$65M Spiderman Show Finally Arrives On Broadway

Tomorrow will be Didong’s 4th birthday. Up until now, I still do not know what pressie to give him since I am here in Cebu City. Before, he’s hooked with Spider Man but now, he’s with Ben 10. But every time I call home, he always say a lot of characters from Bat man to everything he could remember. What a silly nephew! I guess I need to have more kaching than before. Haha.

Oh well, talking about kaching, today is the last day of the month, it’s payday! Haha. I am thinking of payday loans online because I am planning to buy Didong a car pressie for his birthday and for the holiday as well. But I don’t know if I am qualified for payday loans online application since I have nothing to prove that I can pay them back. Hahaha. I only have my allowances for it. Have I told you that I inquired for payday loans online but I guess the staff laugh at me and just told me that I am still a student why am I applying for payday loans. Haha. Much of those! I’ll just use DC then!

Anyway, while I was checking online shops for Didong’s car, I was really surprised when a twit just popped out that Spider Man will be on Broadway! This is much to be awaited for me since am an avid fan of Peter Parker! How I wish I could personally watch the Broadway.

It has been said that the Spider Man Show on Broadway costs $65 million. Oh gosh! This made me goosebumps! What kind of show would that be? Just hoping that the show is worth a million!

Happy 50th Anniversary Flinstones!

Undeniably, I am one living fan of THE FLINSTONES even up to now! Smiley

I remember, my mum used to buy vitamins that looked like flinstones before so we could just make fun while taking those pills. Haha. For now, I am celebrating GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY OF FLINSTONES!!! Happy Anniversary Flinstones!!!