SCT Tuner enhances Car Performance

Many products have been cleverly innovated and developed to help consumers save and make the most of their hard earned money.

Nowadays, the prices of commodities have all gone up and soared high. The ongoing economic global crisis has brought companies into shutdown and many have become jobless and find it hard to provide everything for the family. Those who have luckily survived the recession and those who are affluent, have also started tightening their belts and taking all measures to cut costs and save. Even families are finding ways to save and do everything to augment family expenses.

sct tunersSCT tuner

One of the most efficient cost-cutting measures a family or an individual can do is to keep their cars or automobiles in good running condition all the time. Some have bought handheld automotive performance products like an sct tuner to increase their vehicles horsepower, torque and throttle response by optimizing their engine management computer. The SCT tuner has been shown to attack the car’s factory air-fuel ration to produce a rich behavior at full throttle. The performance enhancing product also delivers gains of up to 33 hp for gas vehicles and 120 hp for diesel vehicles. Based on the octane and performance settings, users can choose tuners to maximize fuel efficiency.

So if you want to get the most out your money and your vehicle, try out products that have been proven to help you save and cut costs.

Benefits and Installation of Ford F150 HID kit

Whether on the road, off the road, or on the jobsite, the Ford F150 truck has been known for its ability to perform. In the recent years drivers have sought out, in midst of a new trend in automotive lighting, to add additional or nontraditional lighting to boost performance. One of the ways drivers have done this is by adding the Ford F150 HID kit.

Ford F150 HID kitFord F150 HID kit

The HID, or high-intensity discharge, headlights have been designed to reduce the limitations of traditional halogen bulbs and give the driver a farther and wider viewable space while driving at night.

Even though these extra bright lights were first introduced in 1991 by BMW they have since become a highly sought after addition to a wide variety of vehicles. These have ranged from classic cars to large utility trucks. With 90% of what we do when driving coming from the information we receive visually we must rely on the lighting we have from our vehicles to make safe decisions. If this is coming from an inferior halogen bulb than you are not only putting yourself at risk, but others as well. Even with 60% less people on the road at night, 40% of those involved in a night time accident are killed as a result. Although they are often purchased strictly for their unique and attractive look, the Ford F150 HID kit could not only potentially save your life, but also the lives of others as well.

An additional benefit to the Ford F150 HID kit is not only its superior lighting, but also its ease of installation. To add this special light to your vehicle you will need to do the standard wiring, as well as mount a ballast needed to convert your existing 12V DC. This is necessary to heat the xenon gas, which generates the amazing light that is produced.
One thing to consider before beginning is making sure that your work area is safe. This can be done by turning off your Ford, disconnecting your battery, and waiting to begin until the engine has completely cooled off.

  • Replacing the old bulb

Start the installation by replacing the original halogen bulb. You can find this in the low beam dust cover in the back of the headlight assembly. You can open this simply by twisting, and when you have access to the inside you can disconnect the bulb by unplugging it from the wiring.

  • Mounting new ballast

Complete the installation by mounting the new ballast in a safe and secure location. Keep in mind that your F150 was not originally designed with this light in mind so you will have to find a spot that is both safe, and in close proximity to the bulb and wiring. After you feel comfortable with how the ballast is fastened, connect the xenon to the ballast. Be careful not to touch the glass.

After this is complete go back through and double check to see if all wiring and connections are secure before finally testing your new Ford F150 HID kit.

Yakima Bike Rack Systems

Are you planning for a biking adventures with friends that is far from the city yet having difficulty on how to carry and position your bikes safely on the roof rack of your car?

Well then, yakima bike racks at might be the best that you are looking for.

The bike rack is attached to the roof rack of the care wherein the bikes are being held parallel in position to the car or any styles convenient and easy to do. This will keep make the bike easily transported from one place to another.

iPad Apps for the Car Mad

Does the sight of a classic hot rod send chills down your spine? When you see a Lamborghini parked in a nearby lot, do you pull over just to admire it? If you are an iPad owner with a passion for cars, you might be missing out on some apps that will help satisfy your addiction. Fellow car fans are out there, creating apps for people just like you, from racing games to directories of used cars for sale and digital magazines. Most of these awesome apps cost only a dollar or two and some are even free.

If driving cars is what you love, then you should definitely look into downloading some racing games. Racing games on the iPad typically have high quality graphics and tilt control features that make virtual driving feel a bit more realistic than computer racing games. Ridge Racer Accelerated HD is one of the highest rated racing games and best of all, it is free. Other highly rated racing games include Reckless Racing HD, Uber Racer 3D, Real Racing 2 HD, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD and Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit for iPad.

Maybe you love to drive but prefer the real thing to video games. You can make your driving experience more adventurous by downloading a navigation system app. Global Positioning System apps are great on the iPad because the screen is much bigger and the graphics are higher quality than those on standard GPS devices. CoPilot Live HD North America is a GPS app that will make your driving experience much more epic. It is a bit on the pricey side, but it is much cheaper than a stand-alone GPS device and it is definitely worth the money. This app includes crystal clear 2D and 3D maps, as well as trip planning features that will save you time and gas money. Some highly rated, free GPS apps include GPS app, GPS-R and Free GPS.

Another way to use your iPad to your advantage is to download car magazines that are made by people that are crazy about cars just like you. Get informed and stay up-to-date on the newest developments in the motor industry by receiving daily articles from highly rated iPad car magazines. Download the Winding Road Magazine for free to get weekly car, driving and other auto-enthusiast news. DUB Magazine has an app that will provide you with news, tutorials and updates about everything dealing with the automotive culture. The UK magazine, Diesel Car will inform you about environment-friendly and alternative-fuelled cars on a regular basis. Car Mad is another automotive magazine that is created by everyday car fanatics.

Another app that you might find useful is Auto Brand Collection for iPad. This app contains information about all kinds of auto brands so that you can educate yourself on the history and reputations of all car brands. Also, do not forget to grab the eBay app, which will allow you to find cars and car parts for sale. The Kelly Blue Book and Carfax apps are also must-haves for those who are looking for good deals on cars

Helen Pritchard writes for both, a used car classified website and Car Finance 247 who specialize in helping people obtain car finance deals.

Driving Lesson 101 with Friends

I am not a certified driver yet. I have no professional Philippine driver’s license. But, I love to drive cars and I know how to.

I learned driving not from a driving class or from a driving school. I learned it from the arcade, from the computer games in the mall. Funny to think, but it’s true. When I was at my younger age, I used to play in the arcade in a mall near at home in Davao City. I just applied my learning in arcade playing in a real car when a friend of mine offers me to try her car. So I did. Off course, it’s kinda nerve-cracking at first because I immediately step on a real car in a hi-way comparing to computer arcade game cars. But with my experiences in gaming, haha, I was able to drive smoothly.

Why I didn’t opt to enroll in a driving school? It is because, for me, I prefer small things like driving to be learned even at home or with friends. Believe it or not, I learned driving motorcycles with my boy friends in school. Yes! I am very open minded to try things with friends, that’s why I prefer not to enroll anymore.

Moreover, as what my aunt shared to me, driving school is very appropriate for people who are car-aholic. Am I sounding strange? LOL! Car-aholic refers to people who love cars much. In my case, learning the basics in driving would be enough. And I guess, I don’t need to dig more about the air compressor parts or the ingersoll rand compressor parts for me to run cars which are commonly taught in a driving school. Enough for me to know some stuff on how a car runs, what I need to step on to make a car moving, stopping and slow from moving. Things more than that, I’d rather leave those in the car shop. Hehe!

Honda Recall

I consider Honda as one of the best automobile brands in the world. I found it very luxurious to drive one.

Lately, I have read one news article online, while trying to figure out a mega meeting web video conferencingwith childhood friends from abroad, telling that some of the Honda has been automobile products has been recalled. I have not yet fully understand why, I guess, I need to lurk more on that yet. But some of the Honda models that were affected on the said recall are the 2005-2010 Honda Accord (4 cylinder models), 2007-2010 Honda CR-V and 2005-2008 Honda Element.

I’ll dig much about this soon. My hands are itching to know about this Honda recall.

Let’s Talk CHEVY!

I was supposed to get mad when an rv towing a cute little chevy in the middle of the street which resulted to a heavy traffic. However, since it’s a chevy, a cute in red colored car, I was instead feeling pity to the driver, or maybe she was the owner of the car seeing her chevy in not so good picture.

Anyway, talking about chevy which would surely make many consumers to be very excited, even I upon reading one news article online, is that the general motors company, one of the leading car manufacturers and providers in the world, will be selling a diesel-run chevy cruze. Ain’t it good to know, where in fact, diesel is one of the cheapest fluid gasoline that operates cars.

Another way to make your Chevy Cruze more efficient is changing out the old lighting system with a new one.  In particular, HID headlights are quite efficient, as they expend much more of their available energy directly as light, whereas standard halogen bulbs waste a lot of their available energy as heat emissions.  Since no one uses his or her Chevy Cruze’s headlights to keep the car’s interior warm on a cold day, this heat costs energy and yet provides no benefits.  With HIDs, that problem is eliminated.

Aren’t you excited to see and drive a diesel-run chevy in the near future?

Small Puppy’s Fault

On our way back home after our Bacolod City trip last May 2011, the taxi that I and M were riding on was bumped by another taxi behind us. I am not certain if the taxi driver could get some compensation claims, though wasn’t hurt but the bumper of the cab he was driving was really broken.

The scenario was this.

The the cab we were riding was following an adventure car which was operated by a young lassy aging around, if I am not mistaken, early twenties. We, the cab we’re riding, the adventure car and the cab next to us, were on the fast lane. But the cab we’re on was just driving around 60 kilometers per hour that suddenly, the adventure car before us, stopped because of the small puppy passed by in the middle of the road. So the cab we’re riding suddenly stopped as well. In just less than a minute, we, the driver, I and M, were just shocked that we were just bumped strongly. Good enough, we weren’t hurt. But the bumper of the cab got badly damaged.

Conscientiously, it was the girl’s mistake. We were on the fast lane. She knew, she was aware that we are following her and sure to have more following after us as well. But she just immediately stopped in the middle of the street. However, when the police came, only the driver of the cab next to us was sued for reckless driving because, according to the law, it was really him who bumped us and not the adventure driver before us. We didn’t called injury lawyers then because the policeman has settled the case already and brought the two drivers in the office.