Internet Advertising: Why is it Effective?

A new slimming agent is out in the market. You’ve just seen it on TV. If you’re on a weight loss journey, you would probably get curious and more likely be thinking of making a trip to the store to see what’s in that new product for yourself. And when eventually you would end up taking home a sampler of that product that is what you call marketing persuasion.

Internet Advertising (image source and credits)

To promote a thing or an idea is in itself very difficult. This is where experiential marketing agencies come in the picture. They play a vital part in effectively bringing out these products and making them a success in the market.

Nowadays, the popularity and demand of internet advertising is dramatically increasing. Through internet advertising companies can reach every corner of the world in no time and at absolutely lower cost. A lot of business firms find it more effective than using the conventional advertising tools. While the demand is growing, the sprouting of advertising agencies online is getting unstoppable now too. Make sure to only settle for the reputable ones. These companies are more likely to help you connect with the consumers than the other way around.

Wikipedia’s 24 hour blackout protest

I am supposed to lurk information about silver dollars using Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia online however, it seems like “Wikipedia’s 24 hour blackout protest” has started already. The website is showing black features on it.

Wikipedia's 24 hour blackout protestWikipedia’s 24 hour blackout protest

Wikipedia’s 24 hour blackout protest is an act of the company opposing the proposed US anti-piracy legislation.

Anyway, so much with that Wikipedia, let me talk back about silver dollars that I first mentioned. I am actually curious of the Morgan silver dollars price guide because one of my friends has mentioned about silver dollars which he and his friends are collecting. And yeah, upon checking online, Morgan silver dollars are great stuff to collect.

7 Best Web Apps for College Students

As a college student, you have more resources than ever to make the most of your university career, from apps to help you study to computer programs that help you design a dorm room layout. Technology can make a tough course load manageable and a packed social schedule a little less demanding. Whether attending medical school, arts programs or technology colleges, these apps will help you succeed. Here are the seven best apps to help you manage all aspects of your college experience.


It’s like being able to attend a study group without having to change out of your pajamas. is an online social network of fellow students seeking homework help. You can either study with different students studying the same subject at schools across the country or form a virtual study group with your classmates.

2.) ipl2

This site offers access to a wide variety of resources. It is like having an entire library at your fingertips. ipl2 also offers a 24/7 “Ask a Librarian” feature for when you need a little help to find what you are looking for. Get all the sources for the big paper without ever leaving your desk.

3.) Flash Card Machine

If you have ever had to study for a big exam, you have probably made a set of flash cards to help memorize the material. With the Flash Card Machine app, you can create interactive flash cards that you can share with your fellow classmates or even the Flash Card Machine community. You can also utilize the app on your iPod or iPad, so you can study anywhere, anytime.

4.) Mynoteit

Record your class notes easily and accurately with the Mynoteit app. You can share your notes with other members of your class, so that you can all work from a thorough set of notes as well as help out class members who have missed class due to illness or other reasons. The app also makes notes easily searchable so you are not leafing through hundreds of notebook pages just to find an answer to one question.

5.) Design Your Dorm

Reduce clutter and roommate conflict with this 3-D web based app that allows you and your prospective roommate to decide how to place your dorm furniture as well as determine who is bringing what items well before moving day.

6.) Mint

Manage your budget with Mint, a financial app that helps you track your spending and manage your cash so you are never short on pizza money again.

7.) Class Buddy

Never be surprised by a grade again with this handy app. Class Buddy allows you to organize your class schedules, enter grades received for assignments, and keep track of your performance in your classes so you are never left wondering where you stand in a course.

Between social commitments, class obligations, and other responsibilities, college life can be hectic. Taking advantage of the apps available that can make your life easier can take some of the stress away and allow you to enjoy your college experience just a little bit more. Find more helpful education information at TechnologyColleges.Info.

Meet DAVE, the Cartridge Save Badger

There are a lot of interesting brands that you can find on the internet. A lot of brands are used by companies and people to help establish a good reputation for quality and service. One interesting brand that is used on the internet is the badger for Cartridge Save.

The name of the Cartridge Save badger is Dave, and he tries to help you out with all your printer accessory needs.

Cartridge Save Badger

The great thing about Cartridge Save Dave is that he gives the service a face and personality, which allows people to recognize and become familiar with the site they are surfing.

Online Survey Software

Way back college years, I could still remember, one of our costumer service research survey conducted for one of the local food products in Davao City. It was actually not my major research project but for my college close friends and dorm-mates. They were Bachelor of Science in Food Technology students, hence a research survey on food qualities and services were done. But the work was just one of the requirements in our Arts and Humanities subjects.

Manual Research Survey

What we did that time was we personally went to one of the restaurants located near our school. We were already there five minutes before the opening of the restaurant for us to be able to catch almost all of the costumers from the time they opened the food shoppe until it closes, some time around 9 o’clock in the evening. We were giving small pieces of papers containing survey questions on it like the quality of the foods, costumer services and relationship, food shoppe settings and more and each costumers will just check the corresponding boxes of their preferences.

After doing such manual collection of survey materials for three consecutive weeks, we then collated all of the data and still manually input all of those in a spreadsheet. Everything that time were all manually done which took us a bit hanged up in beating the deadline. But today, online survey software are made available already. Things are getting much easier and simpler compared to what we have done with this latest advancement in technology we are having now. Before, we were analyzing the data we collected by ourselves. The spreadsheet, where we tabulated the data, was just used for easy readability and categorization of each survey answers. Survey software that are now available online not just merely provide the simplest way to gather data but it also analyzes data. Its sophisticated benefits in conducting research survey is very convenient and applicable to any professional groups. Even students, how I wish such survey software was already been introduced to us before, could really get the most benefits especially when time constrain.

Google Translation Tool for Android

Google has recently release the tweaked Google Translation with Voice Tool for Android OS.

This is not the first time that Google has done for Android users. The Google translate mobile application was actually launched last year, however, in this time around, more features for Android were added. Read more on Google Tweaks Android Translation Tool.

For all we know, translation applications and tools for mobile users are very important for better communication and understanding of people around the globe. This is same is through with online or internet users. There are available apps to download and could be use anytime for easy communication.

But for more precise, accurate professional translation for documents and other papers, translation companies can handle those staff especially those that computer software and tools can not do. In fact, there are many translation company that offer a very affordable translation services. There’s nothing to worry also about the quality of work because they are also proven best. Most translation companies translate office documents, thesis papers for school requirements and many other stuff from English language to other languages and vice versa.

Out of Stocks

I am supposed to print some documents tonight, however, the first three pages of my outputs were looking very pale that each writings on the papers are hard to read. I just didn’t noticed then that my printer inks are empty already. The worst thing then, it’s almost midnight here already and I can’t go out to buy for new printer ink cartridges or even to look for printer inks refilling stations.

Simply saying, I am out of stocks of printer inks.

I really didn’t expect this to happen today because I just newly bought my printer, perhaps, a few weeks ago. I was printing a number of documents for school in the past weeks, though, but I still confident enough that this ain’t empty yet.

But since it is showing tonight obvious almost-transparent printed documents, the cartridges are really empty which I need to replace as soon as possible.

Chrome Remote Desktop Beta Version Released

The Chrome Remote Desktop Beta Version was actually released last October 7, 2011.

Chrome Remote Desktop Beta Version

However, up until now, I haven’t tried it for my desktop computer. Obviously, it is because I am only having one computer set here. The chrome remote desktop beta version is best fitted to computer networks – those having several computers in a network.

Speaking of desktops, my sister is planning to buy herself a new computer desktop. She wants to have an i series-operated one just like mine. But mine here is yet an i3. It ain’t bad at all, for as long as my computer is working fast that could go and swing with my online needs.

Microsoft Faces Legal Issues After Tracking Mobile Phone Users

When fronting the US Congress in May regarding the tracking of mobile phone users by manufacturers and software providers, a Washington (US) based company said that the tracking of a user’s location helped in delivering improved experiences for users. It told congress that Microsoft collected a limited amount of information. This was being done in order to be able to provide better experiences by determining the location of devices carrying their software. It was emphasised at the time however that this was always done with the absolute consent of the user. Congress was told that the gathering of this type of information was never done with the intention of finding out where any specific unit was going or where it had come from. Even the best mobile phones had been used for this purpose.

No Ulterior Motive Congress Told

It was stated at the same time that such information was handled responsibly, and the result of having a location based feature on a mobile phone was a useful tool for the user to have at his or her disposal. Microsoft never intended to put together any database of information that would end up facilitating any other party to track any mobile phone user, Congress was told.

Despite these assurances Microsoft has since been issued with a lawsuit claiming it had continued to track users’ whereabouts even after users opted out of having such a feature installed on their mobile phones. It has been claimed that the best mobile phones, including those containing  Windows Phone 7, and smart phones, were used by Microsoft to unknowingly track users whenever they used their mobile phone camera. This latest lawsuit, which has been filed through a Seattle court, is claiming that Microsoft continued with their tracking activity following the users closing their location tracking feature. This latest lawsuit claims that Microsoft’s earlier statement to Congress saying such data was only collected with a user’s knowledge and permission was false.


Complainant Claims Best Mobile Phones Involved

The lawsuit, filed by Rebecca Cousineau, alleges that the data Microsoft sends back to the company involves the coordinates of a user’s whereabouts whenever the camera is activated. It states that the best mobile phones are involved, including smart phones with Windows Phone 7 software installed which includes Samsung Omnia 7 and HTC 7 Mozart.

Previous concern has arisen regarding location privacy involving Google and Apple. This had resulted in both those companies including Microsoft and Nokia having to appear before the US Congress to explain their policies. This earlier alert came about after researchers found such software installed in the best mobile phones such as iPhones. Similar software was then found to exist in Google Android mobile phones but they satisfied Congress that they had received users’ approval to use the location software.


Kelly writes about mobile phone technology for Mobile Phone Finder, providing you with the best mobile phone comparison services online.

Thursday Night is Poker Night

It’s Thursday once again. Most commonly, people gotten more excited for Fridays to come. However, in my case, this week, I love Thursday more than Friday because I don’t have any academic obligations tonight. Tonight will be my stress-free night from school stuff. As usual, school stuff-free nights are almost always intended for online enjoyments, not to mention my preplanned an hour or two of poker online.

Aside from blogging, playing online games are what I used to do. And as what I always been saying in my previous posts, playing online has been part already of my relaxing and de-stressing stuff to complete especially during every after exam weeks.

Tonight, I might be trying out Texas holdem poker game. I haven’t tried this one yet before and I found this one exciting to try out. But of course, I won’t be gambling. I will just make use of the free online poker games. This is, actually, one of the advantages for newbie online gamers since it is free and definitely, no cash used but the player could practice playing.

Anybody would want to play online games with me tonight?