Solar Eclipse March 09, 2016

Today, March 09, 2016, is one of days of 2016 that we have to mark as it’s a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. And this only happens, for this year, once.

Solar Eclipse, as we all know, occurs when the moon happens to position between the Earth and the sun casting a shadow onto the Earth. This also take place during new moon as it passes directly between the sun and the Earth producing a shadow onto the Earth’s surface.

So, are you enjoying the scenery with the total solar eclipse in your area?

March 9 2016 Solar EclipseImage from

According to Geoff Gaherty of Starry Night Education, the moon will be close to perigee for this eclipse, leading to a long period of totality, just over four minutes. The eclipse will begin over the Indian Ocean, and the moon’s shadow first makes landfall on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.

It then passes over Borneo, Sulawesi and Halmahera, before heading out into the Pacific Ocean, ending north of Hawaii. The partial eclipse will be visible over southern and eastern Asia, northern and western Australia, and much of the Pacific, including Hawaii. The times of maximum eclipse at major cities (Universal Time):

  • Darwin — 00:47
  • Fairbanks — 03:08
  • Guangzhou — 00:58
  • Ho Chi Minh — 00:34
  • Hong Kong — 00:58
  • Honolulu — 03:37
  • Jakarta — 00:22
  • Kuala Lumpur — 00:24
  • Madras — 00:51
  • Manila — 00:58
  • Phnom Pénh — 00:34
  • Singapore — 00:24
  • Tokyo — 02:09

Information from, Solar Eclipse.