Coppa Bambino of Gelatissimo in Ayala Center Cebu City

There was only one promised we took to ourselves when I and four of my classmates from University of the Philippines Mindanao after having the pocket-emptying Coppa Bambino of Gelatissimo in Ayala Center here in Cebu City last 31st of May this year, and it is not to have it again unless just after a year again. This means that we could only have Gelatissimo, specifically Coppa Bambino a year after we had it, so that would be next year May 31, 2012.

Right after the ice cream was served. Still yummy to look at!

Why I said it’s pocket-emptying? Coppa Bambino is a preparation of 36 different flavors of ice creams and such a costly ice cream for a medical students like most of us five (5). In fact, that time, I just brought with me less than a thousand bill but I still ended up using my debit card because I all my cash were spent with the foods and most of it were for the ice cream. Good thing I was able to check my debit card status, the cash advance I applied two (2) weeks before the day we’re supposed to meet or else, I might end up walking home from Ayala Center.

Proof of billing. LOL!
Aside from the fact that our pockets were all empty, we found the ice cream not creamy anymore when we’re almost fourth-way eating it. Because of the mixed flavors when in less than thirty-minutes (30) each 36 ice cream scoops melted, one cannot identify such flavor from the other. Just imagine a vomitus of different colors. LOL!

After 10 minutes, it because a soup of different flavors of ice cream. Haha.

Phew! In general, the coppa bambino has made us smile and bloated. That’s for sure! No doubt! But only we don’t want to have it again this year!

Mooon Cafe in Dumaguete City

Today, I will tour you in one of the newest and, as what I found it, one of the best cafe in Dumaguete City, The Mooon Cafe, The Mexican-inspired Restaurant located in Robinsons Place.

I wasn’t able to take photos of the foods my classmates have eaten coz the camera’s battery get emptied. Sure thing, the next time I’ll visit Mooon Cafe, I’ll take foodums photos.***I didn’t eat coz I am fasting for the Lenten season which just started on Wednesday (Ash Wed) Feb. 17, 2010.

Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears

Can you guess what are these?

These are actually Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears. I am in posting frenzy with Polar Bears today coz I just suddenly remember one of the movie scenes while I was studying earlier which there were Churchill Manitoba Polar Bearson that movie. But I really forgot the title of the film. If I’m not mistaken, The Arctic Tale in 2007? I really do not know. I am not sure.

But, one thing’s sure for me now which made me crazy the past two months. If I won’t limit my eating cravings of pizza and all those carb foods, I might get as big as Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears then. Smiley Throw your pizza appetite and settle for protein snacks. Smiley Grrrr… One time, someone teased me my butt looks like Polar Bear’s. I do not know if I get mad or what. Do I really look real fat? What do I need to do now? Liposuction? Surgery? I am getting paranoid of being fat now especially that summer vacay is near.

And yeah, honestly, I am trying my best to forget that there exist pizzas in the world. But if you happen to visit me in my medical blog, I am still eating those like end of the world. LOL!

We need Alcohol Rehab

It’s been half a year already that I and some close friends (we are a group of 5) were planning to have vacay abroad. Abroad? Yes!!! But we’re thinking of Asian tours for now since we don’t have that flooding kachings yet.
Last December 2009, one of my friends asked us to accompany her in processing her Visa application. After having those necessary informations to be processed from where we applied for, we went to the National Statistics Office (NSO) to get my friend’s authenticated birth certificate. There we had our first problem encountered. She’s having a duplicate name entry in NSO. So we do some legal processes for that. Two days after completing it, we went to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). There we had the second crucial prob which made our day such ruined and even our application itself. Aside from having duplicate name entry, the lady/woman whose name’s same as her was noted to be a drug addicted woman. The NBI didn’t release certificate for my friend. Instead, just advised us by saying, “Ma’am, we suggest you undergo drug testing and if proven positive must undergo drug detox. If you’re shy (looking at us from head to toe), you can look for residential drug rehab program”. “Ahuh? Do we look like addicts“, these were what we answered. Thence, due to our anger, we went home and up until now we haven’t checked back the NBI yet.
Lately, we (the 5 of us) were chatting online, talking ’bout the updates on our preplanned vacay. Then, that friend of mine who doesn’t have visa yet said why not asking the NBI to just give her a certificate and tell that we’re going abroad to have us an alcohol rehab there. LOL!
We admit, we drink. Smiley But not to the point of taking drugs. Haha! We actually are just taking it as a joke lately coz we can’t do anything for it yet. We’re all busy for now coz from studying. Maybe by summer vacation, we can make the necessary things work for our planned vacay. Aja to us!

Sleeping in class

OMG. I was sleeping in class again. Smiley And tellin’ you, even it was just less than 10 minutes, I was able to dream of having food tours nyc, NEW YORK, it was. Flying to NY?. haha.Here’s a glimpse, I was walking with someone, I couldn’t figure out who he was and then we went to Greenwich Village, Lower East Side, SoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown just to have those authentic local foods. See? Even in dreams, I was just eating. LOL. Smiley

Look for me there; I was in that photograph taken when we went to
Little Italy, New York when I was sleeping. LOL.

Good thing my seatmate tapped me ‘coz the doctor already said that we’re having a quiz. But honestly, I was really hungry that time and anticipating for a yummy foodams after class. Smiley