Kitty Scrubs

The semester has just ended but still yet to start again. And as usual, rotation duties will still be one thing to prepare to.
Talking about duties, some of the things medical students must prepare for rotation duties are lab coat and a scrub uniform. But I don’t think we are already required to have those yet. I am not exactly sure. I only heard it from some school mates that they are already preparing for it. I haven’t asked yet my classmates about those stuffs.

But off course, if we’re happen to use scrub uniforms, no one can deny that I will really choose green scrubs. Green is one of my fave color. I guess, everybody knew that. But I want a kitty scrubs more, a green kitty scrubs to be specific. In fact, I already have found one kitty cloth which is best for scrubs. Yayks!!!

What about the kitty cloth below?

But I just don’t want my kitty to sit over my scrubs.

Hmp! I gotta wait for any confirmations from the office of registrar before I’ll have my scrubs on.