Lady Gaga’s Clic Eye Wear

Of all the eye wears of Lady Gaga, only this one shown below is what I really love to have.

Lady GagaLady Gaga’s Clic Eye Wear

It’s a Clic EyeWear. Isn’t it?

I actually found this eye wear of hers when she performs a live remix of her songs including her hit single last year, Born this Way. Smiley

If am not mistaken, this eye wear is made of pearls formed into a RayBan-styled eye frame. I am not sure also if Lady Gaga could still see while using this. Hehe!

Best Eyelash Growth Product

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as said. In fact, many beauty products now are emerging, helping one lass, woman or lady to make more beautiful each and every day. One good example to this is the best eyelash growth product which I often hear from lady personalities on television.

This product makes the eyes looking more stunning because of the growth of the increase in growth of the eyelashes especially to those who have short one.

Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses

Making the best out of one’s eyesight is the most important thing to do. With the vast range of environmental hazards we are having now, eyes is one of the most commonly affected sensitive external organ we have. Blurring of vision is almost always the complain every body. The most convenient and affordable way to intervene this is through the use of eyeglasses.

cheap prescription eyeglasses

Eyeglasses, undeniably, are very important in correcting visions. And now a days, there are a lot of cheap eyeglasses available even online., for instance, is just one of the many online prescription eyeglasses stores that offers affordable eyeglasses online. One can choose frames of any designs and colors available that could be checked on their website. Each pairs of eyeglasses are also being categorized depending on gender preferences; there are available eyeglasses for men and women and also for the kids.

When it comes to pricing, offers the lowest prices for eyeglasses ranging from $6.91 and up. Online buyers can also choose which eyeglasses frames they prefer whether it would be rimless, half-rimmed or full-rimmed. Almost all specs in online eyeglasses shopping are customizable.

Eyeglasses Frames Online

Just for the recent school year, I changed my pairs of eyeglasses’ lens thrice and twice with my contact lenses. My eyes’ progressively damaging and it’s causing me harder time to do things supposed to be hassle-free in wearing eyeglasses.
As the school year resumed after a two-week holiday vacation, I was planning of purchasing online eyeglasses, where the lens’ don’t have grades most specifically in Facebook online stores. However, I had hard time fitting those eyeglasses because there are no virtual try on frames. So what I did, and what my mum suggested, is just to have my old frames on but with new lens. This eyeglasses I am having now is the one I bought last July 2010. I found it not so good looking already, that’s why I want to have a new frame. But as I have said, I got hard time and was in doubt with the online shopping of frames.
By now, I still don’t have new pairs of frames, but the lens were changed already. I wish I could find some stylish frames from the malls this coming Saturday as soon as mum arrives. Yayks! Shopping whole day with mum!


Online Slots Again

As we arrived last night, my left upper eyelid started to get red. It doesn’t have any changes of size yet, but every time I wink, it hurts. So I washed it, then I rest, took a nap. But when I checked it after an hour, it gets bigger and much redder. The worst thing? When I blink, it really cause me pain and every time I looked around, I move my left eyeball up, down, left and right, darn, it is really painful. I could even cry. But this is not a sty, I presume.

I called my mum about it, she just said to have it checked by an ophthalmologist. But hey, is there any available ophthalmologist in the middle of the night just because of a swollen upper eyelid? So I decided to sleep.

As I woke up this morning, I had my left eye one fourth open with super red upper eyelid yet cyanotic (bluish) eyeball. For any reasons, that I definitely do not know. Just imagine even I am using my pairs of eyeglasses, my left upper eyelid touches the lens of the glasses. Phew! So darn big! I am thinking of taking photos of it, but I guess it’s too shameful to post for. I don’t even go out from the house. Errrr..

Staying whole day inside my room, is such a boring thing. So what I did, since I can’t sleep because every time I wink or close my eyes, it really hurts, I am just having a super grateful Sunday date with Oshi playing online slot machines. I just told myself that a swollen eyelid could no hinder me from playing online slot machines. Hahaha. It’s like my palms are itching if I can’t touch slot machines, but off course, online slot machines is just having with me Oshi’s mouse, it’s still alright, as long as I am having in front of me slot machines. Haha.

Online slots, again!!!

The Firestick Plant

Have you seen a FIRESTICK PLANT?

If you had, what have you know about it? I have a picture here below of firestick plant. It is named such because of its ability to burn you.
Yes, it could! Firestick plant can burn you! And how? Each stem or stick of this firestick plant when pinched off produces juice or sap that when it is in contact with you most specifically in the eyes can cause blurring of vision. In fact, the plant is also known as the Blinding tree. So, beware with firestick plant.