Google Doodles Bartolomeo Cristofori 360th Birthday

I’m no fan of any pianist nor got the tickling nerves in my every fingers to do the keys of pianos. But seeing how Google doodles Bartolomeo Cristofori on his 360th birthday, I could somehow thought if there was no Bartolomeo Cristofori before, probably no good music to produce now.

Google Doodles Bartolomeo Cristofori 360th BirthdayGoogle Doodles Bartolomeo Cristofori 360th Birthday

But of course, I couldn’t blame my childhood nor my parents for not sending me to any piano school before because I know how pocket monster it was especially for us, for my parents, who were not that well-off to send us to those luxurious schools. I am just so happy now and satisfied with what I have reached as I could appreciate the beauty of piano-driven songs every time I hear music, sing any songs or even dance with the every beat that every keys give.

Anyway, thank you Google for honoring this day for us to remember Bartolome Cristofori on his 360th birthday.

Google Doodles Labor Day 2015

It is just right to celebrate a day to all our workers, be of blue, red or white collars, for whatever they do, they all contribute for our timely existence. With this also, I am just grateful to see how Google commemorates this day and honors our workers, laborers as Google doodles Labor Day 2015 today.

Google Doodles Labor Day 2015

I don’t have a settled job as of this time, but I do accept online jobs, freelancer invite assignments, and receive a reasonable compensation with such. So I guess, I have to be thankful also for everybody who are celebrating this day for all of us workers.

Happy Labor Day to all of us and may we all continue to perform our daily tasks as heartily as we could so to provide a satisfying end-result for everyone.

Google Doodles New Year 2015

It’s been months since I haven’t visited this blog of mine. I know this blog felt so bad to me. I can’t blame anyone nor myself. I am just honestly busy with my professional chosen carrier and for being a mommy also. So every time I got home, I couldn’t even have a time checking on my laptop anymore to blog but to play with my little one instead.

But anyway, since I got ample time today, I am having every one here what Google doodles for today —- and for the coming year as Google doodles New Year 2015.

Google Doodles New Year 2015

My image above is not that good but when you visit the Google homepage to see the more enticing Google doodle for the New Year — 2015.

Have a great year ahead guys!

Google Doodles John Venn 180th Birthday

Just when I checked Google homepage, I then remember my elementary and high school years which almost always mention Venn Diagram in our Mathematics class. The homepage today is very artistic and also animated which I am very sure that every kids and students would surely enjoy learning from those then.

Google Doodles John Venn 180th Birthday

Furthermore, Venn Diagram was first introduced by John Venn, a British logician and philosopher. I have not much information and knowledge about John Venn, honestly. But at least the use of Venn diagram is still somehow fresh in me until today. And it feels really good to see how Google doodles John Venn 180th Birthday today.

Google Doodles Mary Anning 215th Birthday

It’s good to see again how Google is getting so artistic and creative in their homepage as Google Doodles Mary Anning 215th Birthday today!

Google Doodles Mary Anning 215th BirthdayGoogle Doodles Mary Anning 215th Birthday

Honestly, I can’t remember if Mary Anning was mentioned in my history classes back from Elementary, Secondary and even in my College years. Or maybe, it was, but I just didn’t put much attention to her before. But anyway, Mary Anning was a British fossil collector. In fact, her collections made a great importance in the field of knowledge in the Jurassic marine fossil beds at Lyme Regis in Dorset. She has made a vast contribution to scientific investigation about the prehistoric life and the history of the Earth, per se.

And again, happy birthday to Mary Anning and thank you for your great contribution to our knowledge!

Google Doodles Dian Fossey 82nd Birthday

Here’s Google getting so doodly again as Google Doodles Dian Fossey 82nd Birthday!

As you may notice it, the Google homepage seemed to be gorilla-friendly. This is because Dian Fossey was an American zoologist and extensively studied gorillas for 18 years. Fossey went and studied those gorillas daily in the mountain forests of Rwanda. In fact, she was able to publish a book in 1983 entitled, Gorillas in the Mist. The book was a combination of her scientific studies made at the mountain with the gorilla at Karisoke Research Center and with her own personal story.

However, despite her extravagant knowledge being shared in the field of Zoology, for reasons we do not know, Fossey was murdered in 1985. But the worse thing is that the case remains open.

Anyway, Happy birthday Dian Fossey!

Google Doodles Hermann Rorschach 129th Birthday

I am loving how Google doodles Hermann Rorschach 129th birthday. Yes, because I have just recently learned that Hermann Rorschach was a Swiss Freudian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. In fact, in one of our discussions in Psychiatry class, though Rorschach was not mentioned, but the process of psychoanalysis was. So I guess, this is just so timely.

Google Doodles Hermann Rorschach 129th BirthdayGoogle Doodles Hermann Rorschach 129th Birthday

Moreover,  Hermann Rorschach was best known for developing a projective test known as the Rorschach inkblot test. I have no idea yet what is it all about but I will try to find out what is it then.

Happy 15th Birthday Google!

Google is getting so animated and playful today as the world’s celebrating it’s 15th birthday today.

Happy 15th Birthday Google!Happy 15th Birthday Google!

I tried playing with the Google animated homepage earlier and I somehow enjoyed it.

Happy 15th birthday Google!!!

Google Doodles Claude Debussy 151st Birthday

Google homepage today is getting so musical and animated. Cool. Isn’t it? Smiley

Google Doodles Claude Debussy 151st BirthdayGoogle Doodles Claude Debussy 151st Birthday

Actually, Google Doodles Claude Debussy 151st Birthday today.

Claude Debussy was a French composer and known for Impressionist music. He was also regarded as the most influential composer of the 20th century as he was able to influence Maurice Ravel, Igor Stravinsky, Olivier Messiaen, Béla Bartók, Pierre Boulez, Henri Dutilleux, Ned Rorem, George Gershwin, and the minimalist music of Steve Reich and Philip Glass.

Google Doodles Rembrandt van Rijn 407th Birthday

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn was a Dutch painter known famously with his Baroque style of arts  that dominated Europe. I actually have some idea about him when I took up arts subject during my college years and one of the interesting artists I still can remember is Rembrandt.

Google Doodles Rembrandt van Rijn 407th BirthdayGoogle Doodles Rembrandt van Rijn 407th Birthday

As Google Doodles Rembrandt van Rijn 407th Birthday today, how I wish he’s still alive and still continuing to share his masterpieces with us.