November 16, 2010, Tuesday, is Official Non Working HOLIDAY

Just on Wednesday, the Philippine President declared November 16, 2010, Tuesday, to be National Holiday. This is for the celebration of the Eid’l Adha by our Islam brothers and sisters.

Haha! No classes, it is! Smiley

But, I have my own classes for my blogs. I have been neglecting them for months, like, I haven’t working with its rankings and the like. Good enough that the PR of my medical blog and this news blog is still hooked. My personal blog’s PR was lost since I changed it to its new owned domain name. Up until now, its PR is still hard to find.

I am planning to set my whole Tuesday morning, November 16, 2010, grabbing free backlinks for my personal blog. I actually received an email from a blog and website performance tracker that my personal blog’s backlinks were getting down the past months. So I guess, I’m gonna be hitting Oshi’s overtime work for it.

Aside from my blog works, after which, I am planning to bring Oshi in his clinic coz he’s getting oldie already but haven’t had his check up. I observed that he’s really aging. He easily got hot which worries me every time I am doing something with him. Though he still works fine, he runs fast, none so far any problem with it’s operating system and hardware coz he’s really working fine. Only that he heats so fast which is far different from before. I think I need to bring him in his clinic. I am just hoping that Oshi will be fine and would survive longer.

Oshi, please stay healthy. Tita GG loves you!