Once a Student, Always a Student!

Studying is good. There’s nothing to question about that. It’s learning. It’s fun.

I’ve been studying, as far as I could count, for more than 15 years now counting back from primary school grader up until now, in medical school, a post graduate degree. A lot of people, whether close friends and not, keep on asking me how does it feels being a student for a long time. I only said, in a humorous way, “it’s like the saying that goes, once you pop, you can never stop“. Isn’t it? Maybe this only applies just for me, once a student, always a student!However, sometimes, that statement being threw and asked to me has caused me to think more often, especially when medical school burdens me with a lot of books and other stuffs to do, of where am I would be if I didn’t enter the medical school. Yeah, really, where do you think would I be if after college, finished a Bachelors Degree in Biology, I chose to look for a job rather studying?

Looking at a couple of classmates from college now, they all has their own free-will to whatever they would want to do and go where ever they feel awesome getaways to drop off. They’re also busy filing for some government pertinent papers. Do you think an ordinary student like me is having a T.I.N. now? I haven’t tried even a free tax filing nor holding a tax filing form. I don’t even understand much about file tax extension. The government has nothing earned goodies from me yet. I only spent bucks from my parents for sending me to school.

Oh well, I just want to blubber here since I know, only my blogs could absorb freely what I am feeling and thinking in random.

Don’t worry, I still enjoy studying. It’s indeed fun and worry-free from anxious employers! LOL!

Two More Exam Weeks before Summer Vacation

Even in post graduate schools, a medical student like me, is still always looking forward for no class announcements and most especially vacations. Talking about vacations, summer vacation is is yet near. It’s actually two more exam weeks to go and boom, sure to get myself drown from foods, beaches, and more with my family.

As I have said earlier, it’s two more examination week to go. Yes, you heard it right. Two more weeks of examination and completion of requirements. Telling you, we still have flooding of paper works, not to mention our research paper, which is supposed to be submitted last week. But because our examinations has just started last Monday, I and my group mates in research have had hard time dividing our schedules from studying for examinations and doing our research papers. We are also having trouble with the statistical analysis of our research study since our research adviser was requiring us to do opposing statistical method to what the statistician has analyzed. The worst thing is that both of them have different schedules in meeting us causing much more delay of our research paper. Smiley

In fact, as a group leader of our research study, I had been receiving reminders already from our adviser regarding the delay of our paper. She might as well give us an INR (incomplete requirements) record instead giving us a numeral grade. Smiley

Off course, I don’t think I can accept that myself. Know what, I even thought, once on the past days, to just look for essay helper, writer or buy essay online, instead. I know and I’m a bit sure that there are cheap essay online stores. But hey, I am a writer – a research writer, to be specific. However, doing research paper at this time between bundles of examination schedule is not favorable for me. I cannot concentrate because of the dancing exams.

Anyway, I shouldn’t be ranting here about our research paper. Once the week is over, I am sure, the research paper is already submitted. Smiley I’d rather keep things moving before summer vacation coz that’s what making me more excited to look things forward!

Yay! for summer vacation! Smiley

Back to Reality

After having a week-long vacation with my family in Legaspi City and Naga City, I guess I need to get myself back to reality. I really made those days mind-emptied from stresses and depressions from school. I even feel like just an ordinary lassy thinking of nothing and spending ordinary days somewhere else. And those are definitely just a dream that for now I need to wake up.
Next week, our classes will start already. And that will welcome us with a very big semi-final examination. I can only count with my hands the days left for me to savor the goodness of no classes, just merely nothing to think except blogging, off course. Writing, it is.
Talking about writing, I am thinking of indulging myself in a Custom-Writing.org since I almost forgot how to make an essay, a publishable paper works. I need to review my school essay help guidelines in making an essay and other research papers because honestly, I am not confident now of making one unlike those college years of mine. I am just merely a blogger no an essay writers UK-certified. I am becoming a poor essay writer now. Being a blogger is very far different of being an essay writer which I forgot how to be. Smiley
In these counting days left before classes, I might refresh what’s need to be dug up in my past essay knowledge just for my research papers here in medical school. I know I can do this!

Kitty Scrubs

The semester has just ended but still yet to start again. And as usual, rotation duties will still be one thing to prepare to.
Talking about duties, some of the things medical students must prepare for rotation duties are lab coat and a scrub uniform. But I don’t think we are already required to have those yet. I am not exactly sure. I only heard it from some school mates that they are already preparing for it. I haven’t asked yet my classmates about those stuffs.

But off course, if we’re happen to use scrub uniforms, no one can deny that I will really choose green scrubs. Green is one of my fave color. I guess, everybody knew that. But I want a kitty scrubs more, a green kitty scrubs to be specific. In fact, I already have found one kitty cloth which is best for scrubs. Yayks!!!

What about the kitty cloth below?

But I just don’t want my kitty to sit over my scrubs.

Hmp! I gotta wait for any confirmations from the office of registrar before I’ll have my scrubs on.

Busy Weekend

Comparing last weekend, this week seems to be busier. Just right after our class in clinical pathology last night, we had our dinner meeting for our PCM presentation this Tuesday. We ended around 9:00 last night. After which, I was still checking some videos and more information that we will be needing over the internet and I was able to sleep at around 2:00 this morning. Though I slept late, I was still unable to finish what I need to do since I was stocked on reading Planet Antares updates. I first read ’bout it just last week also. However, while stumbling with internet sites, I have also read about the Planet Antares Scam. I don’t exactly know if those were true or what. I have talked to one of my friends at that same time also who’s working as vending chat representative regarding the issue coz she was the one who has shared to me lots of information regarding the planet. But she was also surprised to know about the scam.
Oh well, aside from those early morning rest I had this day, I woke up at around 5:00 in the morning to prepare for our shooting and taping for the presentation. Actually, we haven’t decided yet what to present last night but good enough we have finally arranged things this morning. We went to Waterfront Hotel and Ayala shopping mall to shoot and take some photos. We’re almost done at around 1:00 PM.

After those academic drowning, we had our lunch and we then went home. Believe it or not, I just woke up at around 5:30 this afternoon. Whew! I was really tired. But my day isn’t done yet with that waking up after more than 3-hour sleep. Actually, that is still the beginning of new air to take in upon reaching of becoming a doctor.

Tired, as it is but good to know of help. Indeed a very busy weekend. More to come these days.

Roulette first, before Pharmacology Research Paper

One of the things I hate most of being a woman is the monthly menstruation. Aside from the brain-cracking attacks of migraine, I am experiencing abdominal cramps already as I have noticed the past months. I guess, this is just due to the hormonal changes due to stress.Yeah, abdominal cramps are killing me and dragging me to stay in bed. I don’t want to take pain relievers coz I thought that it can’t give me any good effects. That’s just for me. Every time I walk, my hips really hurts. And my legs can’t carry me anymore. I’m also nauseated. Waaaaaaaaaah!!!I don’t like this feeling coz I still have bundles of things to do not to mention the very workable pharmacology research study that we are conducting now. But I don’t want to work for the research yet. I want to feel de-stressed and empty my mind from hassles. Haha.

Well, I have a great idea, I better play online games coz last night, I discovered new and very interesting online game aside from casino and slots, the online roulette gambling. Honestly, I only have a very little idea what a roulette gambling is and how it has to be done. So maybe, I might end tonight looking for best online roulette sites to be read for me to have more information about it. I might also look for the best online roulette free sites where I can play all day all night tomorrow. So for now, pharmacology research paper just wait for your turn. LOL!

Let’s Work School Work

Tomorrow is the fourth day of holiday in our school. However, a lot of school paper works need to be done before Tuesday, August 24, 2010. Phew! SmileyOne of the paper works to be done is our research paper in Pharmacology. We haven’t finalize yet what our topics to be submitted ‘coz, believe it or not, our group is the most delinquent of all the groups in the class. I am just the only lassy in our group comprising of 4 where all of them are guys. Every time we talk of research papers, we always end up talking non sense things. We always come up with nothing, but joke talks.

Things as high as this are what I need to do.
Aside from that, I still have to process some pertinent papers which needs to be submitted to the college of medicine the soonest. I have to do document scanning, faxing some to my previous school – in college and in my last medical school attended. Whew!See? That’s how I need to work all my school works. Anybody would want to help me?


Looking forward for a Medical Trip

Yesterday, June 15, 2010, was our first day of classes in my second year in medical school. In some of our classes, we already had formal lecture held while in some, we only had orientation of the class and plans to be done for the whole year.
One of the plans for the year that we have discussed is a medical trip.

Yes! It’s a trip. Smiley

If I were to choose where to go, I’d rather suggest a drug rehab centers or an alcohol rehab centers. I would really want to experience being with those people who has experienced those things. I mean, I am just getting curious about their lives. I wanna know some information on how they cope up with addiction treatment and those drug rehabilitation programs. Basically, psychiatry.But sad to say, I was a bit ashamed yesterday ‘coz it was still my first day in school. I wasn’t able to share my thoughts.Up until the class ended, we haven’t had final decision where and what to have for a medical trip.

E-books, Photocopied Books or Original Books?

Medical doctors and practitioners who are in academe also really suggested to have each medical students their own medical books to bring and read, individually. However, no one can deny that in this new era, everything is very costly. Each medical student prefers the cheaper ones, just like me, personally.
In a year of studying medicine, I have found out that there are some instances that e-books (electronic books) are the most practical means of having books in medical school. Hard bound, original, laser printed clear pages of books are of far most expensive than e-books. In fact, there are a number of website which are providing each medical students free medical e-books.
On the other hand, there are still numbers of students who are considering just the photocopies of books. Though the images are not clear since colored photocopying is definitely costly than those black/white photocopies. In fact, I once sent some jokes to my classmates that I’m gonna stop medical schooling and I’ll just have my own business in photocopying – gotta buy canon copier, black/white and canon color copiers. Smiley

Well, for me, I consider the three ‘coz they are useful in different ways. Sometimes, settling with photocopies of some pages of books is better than buying the whole book itself. In other times, e-books are useful in terms of animated medical lessons. But most of the time, real hard copies of books are the most convenient by far.

Sleeping Driver

So I already have my first owned customized car. Smiley But, as I have said before, it’s still in my dreams. Every time I go to sleep, I always drive it.
Actually, I am not sure yet if my mum will buy me a car for school. This is because, I will be moving to another medical school. At first, my mum doesn’t want me to transfer to new medical school but I insisted. I felt that Silliman University Medical School (SUMS) is not for me neither I do. Smiley
Anyway, going back to my car which my mum planned to buy for me, yes, she offered me brand new honda civic. But I refused again since I am still a student and I think I don’t deserve such costly car by this time. I told my mum that it would be fine with me if I’ll just have used Utah car by now. But what she’s bothered of is the quality of those salt lake city used cars that I am talking ’bout.
I browsed over the internet and at the same time was inquiring from some used Utah car dealers, yet they shared same information like there’s nothing to be worried about in terms of quality since those cars are still of good quality. There is one company, the Reedman Toll Auto, which has been selling used cars since 1954 and has been the top-notched dealers of used cars.
Again, my mum still think of settling for used cars. So, up until now, I can only drive my own car while am sleeping – in my dreams. Smiley