The New iPad ‘mini’, REVEALED!

Apple revealed its newest and sleekest gadget to date, the iPad “mini”.

iPad MINIiPad Mini (image from

This new iPad “mini” has a 7.9 inches display. It is definitely a very handy gadget. Accordingly, what’s good in this kind of gadget is that it has a 4:3 aspect ratio and its viewing area is large and wide enough for both portrait and landscape views, respectively.

M3i Zero – Brings With It Interesting Details

The Nintendo DS and DSi Cards are going ahead at a fine pace. These cards permit the users to use the handheld consoles for different purposes with lots of ease. They are able to convert the DSi or DS to the video or movie player, MP3 player, office document or PDF reader. Moreover, you can play the games in a usual way as you earlier used to.

The M3i Zero arrives in the market in the form of the latest DSi compatible card and gives interesting features with it. The card construction to some extent resembles EZFlashVi. The slot for Micro-SD card is conveniently placed at the side of card instead of top. It suggests that the Micro-SD card can notfall out accidentally of M3i Zero while playing. The memory and card less likely have chances to get dislodged when you look in general terms. The built and the dimensional control of M3i Zero is surely worth a praise. The use of a very sturdy plastic is adopted to generate a denser feeling in comparison to most of the other Nintendo DS flash carts that are DSi compatible.

The design aspects of this card see some interesting details. The card slot for the Micro-SD is generally deep. This entirely reduces any difficulties coming with Micro-SD card about not getting read through the card. You may at times need a fingernail to fully push Micro-SD card to the slot and then get it out back again. This little inconvenience is nothing in front of the advantage you gain by never needing to concern about the DSi or DS crashing out during mid-application or mid-game.

M3i Zero is known to support the Micro-SD TransFlash as well as Micro-SDHC cards with maximum up to 32 gigabytes. When we look on average basis, each gigabyte data is able to store around eight games. This suggests over 250 games may be stored onto one card. The striking of a balance between costs to memory size generally suggests 4GB of the 8GB Micro-SDHC. The 16GB cards may be adopted at increasingly affordable costs with the expenses for memory gradually coming down worldwide. You will generally find more than sufficient room for storing several MP3s and one or two movies as well. Still some room would be left for the favorite games of a user.

The firmware or software used with M3i Zero makes it a delightful choice among the DS cards. The firmware meant for M3i Zero was being co-written by maker of the famous Moonshell multimedia software to use with Nintendo DSi and DS cards. It is interesting to note that firmware is a very comprehensive as well as well written piece of the software available with any DSi card. The support for smooth scrolling adds to the ease of the users. The firmware updates onto M3i Zero associate with them a novel kind of approach. The cable which plugs directly to M3i Zero via USB port is provided along with box.

There are some reliable sources such as for these cards. They give products with excellent features and quality to work perfectly in the long run.

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Samsung Cell phone and Phone case

Samsung cell phones are the kind of cell phones that everyone wants to have for their own.  I must admit, I am one of those eager individual who wanted to buy Samsung cell phone for myself this year.  I have already thought of what would be the kind of Samsung cell phone to buy after thorough thinking.  I am having a difficulty picking of what would be the best phone to buy.  Fortunately, Samsung does have the kind of cell phone that I am looking for.
Since I know already what kind of a phone I will be buying this year, I am also looking for a Samsung phone case for my cell phone.  It is best to have phone case of my choice of colors and style.  I am pretty sure that my phone would look good because I have wonderful phone case on it.  I am glad that Samsung does have plenty of phone case to choose from.  I love the designs and the colors that Samsung phone case does have to offer.  One of the mobile phone accessoriesthat everyone wants to buy especially those Samsung cell phone owners.  This is a complete package for our Samsung cell phones.

Having our own choice of phone cases and other cell phone accessories will make your phone looks good and more of a personalized property.  I myself want the color of my phone case would be my favorite color.  I can easily that this is mine.  It would look different from the usual colors of the phones after buying it.  So if you feel like pampering your cell phone to make it looks pretty and attractive especially Samsung cell phones, consider buying Samsung phone case of your choice and other accessories of your choice.  I am pretty sure that our cell phones would look pretty like the owner.

Christmas Gifts for Wife

After sharing last time what the best men’s gift ideas are, now, I will be giving you ideas to what are the best Christmas gifts for wives.

As a young woman, though I am not a wife yet, I could say that the most precious of all Christmas gifts for wife to receive are jeweleries most specifically, diamonds or even just golds. If the wife has always been receiving such for the past months or maybe years, gadgets can also be great. The latest mobile devices or other gadgets like iPad and more would be great as well.

These are just some yet that I could think of by far. Maybe, in my upcoming posts, I will share more.

Mens Gift Ideas

Accordingly, men are not typically choosy and meticulous with any gifts they receive from their woman. However, up to this time, I still am having difficult time to think of the best Mens Gift Ideas especially for M, my dad and my brother.

I remember, M has spoken to me one time and said he’d love to receive any gifts as long as it is heartily given. But for my dad, he’s very hard to please. One time, I and mom bought him a couple of polo shirts but he refused it. To my sadness, I gave it to my brother instead. My brother and M are almost the same. They don’t matter what I gave them for as long as those were thoughtfully given to them.

Maybe, I’d rather choose a pair of shirts, a gadget or any men’s personal stuff like cap, belt or watch. I guess those are just some most men really love to receive as gifts.

Only $99 HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad has declined its price for over 80%. From a price of $500 and $600 for 16GB and 32GB models, respectively, today it is just only $99 for a 16GB and $149 for 32GB models.

This is a great deal to every techie savvy and gadget freak people. Today, in fact, is also the best day to grab one of the HP TouchPad.

If I don’t have an iPad 2 yet, I might as well think of having one. But, since I am very much enjoying my iPad 2 now, I’d rather chose to buy a ps3 bundles for me and for M. We both love playing games. So I guess, it’s a wiser thing to do.

By the way, the image above is not mine. I just lifted that from

Xbox Live Servers: Modern Warfare 2 Down

When I tried to check online for the latest update and forums of Call of Duty 4 – The Modern Warfare 2, I was amazed that I can’t access it. At first, I was thinking that only Oshi had a problem. However, upon checking from the forums link, the Xbox Live Servers Down, which was the first suspicion I had.

Whew, upon reading comments regarding Xbox Live Servers Down, I am thinking then of the hosting problems they encounter especially when a lot of clients are simultaneously accessing it. I am not really sure about it, though I have some ideas on hosting websites or blogs, but with regards to gaming, I don’t have that knowledge anymore. There are actually a number of web hosting sites with satisfying hosting offers as noted from independent reviews of web hosting providers. I just don’t know for game hosting sites. Smiley

Anyway, yeah, I used to play COD (Call of Duty), as what we used to call it, when I am getting bored playing casino online, or should I say, if I had three or more consecutive loses. Haha. Oshi actually has COD installed on him and Defense of the Ancients(DotA) too. LOL!

Look how Mommy Gagay and Didong addicted to COD and DotA.

Send In the Clowns – Piano

I supposed to have my music Monday entry early this morning, however, aside from seriously studying (I actually had 2 exams just this day), I was looking for Baldwin piano accessories online which I am planning to give as pressie to one of my close friends who’ll be celebrating her birthday this coming March. Smiley She loves music, actually. And I remember, last December, when we met, she once told me that she wanted to have a new bling bling on her piano. SmileyWhile busy looking for piano stuffs online, I found Send In The Clowns Music Video played on piano. Here. Have time to watch it.

Send In The Clown – Piano

Oh yeah! Back to my real deal.

Finally, after almost an hour of browsing for lassy piano accessories, I found one piano shop over the internet where anybody could have the pianos and organs they wanted and off course, the accessories too. It is the Actually, the shop isn’t just selling accessories for pianos and organs itself, but it is als offering Steinway piano and organ repairs. However, what makes me more interested on them aside from accessories, is the Kawai pianos they are selling. Haha! I am thinking now to have me a piano though I don’t know how to play. LOL!