Advance Happy Birthday Mum

Tomorrow, January 24, will be my mum’s 53rd birthday. Last year’s mum’s birthday was spent in a resort, and telling you, I was the one who shoulder everything. Smiley From foods, not to mention the cake of my mum, up to the transportation. I made a blast of blog works the holiday season before mum’s birthday so I treated the whole family as well as mum.

This was taken last year, January 24 in one of the resort in our hometown.

This time, I wouldn’t be home coz we have a class, so I thought of just sending some pressie for her instead. But I couldn’t think of anything good for her but new gardening accessories or maybe just pots for her to be used in her new garden. This was actually her problem since they, with my dad, move to their new house. I remember she was asking where she could purchase new garden planters and indoor planters for her new garden and inside the house. Isn’t that a good idea?

Mum’s some flowers in pots taken after transferred in the new garden near the new house.

I wanna buy mum somethin’ like this. Smiley

I might look for a window box planter or a decorative planter so mum could use it in her office or at home. What do you think?

Finally, I found ONE!

It was discouraging for my cousin, Dom, after he failed in one of his Math subjects, if am not mistaken, it’s Algebra 1 to continue with his recent enrolled course. He is a DOST scholar and according to the contract, the scholarship might be forfeited if failed in one of the subjects taken during the w. He is still in his first year in college wherein he’s taking Bachelor of Science in Physics. As what he told us, he found it somehow difficult. He asked us, my elder sister and I last holiday vacation, to teach him and have him a tutorial sessions especially on solving math problems. But since we only had little time last holiday vacation to have tutorial sessions with Dom, we just opted to look for Algebra tutor for him. Up until now, we haven’t found any yet.

My elder sister, Wewee, and Dom last New Year’s eve at Mum’s house.


I just remember earlier that I still need to look for a good tutor for Dom after checking my planner. Hehe.

I browsed over the internet the best online tutorial which I could offer to Dom. Gladly, I found which offers great tutorial sessions online. It serves 24/7 online; very convenient since anytime of the day, Dom can have tutorial session. And what makes better than other tutorial services I found online is the reliable degree holder tutors they have. Aside from solely tutorial services, also help tutees or students on their homeworks.

Spying Didong

Didong is already a grown up boy. His mind changes really fast that he could even converse to people that are coming and looking for my dad or mum at home. He can entertain and welcome them as if he’s a big boy. This may sound cool for a 3-year old toddy, but this seems to be very dangerous and not an ideal thing to do for a kiddo.
Look how Didong poses infront of a camera;
here, he was with his mum (my sister), Bait.
He used to call my sister, Mama It.
My mum is where Didong is staying at now with my mum’s nanny since my sister, Didong’s mum is working far from our hometown. And my mum was the one who asked to leave Didong with them – with my dad, coz they got no one left with them from us, their children. So my mum opted to have Didong with them. But having Didong with them seemed to be my mum’s problem sometimes, like no one’s gotta be taking care of him especially when mum is working and dad also. Didong would just be left at home with nanny which is very crucial since, as what my mum shared, everytime she left Didong with the nanny at home, Didong always claiming of some strange things and feelings during the day.

Thence, I was thinking of installing a hidden camera in all of Didong’s toys. I might be very strict then, but this is just for the safety of Didong. In fact, he just recently celebrated his 3rd birthday in the hospital after 2 consecutive different situations which brought him to be admitted in the hospital. And I don’t want it to happen to him again and even for Didang.

Lola’s Medical Alert

For the past several years after the death of our grandfather, my mum’s dad, we just then celebrating our Christmas Eve with our grandmother, my mum’s mother, who has is staying with us for a couple of years already. However, we had our Christmas eve last December 2009 without our Lola, local dialect pertaining to grandmother, was not at home. Our aunt, my mum’s younger sister, brought our lola to their place so she could able to spend holidays with them – with my cousins and my uncle. SmileyHowever, we noticed that every time she go with our aunt and went back with us, she has always something to claim like pain here and there; at any parts of her body. One time, she was suffering from real pain and the family only knew when our cousin told us that our lola was claiming to him her painful pelvis. Thence, my mum and sis brought our lola in the hospital to have her physical and medical check up. Everything were fine except her slight low level of hemoglobin in her blood wherein the doctor just prescribed some supplementary drugs for her to be taken in everyday. But, her claim regarding her pelvis wasn’t gone and getting worse every time she walks and even needing proper slow movement when attempting to seat. Thence, my mum decided to bring our lola somewhere, I forgot where was that, to have her a massage. After less than an hour, our lola was looking good and could walk straightly then. We urged her to tell us what happen to her before that day if she fell or what. She then told us that she accidentally spill something over her body causing her to lose control of her balance and slid into somewhere.

Our lola with our uncle (mum’s cousin) last April 2009.

This situation which my lola has experienced was actually just one to counting hundreds of cases of grannies who fell and slid in their houses. But this could be lessen with the use of medical alert apparatus for grannies like my lola.

The medical alert apparatus are designed for fall alarm wherein everytime there would be accidents happen, grannies would just simply push a certain button on the apparatus that should be worn as bracelet-like gadget or somewhere else in the body or even just inside the pocket. What’s even better is that, there is a 24 hour monitoring of the gadget, so when a granny is wearing the gadget and she accidentally fell, a customer agent will know the status of the one wearing or using the gadget and a rescue team will then be rushing through houses for help.

I might try looking for something like this for my granny as soon as I get back home. Smiley Take care lola!

New Year, New Bike

Didong has just celebrated its 3rd birthday last Dec. 1, 2009. Being a li’l grown up kid, plus a very cutie boy, he always get what he wanted aside from being the only nephew in the family yet to now. No wonder he has been flooded with attention.In his very young mind at young age, he already has all the clues to live like a real man portraying batman, superman, hulk and most specially spider man. In fact almost all of his stuffs are figured after spider man. And the latest he just claiming to have? A new spider man bicycle. He already have a bicycle when he was still 2 years old, but now, he wanted new. We never expected he would able to know bicycling even at 2 years young with no one teaching him. Smiley

Take a look at Didong’s spidey stuffs and bicycle full of spidey stickers.

And on last holidays, I and my mum were really looking for spider man bicycles for Didong. But we failed to look for the best bicycle fitted for him – bikes for kids, in our hometown. I am just planning to buy Didong new pairs of spider man costume instead aside from the one I brought for him as a pressie last October 2009 when I went home for a month-long semestral break in medical school which I bought at SM Cebu City.

Didong in his spider man pose wearing the spider man costume I bought.

I’m So SICK!

Just not feelin’ well today! Smiley Got an LSS, KEMBOT early this morning. Not a good wake up song, watcha think? I checked my cellular phone, received “hi” message from someone. Guess, another not-a-good thing for early morning. The worse thing, I called my mum and she just told me that my nephew was re-admitted again at Davao Doctors Hospital. They do not know yet the findings. Its just that Didong has high fever ranging from 37-38 degree centigrade. One more thing which made my morning sickly was I received a refund from Paypal telling that the domain I brought (supposed to be for PMD) because as what have sent to me, there were a number of fraudulent requests/orders for the domain. SmileyFor this week’s MM, I wanna share to you this rockin’ song..hope you guys won’t feel the same as I do. Have a great week ahead!