Katrina Halili is Pregnant

Katrina Halili confirms that she is 3-month pregnant in an interview conducted by Ricky Lo on March 24, Friday.

Katrina Halili

Katrina Halili disclosed that she didn’t shared about her pregnancy immediately to her mom. She even kept it to herself for weeks yet.

Kris Laurence, R&B singer, her boyfriend is also the father of her baby. Though he is supporting Katrina Halili’s pregnancy, they don’t have plans as of now to get married.

Happy 119th Birthday Fernando Amorsolo

I know I’m already a day late but,I guess, I haven’t miss the fun yet in celebrating the 119th birthday of Fernando Amorsolo, one of most important National Artists in the Philippines. I should blog about this.

Fernando Amorsolo y Cueto, born in Paco, Manila, is best known from his landscapes that are portrayed with Filipino customs, festivity, culture and occupation.

Some of the works of Fernando Amorsolo are shown below.

Fruit Pickers under the Mango tree

Sunday Market, Baguio

Tinikling by the River

Remember the wondrous hands in painting and more of Fernando Amorsolo on his 119th birthday celebration. Smiley