Rustic Decors at Home

Just lately, I received a compliment, I rather chose and thought as like that than a negative comment, that I am really weird. According to them, I have that uniqueness in thinking which is very different from the others.

This is not the first time I receive words like these. I know I am different. I am weird. I am unique. In almost all aspect, be it personal to anything, I do not know but I really deviate from the crowd. For instance, when we’re still planning to have a new house in our province, mom was fetching ideas from us, her children. My siblings were sharing almost the same designs and concepts. However, mom looked at me differently when I suggested a rustic decor and theme at home. All of them were staring at me with a blank and a question marks on their faces. Haha.

I love rustic decor since it’s kind’a unique, elegant looking and very vintage. The house will be looking like an antic museum filled with abstract thoughts depending on how visitors see the house.

Do you agree? I don’t think so because even my family did not agree with my idea. Haha!

Summer 2011 Today, but not in the Philippines

While the other side of the world is having their Summer 2011 fever, the Philippines, on the other hand, is seemingly on its flooding fiesta. It has always been expected that every ‘BER’ months in the country, Filipinos are almost always experiencing countless unexpected consecutive typhoon attacks.

When I went home last week, there was actually 2 different typhoons attacking the country. Fortunately, all of my travel flights went good and safe. As I arrived home, my nephew – Didong asked me why I went home. He asked if it’s summer time since he is used that I could only stay at home for a longer time only during summer season. Off course, as a 5-year-old kiddo, I explained to him why. He asked if we could go out and have time at one of the resorts in our farm town. I just told him that the weather ain’t good. But he insisted since it has been a while, according to him, that he wasn’t able to dive into a swimming pool. Then I remembered that I bought him last year summer a portable inflatable swimming pool. I asked about his swimming pool. He drag me at the back area at home and pointed to me what happened to his swimming pool. I asked our house helper to fix it but only said that there are no pentair heat pumps to use at home or even any air pumps for the inflatable swimming pool. Again, I talked to Didong. I explained to him that I can’t bring him in a swimming pool or resorts. Instead, I just brought him toys. Haha!

Oh well, getting back to summer 2011, I just wish it’s summer time again for me to experience another vacation. Woooh!

Family Business Website

Since I started blogging way back 2007, that time our family business has been productively growing already, I was thinking to create a website for our family business. I was still in college that time wherein most of my financial needs came from the family business’ supports. Aside from making my studies good, I couldn’t think how and what to give to my parents something to make them happy as a thank you and as a gift in return.

Now that I have some idea how websites run and go, even though not really that blast-full of such but still somehow could cater how to a family business website circulates, I am certain to make one family business website.

Why I want a website for our family is not just for me to make the whole world know that we have a business like this and that. But for us, as a business owner and manager, to have a grasp of ideas that we could apply for our small business. Making our business reachable online could make us closer to any small business resources that I am sure would be very helpful for us. Recommendations, suggestions and comments are welcome, as always. And off course, as a business and a website owner, I will also give inputs on how to run such business –  the dos and the don’ts, benefits and consequences, and more. It’s just a small business help to those who are planning to have a business like ours. As said, always give for to always receive.

As of now, I already have bought domains for our family. I bought 2 domains. I won’t be disclosing things yet for now. But sure thing, so soon, the two domains will be actively circulating in the world wide web.

Shooting in Trento, Agusan del Sur

I was dreaming last night about our farm town in the province of Agusan del Sur; that I was sleeping in a pine beds along with my siblings. Not too long enough I was awaken by an SMS from my mom informing me that there was a gun shooting happening this early morning around 5 o’clock.

Trembled and shocked, I hurriedly called with my mom. Good enough, my family are all safe. The shooting is yet so far from our house, though located only in same municipality, in Trento, Agusan del Sur. According to them, they only hear fireworks-like sounds this morning.

The shooting was actually happened in the municipal hall of Trento, most specifically in the office of the policemen. No other news related to the shooting were reported yet. People in Trento, Agusan del Sur are yet still clueless why the shooting happened that very early morning.

AirPhil Express Mother’s Day Special

Greetings to all MOTHERS in the world!  Emoticon AirPhil Express’ Mother’s Day Special Buy One, Take Mom selling period starts today and up until tomorrow.

The AirPhil Express’ Mother’s Day Special Buy One, Take Mom promo is applicable to all domestic flights between June 1 to September 11, 2011. Buy one ticket now and you’ll get a free seat for your mom.

For more information, visit AirPhil Express website.

New Library for My Librarian Sister

My sister Bait, Didong’s mom, a graduate and licensed librarian, has just recently assigned to a new school, a tertiary school, as the college librarian. And on Monday, April 25, 2011, was her first day of duty.

This school, college, is not her first school assignment as a head librarian. If am not mistaken, this is her 4th school already. She has been assigned in Davao City and Butuan City before. But she stopped for the reason I do not know and decided to just be here nearer at home.As she shared, the library of the new school is just ok. There are only a few things to change inside the library like the modern chairs and tables for each student’s use while inside the library and the executive desks for hers and a colleague. The rest, everything are still looking good and satisfying for her which are good to hear for at least, she has nothing more to do much for the library.

Talking about furniture and other stuffs fitted inside an office or an executive room, offers the best office furniture online. Aside from the cheap prices of furniture offered, the shop ships furniture ordered online for free on selected products and having no sales tax.

Some of the available furniture of the shop are modern executive desks, ergonomic chairs, conference tables and more. These furniture are guaranteed to be of high quality materials-made and designed to be excellent.

Cold Summer as Always

As I have said in my earlier entries, my summer vacation here in our hometown is not, indeed, a summer seasoned-vacation but a rainy one. By far, it’s definitely a cold summer as always experience.
Here in our home town, raining heavily – windy, as it is, is not an unusual scenario. Flooding in some towns in the province is always happening too. Good enough it doesn’t happened yet in our town.But the low temperature here is very remarkable that even some of the agricultural processing companies are using cast iron radiators. These materials are basically used for the heating of certain area or room usually storage rooms of agricultural products that are needing a higher temperature. Just so our province here loves the colder weather than the hot one,cast iron radiators are being utilized.

At home, we do not use cast iron radiator, off course. We usually do not use heater because we are already used to the environment. But when we do bathing, we just use a tub water heater instead.

Rainy Summer Vacation 2011

Summer is supposed to be hot and sweaty. Isn’t it?

But here in our province, in out farm town, it’s the most opposite.

Heavy rain taken in our farm town
The muddy roads welcomed me when I arrived home. I haven’t even seen until now any smiles from Mr. Sunny. This is the worst summer vacation I am having here ever since I could remember.

And as one expects to any who’re used in a normal cooling temperature, working or even just moving in a cold weather around is not very conducive to such. In fact, in my more than a week of stay here, I only do eat, sleep, play over the computer, eat and then back again. However, I still didn’t get much weight so I don’t need weight loss green tea anymore though it’s a good extra fat removal drink. This is because I was confined for 24-hours in the hospital after suffering from diarrhea.

Hey, talking more about tea, my elder sister is wanting to loss weight before the school year 2011 starts. She is a librarian, she’s Didong’s mom. She has been trying a number of diet pills but those just work while the pills are taken in but when she stopped, she always get those fats back. As she said, as a librarian in a university, it doesn’t cause her to move all her body all day. That’s maybe the cause why she easily gets fat. What my mom advised her lately is to try tea drinks which my mom read and heard from her friends like Tava Tea, which is good fro losing extra fat.

Anyway, I’ll be flying back so soon in Cebu City, there, it’s too hot, a very opposite here. So maybe, Mr. Sunny will only see me there. Smiley

Summer Classes for Didong and Didang

Didong and Didang are already 4 years old. Didong celebrated on December 1 while Didang, has just recently turned 4 on April 17.

Taken on December 2010 during the family Christmas Party
Both kids are very enthusiastic now when talking about going to school. In fact, my sister, Bait, has bought a lunch tote and kid duffle bags for the kids. She also provided the kids with writing pens and papers inside a Stephen Johnson toddler backpacks. Didong has a Naruto-design on it while Didang has Dora design too.

Last February 2011, my mom was sharing her plans to send the kids to summer classes or summer camping. I told her that if I could come home, I’ll be attending with them. So my mom waited until I got home.

However, so sad to think that when I got home, I suffered from different illnesses that even caused me to be confined. The preplanned summer classes for the kids were not pushed thru. I don’t know what the plans of my sister, brother and mom as of this time.

Didang’s Pink Dora Birthday Cake

If I’m not mistaken, I have shared to you already about the 4th birthday of my niece, Didang, which she wanted to be a Pink Dora – themed one. Smiley
And yeah, I didn’t fail Didang.

Pink Dora Cake I bought for Didang

When I got home last week, I immediately took time to check for Pink Dora Birthday Cake of Didang that I promised to give her. I didn’t wait for payday advances that time, instead, hurriedly checked some Dora goodies over the cake store.

Since I am just in our farm town, a four-hour travel, by land, away from Davao City and I was not feeling good that time, I just asked one of my close buddies in Davao to order and reserve a pink Dora birthday cake for me. I sent him the payment and since, as I have said, I wasn’t feeling good, it was my elder sissy who claimed the pre-ordered cake I had in Davao.

The cake was mocha-flavored, as what my mum, Didang’s granny, suggested. Though, not the usual kiddie taste the mocha-flavor as I thought, but by far, Didang’s kiddie friends loved it and their respective families also.

No faxing payday loans I have tried though none though, but I still had no problems regarding how much it costs me because the cake store where I usually order and buy cakes since then, provides the cheap costs for cakes but sure to be very delicious. And with regards to payday loans, those are non-arguably beneficial, however, I’m not in need yet as of now.

Details and more images on Didang’s birthday, I will be blogging those in my personal blog one of these days.