America’s 25 Most Expensive Restaurants

I’m very picky in terms of food. But thinking how expensive these restaurants in America, listed below in the image, I guess, I don’t need to get very choosy to the foods they are serving. Take a look at the details below.

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Can you imagine yourself eating in that very expensive dine?

In my case, I will really take a dine there even once. Off course, I would love to taste how that very much expensive foods are tasting like. Oh yeah! Those foods must be very delicious, I guess, and I supposed. If not, then, the thought of paying high amount of bucks must just go into non sense values.

However, if I would have some free or even just a discounted restaurant coupons from any of the 25 most expensive restaurants listed above? Well then, I would never hesitate to eat myself out there. I might I guess eat voraciously if that things would happen. I just can’t imagine myself then eating more than the usual in a very expensive restaurant in America.

Bar Hopping and More!

I always love doing ‘bar hopping’. I won’t deny, I have experienced doing such when I was in college together with my friends and classmates then.

Bar hopping is really fun. Aside from doing nothing but merely laughing and talking non-sense things, it’s very exciting and enjoyable to meet new friends every bar hopped.

I could still remember the very first bar hopping I had. I was very amazed with the soda siphon used by the bartender to refill our glasses. The soda was looking like almost a torch coming out from the small tube opening of the soda bottle. It even bubbled in the glass and smelled very inviting to gulp. Oh yeah, the bitter-sweet smell of soda that was!

One time, due to curiosity, I was trying to make my own soda chargers. I collected some bottles of old sprayers from the garden. I put water on it and tried to blow some on a glass of water. I did what the bar tender did on the glass – what his position, the glass and the soda siphon to prepare the pleasant-looking soda for us. But I failed. I realized that I was using plain water and not soda. Soda, as I thought of it, reacts when blown through pressure but water does not. Maybe, that was the reason why I failed to make the beauteous bubbles on the glass.

Anyway, I just missed bar hopping and was reminded of it because I recently invited by one of my college buddies to have us a bar hopping again any time this month since the Kadayawan Festival in Davao City is yet to be celebrated this month. There’s much fun to look forward every festivities in Davao which I have been missing the past 2 years since I enrolled in medical school.

The most sure thing to happen? I’ll miss again this years celebration and the bar hopping and more with friends. Too bad!

Christina Aguilera Arrested

After shouting out from the crowd ..but, I’m a good girl, CHRISTINA AGUILERA is a no-no!


Christina Aguilera was arrested for being drunk in the public. The 30-year old singer actress was with her 25-year old boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, who was drunk also while driving a car. Aguilera was just recently released from jail but Rutler remained jailed on $30,000 bail.

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Good Bye Coffee

I think I really need to totally wave good bye to cups of coffee Smiley even though it’s really hurting me most.

Actually, the other week, I tried not to take any cups of coffee for a week even we’re still flooded with exams. Off course, as with my daily burps, milk is what I am just taking. But, since I need to strive harder for our final exam which has just started last Monday, I tried coffee again last Sunday night. But, telling you guys, I felt a lot of unusual things like palpitations until today, my migraine is getting back and dryness of mouth. I do not know why. I am not really sure if coffees do cause dryness of mouth, but with our symptoms which are really disturbing, I am pretty sure those are caused by coffees.I am getting shaky now more and more especially when I thought of going home the soonest and feeling these strange because my mum might be seeing me differently. Aside from that, my casino online games which I am just relying on to three to four cups of coffees a night might be disturbed.I haven’t talked to my cardiologist yet. I’ll just observe these symptoms up until Friday. If these will persists, and that would still be the time for me to permanently cry good bye for coffees.