Monday Boredom

It’s very unusual to me lately that I easily get bored with all the things surrounding me. When I had my PC-TV, I only used it for the very first week. But until now, it’s just being dumped in the corner. Well, as I have said even before, I am not really a TV-holic young lass. Watching TV makes me feel even more bored.

Just when I arrived home, I did nothing but to check my stuffs online. I checked the most recent comments left in my blogs. I also do blog hopping to some chosen close blog buddies to me. And while doing such, I was reminded to check online casino again. Smiley I really missed doing this because I’ve been pre-occupied by lots of school works.

This has been what I used to do at home every time I get bored – playing roulette, especially when I just came from school. I could somehow say that playing such games is really relaxing. I could also consider it as a stress reliever and an anti-depressant. I never got depressed and stressed when I go online even in a whole day. I even enjoy it more. But I am not telling that studying my lessons – my books is a bored thing to do. What I mean is that, I am only human, needing some peace of mind and physical and mental rest. And one thing for me to do is such as what I mentioned above.

Facts on Wandering Thoughts and Unhappiness

I was lurking for the best casino games when I stumbled upon the latest scientific published studies. The study was actually about the links between wandering thoughts and unhappiness.The revealed that people became less happy when they are wandering.

“These results certainly surprised me,” said the study’s lead author, Matthew Killingsworth, a doctoral student in psychology at Harvard University. He had expected that people’s wandering thoughts would make them more happy – not less so.

But, on the other hand, it’s also possible the link between mind wandering and unhappiness is a self-correcting mechanism. If we could slip into a perfectly serene world of our own mental creation, why would we ever want to resurface? Mind wandering may, indeed, offer certain evolutionary advantages, but too much of it could be a bad thing. After all, our cave-dwelling ancestors would have quickly fallen prey to sabre-toothed tigers if they let their guard down for very long. More>>

Hope you have something good grasp from this. So, stop wandering. Live your life happy.

I’ll Never Get Over You, Getting Over Me – MYMP

The singer is just a local Filipino singer, but I am just adoring her voice. I love the way she sings love songs. It could really touch one’s heart. Smiley

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Happy MM guys!!!


Lock Her!

And do nothing!

It’s none of those you are thinking of!

Mmm.. You might be thinking of LOVE, right?

It’s not about love, actually. It’s a simple thing of locking my roommate inside my locker our room. Great plan. Isn’t it? Haha. I was really pissed of with her when she was about to transfer here in my room because she did it late night – exactly 10:14 PM last Wednesday night. Together with her mum, they were knocking on my door while I was taking some rest, sleeping to be specific. When I opened the door, her mum was even asking me why I opened the door late. The she checked my locker, she even said that it looks like just an ordinary school lockers like when she was still in college because it was small. I didn’t mind her. I just slept back. After minutes of talking, her mum took all her things from outside and was trying to put all of those in my wood lockers, which are larger, more elegant, well arranged and neat. I asked her mum what is she doing with my lockers, she just said that she’ll be getting out from it my things so she could put her daughter’s things there. What da!!!!
My blood pressure suddenly raised! Undoubtedly I told her those are my lockers and I intentionally bought those for me to have. I even suggested her to just check the malls in that late night coz there might still be available lockers for sale. Who knows? Right?

I was kind’a pathetic that time. I was just pissed off!

For now, I want my roommate to be locked in my locker!

What’s your BRAIN like?

Your Brain is Logical

You are a very facts and figures oriented person. You don’t get clouded by emotion. I think so too..

You like to understand how things work, and you’re always collecting data of some sort. This is really true.. Smiley

You are a critical thinker. You are look at all the facts before you make a decision. Yeah.. I do!

You aren’t likely to change your mind once it’s made up, but new facts could sway you – emotional appeals could not. In fact, a lot has been telling me that I am having as hard as stone heart in SOME situations ‘coz when mind needs to stand over everything, I would be one of those who has as hard steal heart.

What’s Your Brain Like?

Colbie Caillat – You Got Me [From “Letters to Juliet” (Music Video)]

Haha! I really have mixed, super mixed emotions the past days. And it’s only Colbie Caillat which has helped me express everything. LOL! What now? Yeah, He got me! Haha!!!

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100 Questions, 100 Truths

Actually I have already posted this in my personal blog. But I just want to re-post this and do some updates.

001. Real Name: Oh!! c’mon.. DISCLOSURE POLICY!!! merajuk
002. Nickname(s): GAGAY
003. Age: 20 something! gelakguling
004. Horoscope: Sagittarius
005. Male or Female: Female physically..but just wanted to experience the other side for a day!
006. Elementary: T Central Elem. School
007. Middle School: T National High School
008. High School: Same
009. College School: University of the Philippines Mindanao; Post Graduate – Southwestern University
010. Hair color: Black
011. Long or Short: Short
012. Loud or Quiet: both sometimes..
013. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans
014. Phone or Camera: Phone
015. Health Freak: Definitely!
016. Drink or Smoke: nyahahaha!!!
017. Do you have a crush on someone: before, with MY Surgical Doctor, but now? nyahaha!!! my soldier? LOL!
018. Eat or Drink: “both”
019. Piercings: A lot..
020. Tattoos: Under Construction.. I am still waiting for the right time for me to have me tattoos..
021. Social or Anti-Social: “or”
022. Righty or lefty: Righty
023. First piercing: When I entered UP Mindanao..
024. First relationship: Fourth Year High School
025. First Best Friend: Ilyn
026. First Award: At school!?!? in the blogosphere!?!? I forgot all! gelakguling
027. First Kiss: I forgot! But definitely, it was the FIRST!
028. First Pet: Kenet..
029. First Big Vacation: I forgot!
030. First Love at first sight: Nothin’!
031. First Big Birthday: My mum told me and showed me photos, it was my 1st birthday.
032. First Surgery: Tooth!?!?
033. First sport you joined: Softball, Lawn and Table Tennis, Badminton, Basketball

This or That
034. Orange or Apple juice: Neither!
035. Rock or Rap: Rock
036. Country or Screamo: Country
037. NSYNC or Backstreet boys: Neither!
038. Britney spears or Christina Aguilera: Neither!
039. Night or Day: Both!
040. Sun or Moon: Sun
041. TV or Internet: Internet
042. Playstation or xbox: Playstation
043. Kiss or hug: “both”
044. Iguana or turtle: “or”
045. Spider or bee: Lovin’ insects..that’s my specialization! I love both..
046. Fall or spring: Neither! Philippines has only 2 climates.. Rain or shine.
047. Limewire or iTunes: Neither!
048. Soccer or baseball: Baseball (it’s softball for women)!

049. Eating: Done!
050. Drinking: Done!
051. Excitement level: Duh!?!
052. I’m about to: finish my registration in medical school.
053. Listening to: my heart!
054. Plan for today: to watch movie with my mum!
055. Waiting for: my first day in medical school in Southwestern University.
056. Energy Level: Duh!?!
057. Thinking of someone: Yes! My soldier! Nyahahah!
058. Want kids?: Soooooon..
059. Want to get married?: Sooooon..
060. When?: No definite time yet.. hopefully, after my medical schooling.
061. How many kids do you want: 3
062. Any name on the mind: I want them to be named after me. Nyahaha!
063. What did you want to be when you were little: A lawyer, teacher, softball player and a WRITER/JOURNALIST!
064. Careers in mind: A Medical Student; Great blogger/writer and a professional Forensic Medical Doctor!
065. Mellow future or wild: Mellow future.
066. Something you would never try: Drugs
067. When do you want to die: After seeing my granddaughters/grandsons happily having their own family.
068. Lips or Eyes: “both”
069. Romantic or Funny?: “both”
070. Shorter or Taller?: Taller.
071. Protective or Caring?: “both”
072. Romantic or Spontaneous?: “both”
073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?: “both”
074. Sensitive or Loud?: “loud”
075. Hook-up or Relationship?: Neither!
076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant?: Neither!
077. Muscular or normal: Normal

078. Kissed a stranger: Nope!
079. Broken a bone: No!
080. Lost glasses or contacts: Both!
081. Ran away from home: Nope!
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense: Just a gun..
083. Killed somebody: Never!
084. Broken some one’s heart: Dunno! Maybe..heheh..
085. Had your heart broken: Into ZILLION pieces!
086. Been arrested: Nope.
087. Cried when someone died: Off course!
088. Liked a friend more than a friend: Yah!

Do you believe in
089. Yourself: Yah! ALWAYS!
090. Miracles: Never happen.
091. Love at first sight: No!
092. Heaven: Absolutely!
093. Santa Claus: Yah!
094. Tooth Fairy: Yah!
095. Kiss in the first date: Yah!
096. Angels: Yah!

Answer Truthfully
097. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now?: Yah! My soldier!heheh…
098. Are you seriously happy with where you’re in life now?: Off course, I am!
099. Do you believe in God?: I DO!!!
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people. LOL! I didn’t. Hahaha!

I’m getting married..

I was watching Dallas, TX All Star NBA replay game when my mobile phone rings. It shows nothing but only an unknown number. When I answered the phone, it was Yeba calling. I am calling my boyfriend as Yeba. Smiley
He was just actually asking how I was coz he will be arriving then from Texas. He told me he has something very important to tell me and to give me as a pressie as soon as he arrives home. Smiley With not more than eight (8) hours, he arrived. Thence, he never hesitated to hand me a very cutie box with a diamond ring inside it and asked me whether to marry him or not. I cried. Speechless. Nothing to do but nod. Smiley

Making the thrilling story short, I’ll be getting married. Whew!!!Before I slept, I arranged his baggage and packages. Thence I found out he bought the diamond ring from Dallas Pawn Shops. And more, I have found a pair of diamond earrings which was still clipped and packed from Austin Pawn Shops. Haha. That time, Yeba was already asleep. Few minutes while staring at my glittering diamond ring, there goes the rotating brown-out. But, it got back five (5) minutes after. There, I woke up from my very deep sleep and my beautiful nightmare. Haha. I consider it a nightmare! LOL! Smiley

Another migraine?

The school year is almost over. Yeah! There would only be two weeks more to go, that last weeks would be the hellest of the hellest then, and summer vacation is yet to be planned.
I think really need vacation. Why? First is because my swelling eyes that up until now is still getting bigger. I can’t study anymore. This really gave me more stress. I remember, once, my ophthalmologist told me not to stress my eyes out more coz sties will really grow. Then I told him that stresses and depressions in medical school can’t surely be avoided with those lots of books to be read a day. He just smiled and added, “..that’s the life of a medical student”. Ah oh!!! Smiley Second is that, I need to rest my brain, literally. Haha. Though it’s good that brain, minds are working always, sometimes, I admit, if I am mentally working more than physical, migraine always attacking me. There goes weakness next. Thence, I can’t think good. I just usually sleep the whole day and night. And lastly, I just need to feel empty for a week or two. Just that.
Speaking of vacation, we, I and my friends, haven’t fixed all the necessary things to be used for vacation abroad yet. But, we are already getting crazy in looking for places to go to. One of us suggested Florida. Waaaaah! I don’t think I could fly there. In fact, she already sent each one of us through emails some information, especially the hotels in fort lauderdale Florida where we gotta stay. Haha. There are still a lot of things for us to fix before getting there. And again, another migraine. Smiley
Well, well, well, if and only if possible that I can fly just right after the last exam, haha, I will really fly then. Smiley

Splendor in the Grass

I supposed to talk now on pontiac accessories, however I realized, it’s more interesting to talk about love, sex and heart break. Hehe. I believe car parts accessories are always there, they wouldn’t run except the car itself. LOL. But being emo, changes. Mood change. So I better stick on my emo mode today. Just bare with me. Smiley
Lately, I haven’t been emo-ing in my room with all those emo movies. I missed having movie marathon. And one movie which I am really dying to watch now is the Splendor in the Grass. Believe it or not, I just settled for movie reviews in more than an hour browsing over the internet to have an overview of this movie.
Splendor in the Grass is actually an American film released in 1961. See? Look how oldie this movie is? But I am still looking for a copy. Hehe. I really want to watch this movie because of its theme – love, sex and heart break. Emo, isn’t it? Smiley This movie was directed by Elia Kazan. And this actually won the Academy Award for the Best Writing, Best Story and Screenplay. Oh yeah! These awards convinced me to have a copy of this film real soon. Smiley Here’s more, the leas actress, Natalie Wood, was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Though I didn’t know who she is, I might Google her more.

The movie was success as it managed to find itself in Entertainment Weekly’s list of 50 Best High School Movies. Splendor in the Grass

However, in our Family and Community Medicine class, we were tasked to watch Philadelphia. Though I am a big fan of Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington, I haven’t watched this film yet. But I guess I have to now. LOL! If not a required movie, why would I watch it then? Hehe. The film talks on HIV and homosexuality and more related to it. We are actually required to make a reflection paper about the film. Haha. So I guess, Splendor in the Grass might be set aside for now, Philadelphia here I come. Hehe.