz she’ll be attending one of her college friends’ wedding and she’ll be the maid of honor. I told her, it’s ok being big but not really fat as long as she’s having good complexion. Thence, she started taking whitening pills. I asked her of any side effects she’s feeling but she said nothing as far as now for more than a month.After completing a bottle of it, one day she asked me to accompany her in the mall to shop. With my itching feet, I did. She asked me what’s the best slimming routine to do. Since I’m on BD, I told her go for BD. She shared to me about phentermine prescriptions she once seen from her friend who’s now very slim. I told her about what our pharmacology doctor discussed about phentermine specifically on ADR. She just nodded. But still insisted to ask where can we get phentermine prescriptions so she could buy one. So we headed the nearest pharmacy and ordered one but we were asked for phentermine prescriptions because as what the pharmacist said it’s used for diabetic and obese people. Since we’re not really obese and that fat, might be the pharmacist thought that it’s just for solely slimming purposes and not therapeutic one. After that small conversation with the pharmacist, we ended up eating. Smiley