Bret Michaels suffers Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Bret Michael Sychak,fondly known as Bret Michaels, a 47-year-old rocker, is suffering from massive subarachnoid hemorrhage.
According to the report, Bret Michaels was first experienced excruciating headache so he was rushed into the hospital. Medical examinations, CAT scans, MRIs and an angiogram showed subarachnoid hemorrhage. There is bleeding in the spaces between the 2 coverings of the brain.
Prior to the said admission, Bret Michaels underwent appendectomy, a surgical operation in removing the appendix. He also disclosed that he is a Juvenile Diabetic. This is a type of Diabetes wherein the onset begins during childhood.

Bret Michaels‘ glam metal band is the Poison.

From Lola To ME?

After more than 2 weeks of guiding and doing PT (Physical Therapy) with my lola, finally, my lola’s lower back problems are gone.However, I guess her back pain has transferred to me. Hehe. Actually, I already observed this lower back pain of mine since the past 3 months. I just didn’t mind it. But lately, it really bothered me most. Every time I carry Didong, I can’t with stand it any longer. My lower back part really hurts.

I have takenback pain relief medicines, but it didn’t relieve. My mum suggested to have me consult my physician coz she suspect it might be a sciatic nerve pain. Sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerve in our body that when traumatized causes numbness in the lower extremities an really a painful back pain. But I don’t want to see my physician coz I have a little idea already of what he wants me to have – he might give me lower back braces which I don’t want to wear. Off course, those can help to lessen some more trauma in my back by hindering its movement. Really, I don’t like it!!!

Hope this back pain will be gone after my PT. =((

Inverted Nipples

Earlier today, a friend of mine who is pregnant now is having a problem with his inverted nipple. She has already consulted it with her OB-GYNE since she was still on her 3 weeks of pregnancy. Even though her medical doctor (MD) has a lot to tell and the right person to talk to about her situation, she’s even comfy sharing it with me. She’s just in Mindanao and am here in Dumaguete City, so we’re just exchanging SMS.
She’ll be giving birth by the end of April and up until now, she’s getting paranoid on how to have her baby boy be breastfed. She’s actually having a normal breast size, in reference to her weight and height and to the baby’s recent status also. I actually, and honestly, do not know what to tell her more but to make it a joke to have her try breast enlargement instead so her nipples would do reverse. LOL.
Though I have already some good ideas and informations on the physiology of having inverted nipples and the good thing to do about it, I am still cautious to give her advises since we are not licensed yet to do that. Though I have explained things to her, I am still worried to her and to my coming another godchild.

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Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears

Can you guess what are these?

These are actually Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears. I am in posting frenzy with Polar Bears today coz I just suddenly remember one of the movie scenes while I was studying earlier which there were Churchill Manitoba Polar Bearson that movie. But I really forgot the title of the film. If I’m not mistaken, The Arctic Tale in 2007? I really do not know. I am not sure.

But, one thing’s sure for me now which made me crazy the past two months. If I won’t limit my eating cravings of pizza and all those carb foods, I might get as big as Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears then. Smiley Throw your pizza appetite and settle for protein snacks. Smiley Grrrr… One time, someone teased me my butt looks like Polar Bear’s. I do not know if I get mad or what. Do I really look real fat? What do I need to do now? Liposuction? Surgery? I am getting paranoid of being fat now especially that summer vacay is near.

And yeah, honestly, I am trying my best to forget that there exist pizzas in the world. But if you happen to visit me in my medical blog, I am still eating those like end of the world. LOL!

We need Alcohol Rehab

It’s been half a year already that I and some close friends (we are a group of 5) were planning to have vacay abroad. Abroad? Yes!!! But we’re thinking of Asian tours for now since we don’t have that flooding kachings yet.
Last December 2009, one of my friends asked us to accompany her in processing her Visa application. After having those necessary informations to be processed from where we applied for, we went to the National Statistics Office (NSO) to get my friend’s authenticated birth certificate. There we had our first problem encountered. She’s having a duplicate name entry in NSO. So we do some legal processes for that. Two days after completing it, we went to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). There we had the second crucial prob which made our day such ruined and even our application itself. Aside from having duplicate name entry, the lady/woman whose name’s same as her was noted to be a drug addicted woman. The NBI didn’t release certificate for my friend. Instead, just advised us by saying, “Ma’am, we suggest you undergo drug testing and if proven positive must undergo drug detox. If you’re shy (looking at us from head to toe), you can look for residential drug rehab program”. “Ahuh? Do we look like addicts“, these were what we answered. Thence, due to our anger, we went home and up until now we haven’t checked back the NBI yet.
Lately, we (the 5 of us) were chatting online, talking ’bout the updates on our preplanned vacay. Then, that friend of mine who doesn’t have visa yet said why not asking the NBI to just give her a certificate and tell that we’re going abroad to have us an alcohol rehab there. LOL!
We admit, we drink. Smiley But not to the point of taking drugs. Haha! We actually are just taking it as a joke lately coz we can’t do anything for it yet. We’re all busy for now coz from studying. Maybe by summer vacation, we can make the necessary things work for our planned vacay. Aja to us!

Lola’s Medical Alert

For the past several years after the death of our grandfather, my mum’s dad, we just then celebrating our Christmas Eve with our grandmother, my mum’s mother, who has is staying with us for a couple of years already. However, we had our Christmas eve last December 2009 without our Lola, local dialect pertaining to grandmother, was not at home. Our aunt, my mum’s younger sister, brought our lola to their place so she could able to spend holidays with them – with my cousins and my uncle. SmileyHowever, we noticed that every time she go with our aunt and went back with us, she has always something to claim like pain here and there; at any parts of her body. One time, she was suffering from real pain and the family only knew when our cousin told us that our lola was claiming to him her painful pelvis. Thence, my mum and sis brought our lola in the hospital to have her physical and medical check up. Everything were fine except her slight low level of hemoglobin in her blood wherein the doctor just prescribed some supplementary drugs for her to be taken in everyday. But, her claim regarding her pelvis wasn’t gone and getting worse every time she walks and even needing proper slow movement when attempting to seat. Thence, my mum decided to bring our lola somewhere, I forgot where was that, to have her a massage. After less than an hour, our lola was looking good and could walk straightly then. We urged her to tell us what happen to her before that day if she fell or what. She then told us that she accidentally spill something over her body causing her to lose control of her balance and slid into somewhere.

Our lola with our uncle (mum’s cousin) last April 2009.

This situation which my lola has experienced was actually just one to counting hundreds of cases of grannies who fell and slid in their houses. But this could be lessen with the use of medical alert apparatus for grannies like my lola.

The medical alert apparatus are designed for fall alarm wherein everytime there would be accidents happen, grannies would just simply push a certain button on the apparatus that should be worn as bracelet-like gadget or somewhere else in the body or even just inside the pocket. What’s even better is that, there is a 24 hour monitoring of the gadget, so when a granny is wearing the gadget and she accidentally fell, a customer agent will know the status of the one wearing or using the gadget and a rescue team will then be rushing through houses for help.

I might try looking for something like this for my granny as soon as I get back home. Smiley Take care lola!