How to INCREASE Google Page Rank?

Blogging for me has made my life more exciting day by day. Why? Aside from discovering what the human body has something peculiar, the technological world has some amazing things outside school which that really excites me everyday. One of this is the boosting PR of my blogs – I’m…but GAGAY. (PR 2) and The Latest Buzzzz (PR 3). Though Pinoy Medical Doctor doesn’t have PR for now, working hard and looking for effective link building serviceis what am gonna be handing now.

PR, or Page Rank, sounds very intriguing and mind tickling for bloggers like me because of the high priority it could have. Surely, you guys knew what I mean! Ayt? Smiley And no one can ever deny that! Smiley And to have higher PR, link building is what we have to have; building or creating effective “incoming links”, it is. What the usual, should I say, newbie blogger must do is to do manual exchanging links with co-bloggers. This is eventually a time consuming for a blogger since not all bloggers could respond immediately to the other if asked to link.

However, effective link building services are available and easier to grab in the world wide web today. Just a single click, and surely, your link/s will be ready to flood the web and will receive more flooding links as well and an increased page rank!


I have been staying here in Dumaguete Cityfor not more than seven months yet. This small city which solely relying for foreign exchange economic situation wherein almost half of the population in the city are non-Filipinos, is flooded with small business centers/companies. Most of which are local centers.These business centers had been operating, surely, for a couple of years already. However, in terms of phone system, one could consider a monopoly of broadband provider which is successfully powering almost all the business centers in the city. Not to mention, it is the phone provider I am subscribing today. The telephone company is good, however, natural climatic changes interrupt the supposed to be perfect connection of business owners-client talks most of the times, specifically the past two months.

This situation is a no-no even for small businesses which rely its market specifically on customer services. Small businesses now a days need to be techie off course just to ride on what the technological generation is having now for it to be visibly successful and actively could roll its credits. And that technology is the internet.

And what’s the latest on connecting with the internet now? It is the VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL or the VoIP. It is a way of voice communication over internet protocol rather than the traditional public switched telephone network. Smiley
Vocalocity provides small business voip that is of pocket-wise, user friendly and fully-packed with numerous features from calling, voicemails, inbox, auto-attendant and more. One could have unlimited calls and could customize tags for easy identification of incoming calls.Great vocalization, isn’t it? Smiley

Buzzzzing PR 3

The Latest Buzzzz (TLB) was officially and publicly launched last Nov. 1, 2009. And on January 1, 2010, marked its second month circulating buzzzzingly in the blogosphere.

Would you believe, with its early circulation, just two months, TLB has reached Page Rank 3. Smiley


This is really a great new year’s gift for me. I owe this PR 3 to all my buzzzzing friends. Thank you so much guys!!!