Best Time to Spend Turkey Holidays

Are you planning for an extravagant Turkey holidays with family, friends or loved ones? Well then, you should read more here. I’ll tell you when is the best time to spend Turkey holidays.

Turkey is a Eurasian country, located in Western Asia and Southeastern Europe. Its year-round climate seasons are only dry to hot summer and cold to wet winter. Thence, the perfect time to spend Turkey holidays is during the month of May.

May, in Turkey, brings the longest sunny days and almost no rainy days. There are many events and celebrations to catch every month of May in Turkey. One of which is theĀ Istandbul Tulip Festival which provides colors to the metropolis with its very beauteous floral decorations. Another festival which is known in the country is the H?drellez Festival. It is their traditional spring celebration.

Best Time to Spend Turkey Holidays -- May during Istanbul Tulip Festival
Best Time to Spend Turkey Holidays — May during Istanbul Tulip Festival

Aside from these mentioned festivities, there are more events to enjoy in Turkey which would really make your holidays worth spending.

Landscape Flowers in Taoist Temple, Cebu City

We visited the Taoist Temple last June 13; I and my roommates. It was actually my second time to visit the temple. But the first time was when I was a kid, if am not mistaken, I guess, high school that was.
Before I will share to you the new gloomy photos we took from the temple, I will first share the landscape plants and flowers which really caught my attention.
I love the green hue of the flowers’ landscaped there because if you happen to visit the temple, it has a very attractive colors, and the green environment somehow neutralizes the area. It’s so relaxing to look and stay at. I guess it’s not only me who happen to vocally expressed how beauteous the nature there, not only the Chinese, but also other foreigners who were also visiting the temple.

Indeed, all of those flowers around the temple are really relaxing to look at.