Home, at last!

I arrived here in our hometown last Sunday. It feels so good after all the stresses in medical school. Yay! Smiley
The last days since Sunday had me to only sleep, eat, sleep and eat. I don’t even do things in the kitchen. I guess, from the few days passed, I already gained weight. Smiley Oh well, as what my mom said, I just need to have these reward of taking rest from months of stresses in school. Great idea from mom, that was! Smiley

Anyway, at home, there’s no much changes I’ve noticed but only my old computer table which is now used as TV stand inside Didong’s room. We already are having 3 computer tables at home, 2 of which are being utilized for desktop computers and the third one is for the TV and DVD set players.

The TV and DVD sets are all mine; bought when I was in college. It’s Didong who’s using those now. But I still am wondering why my elder sister used my computer table as such, though it’s not being used as for it’s intended uses. TV stands are just very cheap and more looking good than the above computer table. I haven’t asked my sister yet about this. I’d rather wait, maybe, until my sister shared some things on me.

As of this time, I am enjoying and feeling relax as to my stay here at home.

Concerning About Natural Disasters

We all know that a family is the basic unit of a community. To be able to build one, aside from the members, the home, the house is where a family creates the strong bond and relationship within each member.

After the Japan Tsunami incidence, Filipino-Japanese families are having big problem regarding their houses being clashed and crashed into pieces. For them, it’s very difficult to build a new one, like getting back into a scratch.
Homeowners insurance is one of the most beneficial companies when it comes to losing houses and planning to create one. But as far as I’ve read from the news online, Japanese insurance companies are facing crisis as do the Japanese government.On the other hand, tornado and big storm attacks hitting areas in Florida, way back 2007, are somehow different in terms of the damages experienced from both country. Houses were damaged and some land fields, though, but the home insurance in FL (Florida) is not as much in crisis like in Japan recently. This maybe because of the almost country-wide effect of the tsunami incidence to the country.

I have no relatives living in Florida, as far as I could remember. But upon lurking over the internet, Florida homeowners insurance rates are not too costly. In Japan, I haven’t heard about the rates of their insurance companies there. For as long as there are insurance companies for homeowners else where, building a new house, new home, is not as a headache to think of.

Welcome to my New Room!

Last Saturday, October 02, 2010, I already transferred to my new apartment, new room.

When we were transferring to the new apartment,
my classmate took me a photo in one side of the room.

For any reasons, I might not disclose it here yet. I think, it’s not the right time yet. Actually, my plans were all random and super rush. I called my mum on Wednesday, September 30, then I already confirmed my buddies in the new apartment that I’ll be transferring by Saturday. Smiley

Anyway, since am still new here, I am planning to make real renovations in terms of furniture. I have already bought my own table and chair. I also have my own new bed, but am planning to have me a water bed, same as what we’re using at home. What am prioritizing to have now is the window blinds. This afternoon, as I and Jay, my classmate went to the mall, I was looking for vertical cheap wooden venetian blinds. However, the mall attendant said that they already have no available stocks of the wooden blinds. I prefer wooden one since it’s relaxing and not too hot if temperature rises compared to the plastic one. It’s more pleasing to the eye also than the plastic blinds.

Aside from the blinds, I also want to have holiday ceiling decorations. I am already checking for great color combination of decorations from the mall but haven’t decided which motif to have. Might as well have green. But I am not really sure yet.

For now, I could say that I am really enjoying and feeling more comfortable with my new house, new room compared to before.

Share Blessings, Donate a House

Now a days, having owned properties is not a question anymore and something to be shocked of. Most of the people, of right age, is already having its own house and lot, cars and more whether married or single. This is not a luxury, as many has been thinking. But a kind of practical and responsible being.
However, there are also a number of people, professionals for examples, are having multiple owned house and lot and other properties. There’s nothing to question for regarding this but only a thing to remember, where to dispose the number of properties owned in time? One ideal thing to do for this is offer the properties as House Donations, Car Donations and for those who have yachts or boats, one can do Boat Donations. Aside from this great deed to those who are needing, this is one way of recycling properties in a very good way. Recycling while making other people smile.
In my case? Well, I only have a blue print of my house and a toy car and yacht. Hehe. Let’s see if everything would went good for me. **crossing fingers**

New House, New Kitchen!

Last summer, before the start of our classes, I was looking for apartments where I could stay the rest of my medical study years here in Cebu. One of the criterion of the apartment that I was looking for is to have it a spacious kitchen for my personalized kitchen appliances.
I am not really good at cooking, but at least I know how to make cooking a good thing. Haha!
Yeah, I’ve found one apartment where I could have my own microwave oven for yummy chicken meals. I was also trying to fix with blenders for my desserts and off course, not to forget refrigerators to keep my mouth-watering prepared desserts.

However, when I asked for the monthly payment, I would more or less pay 20,000.00 PhP. Whew! That’s too costly for a medical student. Even my mum didn’t nod yes with what I have told her ’bout that extravagant spacious apartment I have found. Thence, we looked again in other places and ending up with a house where I could only share a kitchen with my other housemates. Though a bit small, at least I could still do all my undone food frustrations from my cookbooks. LOL! Smiley

Lola’s Medical Alert

For the past several years after the death of our grandfather, my mum’s dad, we just then celebrating our Christmas Eve with our grandmother, my mum’s mother, who has is staying with us for a couple of years already. However, we had our Christmas eve last December 2009 without our Lola, local dialect pertaining to grandmother, was not at home. Our aunt, my mum’s younger sister, brought our lola to their place so she could able to spend holidays with them – with my cousins and my uncle. SmileyHowever, we noticed that every time she go with our aunt and went back with us, she has always something to claim like pain here and there; at any parts of her body. One time, she was suffering from real pain and the family only knew when our cousin told us that our lola was claiming to him her painful pelvis. Thence, my mum and sis brought our lola in the hospital to have her physical and medical check up. Everything were fine except her slight low level of hemoglobin in her blood wherein the doctor just prescribed some supplementary drugs for her to be taken in everyday. But, her claim regarding her pelvis wasn’t gone and getting worse every time she walks and even needing proper slow movement when attempting to seat. Thence, my mum decided to bring our lola somewhere, I forgot where was that, to have her a massage. After less than an hour, our lola was looking good and could walk straightly then. We urged her to tell us what happen to her before that day if she fell or what. She then told us that she accidentally spill something over her body causing her to lose control of her balance and slid into somewhere.

Our lola with our uncle (mum’s cousin) last April 2009.

This situation which my lola has experienced was actually just one to counting hundreds of cases of grannies who fell and slid in their houses. But this could be lessen with the use of medical alert apparatus for grannies like my lola.

The medical alert apparatus are designed for fall alarm wherein everytime there would be accidents happen, grannies would just simply push a certain button on the apparatus that should be worn as bracelet-like gadget or somewhere else in the body or even just inside the pocket. What’s even better is that, there is a 24 hour monitoring of the gadget, so when a granny is wearing the gadget and she accidentally fell, a customer agent will know the status of the one wearing or using the gadget and a rescue team will then be rushing through houses for help.

I might try looking for something like this for my granny as soon as I get back home. Smiley Take care lola!