Google Doodles Labor Day 2015

It is just right to celebrate a day to all our workers, be of blue, red or white collars, for whatever they do, they all contribute for our timely existence. With this also, I am just grateful to see how Google commemorates this day and honors our workers, laborers as Google doodles Labor Day 2015 today.

Google Doodles Labor Day 2015

I don’t have a settled job as of this time, but I do accept online jobs, freelancer invite assignments, and receive a reasonable compensation with such. So I guess, I have to be thankful also for everybody who are celebrating this day for all of us workers.

Happy Labor Day to all of us and may we all continue to perform our daily tasks as heartily as we could so to provide a satisfying end-result for everyone.

Background Check

I have already mentioned in my other blog how important a background check is for any company hiring for employees. This is to ensure that each person applying for a certain job has clear or no illegal records in the past.

In the country, one of the reliable and most commonly required clearance for a background check for any applicant is the National Bureau of Investigation or NBI clearance. Aside from NBI clearance, police and barangay clearances are also used.

Server gets fired for posting Peyton Manning’s credit card number

Oh noh! This is bad! A server was fired after posting Peyton Manning’s last 4-digit credit card number after he has given good tip.

According to the restaurant’s head, the server shouldn’t post the last 4-digit credit card number of Peyton Manning even if he received a good tip from him. The server violated the restaurant’s privacy policy.

Server gets fired for posting Peyton Manning's credit card number
Server gets fired for posting Peyton Manning's credit card number (image from

The image above was Peyton Manning’s bill but his 4-digit credit card number was already blurred.

Well, who could ever thought that for the server, the tip of Manning could be his last service provided in that restaurant? The server should better check online affiliate programs for him to have a work and can earn.

Bourne Legacy to film in Philippines

The spy fiction thriller, Bourne Legacy to film in Philippines, specifically in Intramuros.

This movie will be starred by Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton and was written and will be directed by Tony Gilroy.

Many said that this will surely boost the tourism in the Philippines. Yes! This might be. However, in my personal views, I prefer job opportunities of Filipinos that is beneficial in a long term basis like Sous Chef Jobs or other hospitality jobs. Well then, this filming could surely benefit the country then, in a way or another.

Database Designer Jobs Available

Jobs that are related to information technology, computer or any online stuff are undeniably very in-demand up until now. In fact, many tech guru said that working online jobs are easy to learn for as long as the courage of learning is with the applicant or the worker. Working online is like learning online as well.

There are a number of online jobs, or maybe, not necessarily working online but performing a job for online tasks such as database security jobs in a company, which are available and open for job inquiries online.

Database Designer Jobs, for instance, is one of the many tech jobs available online. Big companies, especially those connected to internet marketing, are very keen on their databases as to their need of having database designers.

2 Rapists Attack Call Center Agent in Cebu

Call center agencies is one of the highest leading companies making the countries economy somehow boost. But it’s so sad to know that the lives of each call center agents in Cebu, most specifically those who are assigned in a graveyard shift schedule, are into a high risk of getting raped, nabbed and more.

Just recently, one call center agent in Cebu was reported being raped after 2 men dragged him in a dim garbage area walking alone on her way home early in the morning after her work.Good thing barangay police, tanods as named locally, were able to rescue her and brought her at a public hospital.

This ain’t good to all call center agents. However, a very good example also to learn that each agents should not be walking home alone to avoid this incidence. And this is also a good point to all the policemen and other authorities in the area to be keen enough on doing their jobs in making the area peaceful.

Thinking about the call center agent – victim, I am just wondering if are there any benefits the company, where she’s working, has extended to her even just a little help? Is this instance is still covered with the companies work injury benefits? I am getting curious, anyway, because I have read like the work injury lawyer St Louis firm having accident lawyer St Louis who process legal terms of benefits each company employees could receive. But hey, this is just what I am getting curious of. I don’t know much of call center companies.

Anyway, hope the agent will be fine soon.

Jobs in Cebu City

Sometimes, when I am feeling boredom inside my room and only my medical books, medical school stuffs and my desktop computer are what I could always see, I thought of looking for any jobs here in Cebu City that fit for me.

Every Sunday, what I used to do is to buy a local newspaper here in Cebu City to look for jobs available. However, I seldom find jobs applicable for Bachelor of Science in Biology graduate. Instead, jobs for mechanical engineers are flooding. In a page or two of that local newspaper here, one could surely read and check an ad for mechanical engineers available for fresh graduates and for those with job-related experiences as well. Even a part time jobs for BS Biology graduates, I prefer a part time job because of my medical schooling, almost always no jobs available to such.

Do this means that I don’t need a job even a part time one? Or maybe, mechanical engineers are just in-demand for now? I don’t know.

Bone Marrow Donation for Money?

Nowadays, Bone Marrow Donation Smileys has been a good income-generating thing for people. Just donating some, money will then be yours.

However, isn’t it very dangerous to have that? Oh well, as what people has been telling, because of the poverty – economic crisis that we are in now – having almost nothing to eat Smileys, no wonder people would just go and try to whatever they could do just to have the easiest way to have money.For patients’ side, this would be very helpful especially those who really need to undergo transplantation.

But the danger is still there. It’s up to you then if you really go for Bone Marrow Donation or Not? Smileys