Google Doodles Robert Moog 78th Birthday

Google is getting musical on its homepage today as Google Doodles Robert Moog 78th Birthday.

Google Doodles Robert Moog 78th Birthday

Google Doodles Robert Moog 78th Birthday

Robert Moog was an American musician. He was the founder of Moog Music and the pioneer of electronic music. He also invented Moog synthesizer, a musical electronic instrument.

Industrial Bearings

Industrial bearings are materials used in construction or industrial companies.

Basically, they function to confine and prevent unnecessary movements of two different joint parts of any equipments. These industrial parts are available in different shapes and sizes to fit into different attachments.

Bearings are classified also on how they are being used or they operate. Some are used as plain bearings, fluid bearings or magnetic bearings. While others are used to support heavy loads like flexure bearings.

Google Doodles Les Paul 96th Birthday

Today, Google doodles another American Jazz and Country Guitarist, Les Paul on his 96th Birthday celebration.

In Google homepage, one can see an image same as shown above but it’s just animated where one can even strike a string of a guitar-like forming the word Google.

Moreover, Les Paul, aside from being an American Jazz and Country Guitarist, is also a songwriter and an inventor. He’s one of the pioneers of the electric guitar and one of the brains in the innovations of recordings instruments.

On August 2009, Les Paul died after suffering from Pneumonia in White Plains Hospital, White Plains, New York.

Summer Frustration, Being A Guitarist

I dance. I seldom sing. Somehow, I could play drums. But I never knew how to play guitars.

I am very envious with my siblings, my two elder sisters, looking at them playing guitars. They’re not really that guitar enthusiast, honestly, but the thought that they know the basics in playing guitar is a thing I don’t want to be reminded of.
Learning on how to play guitar has just recently bothering me because of Jamorama. Jamorama is an online guitar bundled lessons with easy-to-follow instructions. It’s kind’a good fit to me, and to anybody else getting lazy enrolling in a big school’s guitar lesson especially this summer vacation because it’s just a click-a-way to download. Sure thing, once done downloading the bundled lessons, one can grab a guitar and could immediately start learning playing guitars even at home or anywhere else convenient. Smiley

But, I am still having second thoughts for myself to grab a copy of this because I am still hooked to my medical career. I need to get myself focused with my medical studies.

The ability to play guitars might end up just a frustration to me. Smiley