Let’s talk CHEMISTRY.

Chemistry pertains to the study of matter and those changes that it undergoes. It supposed to be easy. However, because of a lot of chemical components that needs to be memorized, every student used to think it’s more difficult than mathematics.
In chemistry, off course, no one can separate mathematics, biology, chemicals and the analysis of all of those. Difficult, it is. In fact, because of the difficulties in chemistry problems, only a few are able to finish a degree in chemistry. Even if chemistry is just part in a curriculum of a certain degree courses, the chemical problems need enough analysis where most of the students are having hard time passing such courses.
One solution to take for these scenario is the availability of online chemistry help and physics problems tutorial services. TutorVista is one of the online tutorial service center which offers these kind of services to students having difficulties understanding major subjects especially chemistry and physics. The tutors here are reliable enough that they are degree holder. Aside from that, they are of service anytime at any day.

Summer Camping

Summer has just started. It’s supposed to be a time – a season for vacation and fun. However, with the rotating brown-outs and a very wet (a rainy days) summer season that we are experiencing, personally, I can’t consider it a very enjoyable one.
Before, when I was a kid, I remember every summer vacation, I and my three siblings used to enroll in a summer science caming or classes. But now that they are already done with our schooling, except me, haha, we really missed those days that we are on chemistry summer classes.
But these days, summer math classes are not necessarily needed anymore because of the chemistry help, chemistry problems and physics problems online services that are very available and affordable. In fact, it’s availability is 24/7 which means anytime when a kid or a student needs math assistance, TutorVista.com is ready to teach the students. Thence, I asked my mum if I could still enroll in a tutorial center on medicine. LOL! She just laugh. Hehe.

If only..

Could you still remember Dom? My cousin who failed last semester in his Algebra subject? Yes, he failed. And lately, I just have known that my other closest cousin who is of same age with Dom, Marion, failed also last semester in his Algebra subject. They are both studying in different universities here in the Philippines, though. Dom is taking up Bachelor of Science in Physics in Iligan Institute of Technology, Mindanao State University while Marion is enrolled in Ateneo de Davao University taking Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

The three musketeers (my cousins, and they
are cousins too); Marion, Dom and Jonas.
After giving Dom a copy of some tutorial notes, he still found algebra one brain-squeezing subject as Marion do. Both of them wasn’t able to enroll the subject which are required for them to take since algebra is a prerequisite for calculus. Lately, Dom contacted me asking for math answers in his “algebra homework help“, a guide and practice math problems and questions coz he found it difficult. Actually, the algebra homework help is a guide for him before taking the placement exam in algebra for him to be able to enroll calculus this coming semester. I told him I can’t attend him by this time since I am studying also, though can only spare him my weekends for an hour or two. Yet, still not enough, I ended up giving him precalculus help and calculus help guides which I found over the internet since the algebra homework help guide that he has is also covering some calculus problems.
And again, I look up to TutorVista.com over the internet if they are offering precalculus and calculus help guides. Indeed they are. I told Dom about it, and he asked if TutorVista.com is offering a free demo for first time students, and yeah, they are offering. Marion also is thinking to have it since the tutorial is open 24/7, that means, anytime when Dom and Marion are available. The good thing which I really preferred TutorVista.com from other tutorial companies online is that the tutors are degree holder. Very reliable, indeed. So no worries of the knowledge on math.
Well, if only I’m not studying now, maybe I could have personal tutorial sessions with them. Smiley

How Old is Roger Daltry?

After performing at the Super Bowl 44 halftime shows, fans of one of The Who‘s members Roger Daltry were asking How Old Roger Daltry is?”

Roger Daltry, an English singer-songwriter and an actor was born in March 01, 1944. Definitely, Roger Daltry is 65 years old now. He is actually the founder and the lead singer of the English rock band “The Who“.

So sad, honestly, I wasn’t able to watch super bowl live earlier (Philippine time) because we had a class. Smiley Good thing, you tube is here, though. LOL! Smiley

Finally, I found ONE!

It was discouraging for my cousin, Dom, after he failed in one of his Math subjects, if am not mistaken, it’s Algebra 1 to continue with his recent enrolled course. He is a DOST scholar and according to the contract, the scholarship might be forfeited if failed in one of the subjects taken during the w. He is still in his first year in college wherein he’s taking Bachelor of Science in Physics. As what he told us, he found it somehow difficult. He asked us, my elder sister and I last holiday vacation, to teach him and have him a tutorial sessions especially on solving math problems. But since we only had little time last holiday vacation to have tutorial sessions with Dom, we just opted to look for Algebra tutor for him. Up until now, we haven’t found any yet.

My elder sister, Wewee, and Dom last New Year’s eve at Mum’s house.


I just remember earlier that I still need to look for a good tutor for Dom after checking my planner. Hehe.

I browsed over the internet the best online tutorial which I could offer to Dom. Gladly, I found TutorVista.com which offers great tutorial sessions online. It serves 24/7 online; very convenient since anytime of the day, Dom can have tutorial session. And what makes TutorVista.com better than other tutorial services I found online is the reliable degree holder tutors they have. Aside from solely tutorial services, TutorVista.com also help tutees or students on their homeworks.