Michael Kors Jewelry

I am not used to collect jewelries but I do appreciate how elegant and precious jewelries are. And so being not familiar of the different types and models of those jewelries, a friend of mine introduced some classy must-have jewelries she knew online.

Michael Korrs Jewelry

But since my friend do not also have a collection of those jewelries, we just browse over the internet and found out a lot of other types of jewelries and we also found out that Reeds sells Michael Kors jewelry aside from other jewelry shops online.

After that funny moment, I and my friend enjoyed, we just ended that conversation a wish to own even two or three of those Michael Kors jewelry.

Google Doodles Peter Carl Fabergé 166th Birthday

Google Doodles Peter Carl Fabergé 166th Birthday today as you can see it in the Google homepage.

Google Doodles Peter Carl Fabergé 166th Birthday

Google Doodles Peter Carl Fabergé 166th Birthday

Peter Carl Fabergé, commonly known as Karl Gustavovich Fabergé, is a Russian jeweler who was famous when it comes to Easter eggs, the Fabergé eggs. Some of the examples of his famous eggs were shown in the Google homepage.

Gold Chains and Seafarers

I often associate gold chains with seafarers. The reason why? Well, because I grew up with the notion that seafarers are rich and they have this big salaries and that they can always buy jewelry, shining ones, build a house in no time at all and buy a family car. I often see them wearing glittering gold necklaces, shimmering rings and other blings.


For some it is true, I know of a few women whose husbands are seafarers and are earning big time. Not only that their husbands are wearing gold chains around their necks, but also the wives too, more than what their husbands have.

Well, jewelry is indeed a status symbol. When you wear fancy blings, many eyebrows would raise, but if you wear the true ones, you will really be noticed. With all the glitz and glamour it brings to you, you would surely make heads turn. Gold chains, dangling earrings, bangles and other jewelry, they all mean money. You can’t buy these stuff if you don’t have enough money, as they cost such a hefty amount, I mean the real ones. But the fancy ones, well, you can just buy them at the sidewalk and still strut it with style and you don’t have to worry about them getting snatched or stolen.

Christmas Gifts for Wife

After sharing last time what the best men’s gift ideas are, now, I will be giving you ideas to what are the best Christmas gifts for wives.

As a young woman, though I am not a wife yet, I could say that the most precious of all Christmas gifts for wife to receive are jeweleries most specifically, diamonds or even just golds. If the wife has always been receiving such for the past months or maybe years, gadgets can also be great. The latest mobile devices or other gadgets like iPad and more would be great as well.

These are just some yet that I could think of by far. Maybe, in my upcoming posts, I will share more.

Scott Kay Jewelry Takes Luxury to a New Level

Scott Kay is one of the premier jewelry designers in the United States. With his intricate designs and extreme attention to detail, Scott Kay has been on over 200 television shows, including NBC’s Today show and ABC’s Good Morning America. Scott is skilled in the fashion, bridal, and marketing businesses, which make him a true star in the jewelry world.

Scott Kay jewelry is luxurious and high end. Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Heidi Klum, Brook Shields, Tisha Martin-Campbell, and even Michael Jordan have been seen wearing Scott Kay designs. The Scott Kay company is thrilled with the celebrity notice and hopes to keep the jewelry brand as “high end.” With so much attention and dedication put into the crafting and design of the fine jewelry, it’s nice to have celebrities and those “in the know” wearing Scott Kay’s jewelry.Scott Kay is credited for the resurgence of platinum in the United States. With initials designs done in gold, Scott turned his attention to the precious platinum that had long been forgotten in America. Now, Scott Kay is highly respected in the jewelry industry for bringing platinum back into the spotlight. The Platinum Guild International rewarded Scott with their highest honor for two consecutive years. Scott Kay is sought after by many consumers.

With appearance on the wedding series broadcast by the Today show and Good Morning America, Scott Kay bridal jewelry has really made a splash. Scott Kay Platinum is now America’s most requested bridal jewelry. You can find Scott Kay fine jewelry, including bridal collections, in hundreds of higher end jewelry stores nationwide. You can also catch Scott Kay’s national advice column called “Ask Scott Kay” which appears in the most read bridal magazines in the country and nearly 40 other publications.

Chopard Shines on the Red Carpet

Chopard jewelry is the hottest thing around…and now that celebrities and stars have been seen wearing Chopard necklaces, earrings, and bracelets on the red carpet, the brand just got even hotter. At the 2010 Oscar awards, Mariah Carey, Helen Mirren, and Mo’Nique, to name a few, were seen wearing some of Chopard’s latest designs. Along with their stunning gowns and gorgeous hair, these celebrities were simply stunning with their Chopard gems.On the red carpet, the dress sometimes steals all the attention. With so many people and cameras looking at celebrities in their perfect dresses and perfectly coifed hair, jewelry can sometimes be trumped. But not this year. Some stunning Chopard jewelry designs stole the show on the Oscar’s red carpet.

Mariah Carey was shining in her gorgeous Chopard hoop earrings. The diamond earrings she wore to the 2010 Oscars looked more like bracelets than earrings, but the 43 carat rose cut earrings set in white gold looked incredible on Mariah.

Mo’Nique’s Chopard earrings were also a big hit! Mo’Nique adorned the gorgeous yellow diamond earrings set in yellow gold and emerald cut white diamonds set in white gold. That’s a whopping 17 carat total! But she didn’t stop with the earrings. Mo’Nique also wore a yellow princess cut diamond line bracelet and a light yellow radiant cute diamond line bracelet.

Perhaps the most notable Chopard sighting was Helen Mirren in her platinum necklace set with 125 carats of diamonds, platinum and diamond cuff. Helen is a big Chopard fan as she’s often seen wearing beautiful Chopard earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.

The next time you see your favorite star strutting down the red carpet, pay special attention to the jewelry she’s wearing. You never know when a stunning Chopard original will appear adorning a celebrity’s neck, hand, ears or wrist.

Why Choose John Hardy Jewelry

With so many jewelry choices available, you may be wondering why you should choose John Hardy. John Hardy jewelry has been seen adorning celebrities and the rich and famous around the world. His unique designs reflect nature, ancient Asian art, and classical European style. Fashionistas the world over adore John Hardy jewelry for its luxurious style.

John Hardy jewelry is known for its designs in sterling silver. The designer, having studied in Bali, employs Balinese culture into most designs. The traditional jewelry making techniques of Bali are still used today in John Hardy designs: rantai (woven chain), tenun (woven mesh), jawan (granulation), and ukiran (cut work). John Hardy is such a unique brand because of the care and technique used to create the jewelry. The delicate nature of the jewelry can often take several days to complete. Each piece of jewelry is handmade including heating, hammering, and molding.

You’ll see the beautiful rantai technique for many John Hardy bracelets and necklaces. Bracelets and necklaces are woven in a process that takes many days to complete. Once the pieces have been woven, they are then shaped by heating and hammering and finished with clasps in signature motifs and gemstones. Another signature look for John Hardy collections is the back grills—cut work on the inner surface of the jewelry pieces.

John Hardy jewelry is sold around the world in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Caribbean. The company also prides itself with its “green” process. John Hardy was the first company to offset the carbon emissions of its print advertising, business travel, and electricity. The company plants bamboo in Bali, the land that inspires the designs, and donates revenues to the “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” program. In fact, each piece of John Hardy jewelry is inscribed with the number of bamboo seedlings that it will provide.