Wanna Ride?

All of my life, I had been wanting wheels but just my ultimate VOX. No other cars, but just VOX!
Lately, I and M argued what car to be purchased first, conjugal, as he said. I said, I don’t know. Maybe could have the more sporty to look at and could survive for haggard adventurous trips coz both of want to do challenging trips.
We had good talks about that. But, I was just super surprised when he said, what about Lexus SC430?

My eyes were drooling.

Could you imagine lexus in a very muddy, stoney, grassy area running down there? OMG! My voice toned even higher saying “are you ok?“. LOL! I really asked that to M. Then he was just laughing. What a silly boyfriend I have.

Well, I intentionally checked over the internet about that lexus model he said. Gosh! I got a heart over it then, but still, VOX is what I prefer more than lexus. Hehe.

You guys wanna ride with me? LOL! Smiley

Share Blessings, Donate a House

Now a days, having owned properties is not a question anymore and something to be shocked of. Most of the people, of right age, is already having its own house and lot, cars and more whether married or single. This is not a luxury, as many has been thinking. But a kind of practical and responsible being.
However, there are also a number of people, professionals for examples, are having multiple owned house and lot and other properties. There’s nothing to question for regarding this but only a thing to remember, where to dispose the number of properties owned in time? One ideal thing to do for this is offer the properties as House Donations, Car Donations and for those who have yachts or boats, one can do Boat Donations. Aside from this great deed to those who are needing, this is one way of recycling properties in a very good way. Recycling while making other people smile.
In my case? Well, I only have a blue print of my house and a toy car and yacht. Hehe. Let’s see if everything would went good for me. **crossing fingers**

Dario Franchitti Wins The Indianapolis 500

INDIANAPOLIS — Dario Franchitti drove 199 nearly flawless laps, then survived the last one with a huge break from a spectacular crash to climb back on top of the open-wheel world Sunday with his second win at the Indianapolis 500.


Two years removed from a failed try in NASCAR, Franchitti held on with a scant 1.6 gallons of fuel left in the tank – a victory made possible by a crash that sent Mike Conway airborne and into the wall, and left the final lap to be run under a caution flag.

“Still running,” the winner told his crew over the radio as he crossed the finish line, while wreckers were moving out to scoop up debris from Conway’s accident with Ryan Hunter-Reay.

DARIO FRANCHITTI, Indy 500 Results.

Sleeping Driver

So I already have my first owned customized car. Smiley But, as I have said before, it’s still in my dreams. Every time I go to sleep, I always drive it.
Actually, I am not sure yet if my mum will buy me a car for school. This is because, I will be moving to another medical school. At first, my mum doesn’t want me to transfer to new medical school but I insisted. I felt that Silliman University Medical School (SUMS) is not for me neither I do. Smiley
Anyway, going back to my car which my mum planned to buy for me, yes, she offered me brand new honda civic. But I refused again since I am still a student and I think I don’t deserve such costly car by this time. I told my mum that it would be fine with me if I’ll just have used Utah car by now. But what she’s bothered of is the quality of those salt lake city used cars that I am talking ’bout.
I browsed over the internet and at the same time was inquiring from some used Utah car dealers, yet they shared same information like there’s nothing to be worried about in terms of quality since those cars are still of good quality. There is one company, the Reedman Toll Auto, which has been selling used cars since 1954 and has been the top-notched dealers of used cars.
Again, my mum still think of settling for used cars. So, up until now, I can only drive my own car while am sleeping – in my dreams. Smiley


Realizing Vox

I am getting shaky every time I get to think of my RV. Why? It’s because my hands are itching to drive RV already. Crazy me. With all the examination thrills to face, all I am thinking now is my RV. I do not know exactly why I have this eagerness now. Haha. Might there be someone to buy me RV, is it? Smiley How I wish. Haha. I know I am just dreaming.
With all my want-to -make-things fast approaching in terms of having my RV, I am thinking to apply for auto loans now. See? I am getting real obsessed to own a car now. And I want it to be RV. Smiley
I don’t think my mum would allow me to have my car now. I doubt; most specifically by having it through auto loans where in fact I am still a student. She even asked me once when I shared to her my great desire to have RV the soonest that if I could able to maintain all the necessary stuffs needed for a car. I just told her, “I’ll just cross the bridge when I get there”. Her eyebrows crossed and said it isn’t a good idea for a student to have it.

Too bad.

Accessorizing My Vox

I am freakishly thinking lately about my soon-to-be vox, I gotta call her RV. Smiley RV because I want it to be a Red Vox. Hehe. And yeah, freak enough that even in some of our boring classes, I used to draw RV and color it real red. I also design the doors, side mirrors and RV’s soon-to-be plate number. And to my freaking extent, I have drawn one RV design in my Physiology book. Haha. But I won’t show her yet for now. I am shy coz I’m not that talented lassy to draw like a real artist. LOL!

Whew! That isn’t RV. That’s my Bikey. Below Bikey is RV.

I had been accessorizing RV in my mind, on how she looks like, some girly things on her and a lot more. Upon looking over the internet, browsing for great ideas to be innovated for my RV, I found RealTruck.com for my upgrading thoughts for RV.

Take a look at the husky liner floor mat above. Isn’t that cutie to look at inside RV? Smiley It’s so classy. I found that over RealTruck.com. They actually are providing high-quality car accessories. Not just that, in my case, making my RV looking unique from other voxes, RealTruck.com is a sure one-stop store for every car’s needs. They even provides pickup truck accessories such as winches and more. But I can’t imagine installing winches in my RV. LOL!

Vox, come to Gagay!

Would you believe that my dream car is a Red Volkswagen? Smiley Have you seen The Cars? The talking vox there? Oh yeah! I want to buy one and have it before I finish medical degree with all my savings. How would I do that then? Hehe. My mum used to tease me of being so vintage coz she doesn’t like it. She even told me once am like or be likened to an old maid or might become one. Haha. Much more being teased to be such coz I got no boyfriend now. I just said, “hmp, watch out!“.

Anybody wants to donate for my RV? LOL! Just PM me. Smiley
I am not joking. I really wanted to have vox before I finish medical degree with my own money. And believe it or not, by now, I had been looking for accessories for my future RV (red vox). So funny I am. Smiley I have already been planning stuffs to buy like the red car floor mats. I even wanted to install bakflip and bug deflector. In fact, every time I pass by to some auto shop, specifically for vox cars, I used to look for red accessories. Haha. I think I am just addicted to vox.

I am already looking forward to have my RV a bug deflector like this above.

Oh vox, come to Gagay now. Haha. Watch out you guys, one of these days I might be driving my RV already. LOL! Smiley

Chad Ochocinco Birthday Truck

The American Football wide receiver in the American Football League has just celebrated its birthday yesterday, January 9. He was actually born on January 9, 1978, it’s for you now calculating his age.

In this year’s Ochocinco’s birthday, he has his outbreathing truck.

Honestly, I want something like this. Who could give me one like this would win my heart and be sure it’s before V Day. kei?!?! LOL! Smiley