Final Goodbye

I once have tried smoking when I was in college. To know where I graduated from and what degree I completed, would be enough to understand, I presume, why I really tried a stick of cigar to puff.

But that was only when I was in college. I stopped, personally. And now, I am being reminded again, not to get a stick and enjoy one for myself, but to buy gurkha cigars online by a close friend. He used to smoke since then. He just asked me to buy one pack for him because he’s still on a vacation which is basically far from the city.

While looking for such cigar online, one friend of mine commented if I get back to my smoking hobby again. And I just told her that I was just being pleased my our friend. It wouldn’t be me who’ll be puffing it. Besides, I have already waved my final goodbye to smoking.

Indeed that was a goodbye. And I don’t have any plans now to get back to smoking anymore.

Summer Frustration, Being A Guitarist

I dance. I seldom sing. Somehow, I could play drums. But I never knew how to play guitars.

I am very envious with my siblings, my two elder sisters, looking at them playing guitars. They’re not really that guitar enthusiast, honestly, but the thought that they know the basics in playing guitar is a thing I don’t want to be reminded of.
Learning on how to play guitar has just recently bothering me because of Jamorama. Jamorama is an online guitar bundled lessons with easy-to-follow instructions. It’s kind’a good fit to me, and to anybody else getting lazy enrolling in a big school’s guitar lesson especially this summer vacation because it’s just a click-a-way to download. Sure thing, once done downloading the bundled lessons, one can grab a guitar and could immediately start learning playing guitars even at home or anywhere else convenient. Smiley

But, I am still having second thoughts for myself to grab a copy of this because I am still hooked to my medical career. I need to get myself focused with my medical studies.

The ability to play guitars might end up just a frustration to me. Smiley

I want to smoke

After the 3rd bi-monthly exams we had which was really a migraine-attacking week for me, that was on Jan. 11-15, I didn’t had any idea on how to free myself from stress. Up until now, day by day, stresses are piling and dumping over the other. More exams are still coming this week and more. I was thinking of going to spa, but I guess it won’t work coz that was what I used to do since 1st bi-monthly exam, that was last semester. Tagay? It might just add muscle cramps. and more headache, I guess especially the hang-over. I end up thinking that I want to smoke. Can you give me an unlimited cigarette smoke that I could have?
LOL! Smiley I wasn’t expecting my hopes came true when I found unlimited cigarette online. haha. I found an electronic cigarette. Smiley No. I am not joking. It has a stash tin, a USB charger, USB to AC Adapter, atomizers, rechargeable batteries w/ blue LED indicator lights, cartridges, and many more. So cool, isn’t it? You see? It’s unlimited, you’ll just have to charge and refill the cartridge. Weeeeeeh. Even cigarettes are electronics now. Yay. It only needs USB port to charge after a 24/7 of smoking. And more, this doesn’t have any smoke. Just a vapor. Not just an ordinary vapor, but flavored vapor.

Can anybody buy one for me? Smiley