How the eBook has affected sales

Has the eBook affected the book market, and rid it of all physical paper copies? I suppose we won’t have a definitive answer to that question for a couple of years yet, however, we can certainly predict where things seem to be heading for the future.


2011 saw a 54% rise in the sales of eBooks, making them worth £241 million in the publishing industry. eBook sales now represent 8% of the overall sales of books in the market, rising from the 5% it represented back in 2010.

 Taking into account the amount eBook sales have risen in accordance with the percentage of overall sales they make up, it shows that the public, in the most part, opt for the traditional physical book rather than its digital rival. Despite this however, the amount of independent and high street bookstores that have been forced to close for financial reasons in the past five to six years would seem to go as evidence against those statistics.

When looking at the cost comparisons between physical books and eBooks, it is clear to see that there is a damaging difference in pricing. Series and volumes of books like the 1Q84 collection, or the Fifty Shades Trilogy, are available for a small fraction of the price of the physical counterparts. But some classics, like The Art of War are almost free to purchase, not quite, but near enough. And some
literary classics genuinely are available as free downloads!

Fifty Shades of Grey

Sun Tzu: The Art of War

Although 8% of the overall book market may not seem like a lot, the pricing of them can have huge consequences to the economic model of the market, something that will greatly harm smaller, more independent bookstores. With eBooks already holding a £241 million share of the book market – an 8% representative – it shows just how much money there is in books. However, with the number of eBook sales increasing every year, the proportion of the market and the stake which it is worth is only going to grow and grow until it becomes the undoubtedly dominant force.

E-Book Pioneer, Michael Stern Hart dies at 64

The pioneer of the electronic book, e-book, Michael Stern Hart died at the age of 64. His death is still under investigation since an autopsy of his dead body is still going on according to LA Times.

E-book has been the widely used book today even in schools where the text, images and all parts of the physical hard bounded books are could be found and read already in any digital devices, provided the capability to read e-books, even the slightest iPhone and iPad and other modern technological devices today.

Best EBook Store

I’ve been downloading medical ebook lately from a number of ebook online stores. However, I encountered one problem after successfully downloaded one medical ebook. Upon opening the ebook, I couldn’t read some of the texts. I don’t really know why that happened. But when I asked one of my friends who used to download ebooks also, he said it might be not a genuine ebook store.

I then decided to look for the best and genuine ebook store online.

Why need to look, should I say, prefer the best and genuine online ebook store? It is because, as I have mentioned above as an example, after downloading the whole book and when one user is reviewing the book, there might be some texts and images which wouldn’t be displaying properly. It would take much higher time to spend another queue to re-download just one book. But when downloading medical ebook from genuine ebook store, problems like such would be prevented.

E-books, Photocopied Books or Original Books?

Medical doctors and practitioners who are in academe also really suggested to have each medical students their own medical books to bring and read, individually. However, no one can deny that in this new era, everything is very costly. Each medical student prefers the cheaper ones, just like me, personally.
In a year of studying medicine, I have found out that there are some instances that e-books (electronic books) are the most practical means of having books in medical school. Hard bound, original, laser printed clear pages of books are of far most expensive than e-books. In fact, there are a number of website which are providing each medical students free medical e-books.
On the other hand, there are still numbers of students who are considering just the photocopies of books. Though the images are not clear since colored photocopying is definitely costly than those black/white photocopies. In fact, I once sent some jokes to my classmates that I’m gonna stop medical schooling and I’ll just have my own business in photocopying – gotta buy canon copier, black/white and canon color copiers. Smiley

Well, for me, I consider the three ‘coz they are useful in different ways. Sometimes, settling with photocopies of some pages of books is better than buying the whole book itself. In other times, e-books are useful in terms of animated medical lessons. But most of the time, real hard copies of books are the most convenient by far.