Medals and Trophies

It was a fine afternoon when I and some friends were talking and mentioning about our medals and trophies we received during our elementary and secondary years. We also have talked about the medals which we wished to have and received before like t ball medals. Of course, though we have not joined in any football club or games then, we just laughed until this time our dream of receiving such medals.

T Ball MedalT Ball Medal (image from

 But anyways, those were just our funny friendly talks.

JACOB, The Most Popular Baby Boy Name in 2009

Suggesting a name to a pregnant close friend who’s expecting a baby boy is very difficult especially when she’s asking for a why explanation of the name.

I am the kind of friend, to my closest pals, that is really vocal and will uprightly said whatever I wanted to tell. So I guess, that’s one reason why my friend asked me what’s the most meaningful name of a boy, just for me, that I could suggest relating and knowing her completely. Without any hesitations, I subconsciously, smilingly uttered JACOB. I do not know why. I don’t even feel any tingling sounds with the name, but it seems like it would mean something. Then and then, we browsed over the internet about the name JACOB and we both discovered that it is the most popular baby boy name in 2009. I guess, that’s the only reason why I uttered the name JACOB. Smiley

With much of our discoveries online, we stumbled upon spots to where we could have the first birthday of his expected baby boy. Not just the birthday, but even the christening and all of the possible parties and celebrations to be held. But the most exciting thing we did was the inquiry and booking on Holiday Lodges in Cornwall? Those were just because of our foolishness. Smiley

Do you have any friends named JACOB? Then tell him, his name is the most popular name in 2009.

Just a Business Talk

When we arrived in Davao City from Legaspi City and Naga City, the scheduled dates, should I say, important appointments with the 2 of my high school classmates were pushed through. I first thought it couldn’t be since I was still having jet lag and was still very tired from diving along CWC.

After a tiring trip, I immediately met (clockwise)
Sam (Carolyn’s hubby), Carolyn and Cynthia Mae.

We met at Mandarin Tea Garden at NCCC Mall in Davao City. We actually had our dinner. Carolyn, who is 5-month pregnant with her second child, was with her hubby, Sam. The couple’s first kid, Clark, is my godson. Together with us was Cynthia Mae.

Carolyn’s hubby is offering and dealing with me a condo unit and a house and lot from Camella homes in Davao City. While Cynthia Mae is having her scented candles offered to me. But aside from business talks, it was also like a get-together for us since we haven’t met for a long time. With Cynthia Mae and I, the last time we see each other was still on high school, but with Carolyn, I guess, in less than 10 months.

Things like these, I never thought could happen. I mean, we really are living our lives practically now. This is what life really means. Before, having talks like these are just simply a drama, a role playing or even just a game. But now, it’s definitely a life’s surviving things.

After that dinner and some talks, Carolyn and Sam went home since it was late night already while I and Cynthia Mae parked in a Durian stand where we ate lots of Durian there.

Cynthia and I in a Durian stall in Torres Street, Davao City.
After filling our tummy with much of Durian, we parted each other. While on my way, I was thinking of having my own business, those of what M has shared to me. But I want it online. I don’t want to have my own building to have it, it’s more costly, right? But with just online businesses, all I am haggling is just web hosting. Since I already have some knowledge on website management, I guess that would be enough. But still, I want to hire someone much professional to manage hosting itself for my business collocation.
Whew! I am getting hooked with businesses already. But I need to finish my medical degree first. Hehe. All of those were just merely a business talk.

43rd Amazing Birthday

Happy Birthday Ate Grace!!!

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How To Save a Life: Boyce Avenue

I still can’t deny that I miss one of the best buddies I have had in my life.

I miss you, you know who you are.. And this song is for you!

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the actual post link here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava’s Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

I chose Boyce Avenue’s version ‘coz for me it’s more emotional to listen this song from a guy who’s much in-love with his girl. Smiley


Happy MM guys!

The Guess Purified Drinking Water in Ayala Center, Cebu City

Four of my former classmates from University of the Philippines Mindanao and I met and had lunch at Mc Donalds Ayala Center in Cebu City were lucky enough to receive free Guess Water from Guess shopping store in Ayala Center.
The five of us were just walking inside the center, checking for some sale items on every shopping store when we’re able to check Guess store, the sales attendant there handed us bottles of purified drinking water. Without hesitations, we just smiled and accepted those then gone by. LOL!
We actually just passed by at Guess shopping store. We didn’t know they’re giving purified drinking water to those who are shopping at there store. Smiley After there, after having me my Guess purified drinking water, we directly check for other stores which offered discounted products. I then forgot to buy hid kits for Didong’s remote-controlled car which I bought last summer because we immediately went home. And oh, I still forgot one thing, we also tried gelatissimo. I might just post those yummy photos next time. Emoticon

Just A Reunion: UPMin BioS Batch 2003

After a number of years that the University of the Philippines Mindanao (UPMin) Bachelor of Science in Biology (BSBio) Batch 2003 haven’t had a reunion yet. And finally, we found the long-waited, night to be with each others’ laughs last April 30, 2010.

We just met at Dimsum Diner in Torres Street in Davao City where we had our dinner also. Smiley

After making ourselves bloated, we went to K1, videoke and KTV bar to have some sing-a-long moments and had some drinks there. This was one of our used-to-do things in college when hanging out – drinking and singing in a bar. Smiley

After those sweet talks, jokes, songs and drinks together in a KTV, we decided to get some shisha. Most of my classmates haven’t tried shisha yet, so I let them breathe vanilla-flavored yet deoxygenated air. LOL!

A night with them made me reminisce all those memories we had in college – in UPMindanao. However, I was just kind’a upset after these photos were posted in facebook since a number of people (friends, though, who’re not from UPMindanao) commented negatively like I just have nothing to do but to drink. Too bad to think that they don’t know who really am I yet just easily could make a word out of an album of a night with college friends.
Thence, one of my classmates in medicine, from Silliman University throw me a joke days after she read those comments in my facebook. She said I might need to undergo drug rehab or alcohol rehab because of that or maybe she can pay for my alcohol treatment. We’re just laughing then.
Just think of this, would medical schools accept me, nor my parents if I’d been very addictive to alcohols?

We need Alcohol Rehab

It’s been half a year already that I and some close friends (we are a group of 5) were planning to have vacay abroad. Abroad? Yes!!! But we’re thinking of Asian tours for now since we don’t have that flooding kachings yet.
Last December 2009, one of my friends asked us to accompany her in processing her Visa application. After having those necessary informations to be processed from where we applied for, we went to the National Statistics Office (NSO) to get my friend’s authenticated birth certificate. There we had our first problem encountered. She’s having a duplicate name entry in NSO. So we do some legal processes for that. Two days after completing it, we went to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). There we had the second crucial prob which made our day such ruined and even our application itself. Aside from having duplicate name entry, the lady/woman whose name’s same as her was noted to be a drug addicted woman. The NBI didn’t release certificate for my friend. Instead, just advised us by saying, “Ma’am, we suggest you undergo drug testing and if proven positive must undergo drug detox. If you’re shy (looking at us from head to toe), you can look for residential drug rehab program”. “Ahuh? Do we look like addicts“, these were what we answered. Thence, due to our anger, we went home and up until now we haven’t checked back the NBI yet.
Lately, we (the 5 of us) were chatting online, talking ’bout the updates on our preplanned vacay. Then, that friend of mine who doesn’t have visa yet said why not asking the NBI to just give her a certificate and tell that we’re going abroad to have us an alcohol rehab there. LOL!
We admit, we drink. Smiley But not to the point of taking drugs. Haha! We actually are just taking it as a joke lately coz we can’t do anything for it yet. We’re all busy for now coz from studying. Maybe by summer vacation, we can make the necessary things work for our planned vacay. Aja to us!

The First Commenter Club

It has been a great pleasure meeting bloggers, not just from Philippines, but of all over the world. When I joined the First Commenter Club with my blogs – Fishy Talks, GAGAY.MD, Pinoy.MD and Earning Online Moolah, I met bloggers more. And made friends – sharing lives, problems, and everything! It doesn’t only give more backlinks and visitors to blogs, indeed!

You too! You can join with us in the FCC!