Jay-Z and Beyoncé welcomes Baby Girl — Blue Ivy Carter

The happy singer-couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé welcomes Baby Girl — Blue Ivy Carter last night, January 09, 2012, after a caesarian section procedure was done to Beyoncé, at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

Jay-Z and Beyonce welcomes Baby Girl -- Blue Ivy CarterJay-Z and Beyoncé welcomes Baby Girl — Blue Ivy Carter

Beyoncé , 30, was with her 42-year-old hubby, Jay-Z during her delivery.

Christina Aguilera Arrested

After shouting out from the crowd ..but, I’m a good girl, CHRISTINA AGUILERA is a no-no!


Christina Aguilera was arrested for being drunk in the public. The 30-year old singer actress was with her 25-year old boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, who was drunk also while driving a car. Aguilera was just recently released from jail but Rutler remained jailed on $30,000 bail.

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Easy Ride Star, Dennis Hopper, died at 74

Dennis Hopper, whose portrayals of drug-addled, often deranged misfits in the landmark films Easy Rider,” Apocalypse Now and Blue Velvet drew on his early out-of-control experiences as part of a new generation of Hollywood rebel, died at his home in Venice, Calif., on Saturday. He was 74.
Dennis Hopper

According to the Times obituary written by Edward Wyatt, Mr. Hopper died from complications of prostate cancer. His death was first reported by Reuters.

Mr. Hopper, who said he stopped drinking and using drugs in the mid-1980s, followed that change with a tireless phase of his career in which he claimed to have turned down no parts. His credits include at least six films released in 2008 and at least 25 over the past 10 years.

More of Dennis Hopper, star of Easy Ride here.

Gary Coleman, dead at 42

Actor Gary Coleman died Friday at the age of 42. The “Diff’rent Strokes” star had suffered a brain intracranial hemorrhage and died in a Utah hospital.

While the actor hadn’t landed a blockbuster role since childhood, fans have already begun outpouring support on Internet forums and on sites like Twitter.

We’ve pulled out a few of the more notable tweets we came across shortly after the news hit.

So You Think You Can Dance?

So You Think You Can Dance” opened its 2010 season with Nigel Lythgoe, Adam Shankman and Mia Michaels, and Cat Deeley
Whew! I am getting excited to watch this show again!”So You Think You Can Dance”? Off course I can! LOL!

I am kind’a laughing while my cousin, an 8-year-old boy asked me this last night, because he was acting like driving on my tita’s red motorcycle while dancing and tapping the dashboard. We’re just laughing then. He even added “what about red dash kit for this ate gagay?”. Haha. I was amazed how his too young mind know about dash kits – dash kits for motorcyle? Haha.

What’bout you – So You Think You Can Dance?

Tom Cruise DEAD?

I was doing my 100 Questions, 100 Truths blog post earlier when I stumbled upon a Google trendy news saying that TOM CRUISE is DEAD.


But well, those were just freakin’ news spreading in this early afternoon. It has no truths at all! Oh yeah, this made my day somehow pissed off plus an early reminder from my cousin who wants me to buy her small flag of the Philippines which she’ll be using this coming Independence Day. I’d already told her that it’d be better for her to buy flags in the flag store in our place. But since my mum visited me here in Cebu City, she just told me to let my mum bring the flag for her. See? Who then won’t be pissed off that I need to roam around Cebu City just to look for small flags? If only there is a Valley Forge Flag store here where anybody could just easily buy any flags, I won’t be more pissed off then. *sigh*

Fashion Icon Alexander McQueen found Dead

The designer of celebrities Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, Beyonce and Naomi Campbell, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, a British fashion designer was found dead in his home. It was thought that he committed suicide. McQueen, still 40, was found and believed that he hanged himself at his luxury flat in Green Park, Central London.
Here are some of the shoes designed by McQueen. Though I love his designed dresses, his shoes catch my attention most.

Justin Mentell of ‘Boston Legal’ fame dead at 27

This isn’t a hoax already. This is for real.

The actor of Boston Legal, Justin Mentell, who’s also a musician, died in a car accident last February 1, Monday. Smiley



The 27-year-old actor played Atty. Garrett Wells on ABC’s “Boston Legal”. That TV series aired in 2005 to 2006. Have you watched G-force? Mentell was the voice of the animated character on that film.