Disney Marathon 2010

I had been longing since I was a li’l kid to visit Disneyland anywhere in the world. And so, everytime Disney got something pleasing to kiddies, I feel so excited feelin’ like a kiddo also.

This year, Disney has just launched its Disney Marathon. How I wish I could join!!?!?! Actually the marathon already started since January 7 and will end today in Orlando, Florida.

The Traveling Mind

After our class yesterday in Physiology, one of my friends asked me to accompany her in one of the travel agencies here in Dumaguete City to check for the latest promo flights offered. Smiley As we went there, I was thinking then of spending summer vacation in the US rather than the preplanned Asian visits. In Asia, we considered Malaysia or Singapore first. But one friend of mine suggested Asian tour. We became puzzled already. SmileyWhile waiting for our turn to be entertained by the office staff, my mind is like traveling abroad already because of the lists of tickets posted on their wall. One post which rockin’ me most was the Michael Buble Tickets. I was looking forward to see Michael Buble singing crazy love in front of me. Smiley Aside from that, I was thinking then of parking for a time in Minesota to witness the NCAA Frozen in Xcel Energy Center which I missed on 2002. The Xcel Energy Center tickets are also posted. Smiley And the last but not the least which excite me most, made my nerves and vessels jerked, is the post on cheap Quicken Loans Arena Tickets. Quicken Loan Arena is the home of Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA. And really, it’s a soul-flying event to witness the Cavaliers dribbling. SmileyAside from the Cavaliers, Gladiators of the AFL is also homed in that arena. The said arena always remind me also with David Funk, the Blogging Boxer because it is where WWF and Extreme Championship Wrestling are held. SmileyNow, who wants to go with my traveling mind? Smiley


Robinsons Place Opens in Dumaguete City

Finally, Dumaguete City is having its mall already. Smileys

During the grand opening event.
Last Nov. 23, marked the first day of St. Catherine festive here in Dumaguete City. And on that day too, the Robinsons Place launched its first day opening catering thousands of people coming in from different places and even from abroad.
Taken this during the rainy night on Nov. 24, 2009.
The front view.
After years of waiting, Robinsons Place is now a reality and not just a gossip anymore. A number of commercial departments were already open since the grand opening of the place. However, still a lot of commercial department stores are still closed. I just do not know if those areas are still vacant for commercial space.
The putting up of Robinsons Place in Dumaguete City could help the city tourism boosts. Aside from that, the Department of Labor and EMployment (DOLE) will be catered also like more employment in the mall itself. However, a lot of rumors has already been heard like the traffic situation in the barangay in Dumaguete City where Robinsons Place is situated. It worsen especially during peak hours, every 6AM until 8AM, 11:30AM until 1PM and during 4:30PM until 7PM. In fact, when we went to Robinsons’ last night, we already noticed a car wherein its front right wheel fell in the canal. Too bad. And the rain made it worst.

Hopefully, city administration as well as the Robinsons Place Dumaguete City would do something regarding the situation.

Happy shopping at Robinsons Place Dumaguete City.

Atlantis Space Shuttle Launch Successful

Another great event yesterday, November 16 as the Atlantis Space Shuttle had a successful launch from Pad 39A Smileys at the Kennedy Space Center at exactly 2:28 PM Eastern Time.

Atlantis carried six crew on an eleven day mission, designated STS 129, which they carry equipment parts for the International Space Station. Those parts include two spare gyroscopes, two nitrogen tank assemblies, two pump modules, an ammonia tank assembly and a spare latching end effector for the station’s robotic arm to the International Space Station. Atlantis will be back two days after they’ve launched.