Google is moving its blogs to a new domain, from

Google Webmaster Central Blog just recently announced that Google will be moving to its new domain which is the from

 Google is moving its blogs to a new domain, from

Accordingly, this is to make people be aware that they are reading an official blog powered by Google. And this will be applicable to all blogs from Google soon.

“The previous address will redirect to the new domain, so your bookmarks and links will continue to work. Unfortunately, as with a custom domain change in Blogger, the Google+ comments on the blogs have been reset“, according to Google Webmaster Central Blog.

Tips on How to Increase Domain Authority of Blogs

Accordingly, blog page rank is not that as weighted compared to domain authority these days as Google is getting stricter and narrowed on how it ranks blogs. Perhaps page rank is not the basis for blog’s value today. So every blogger now is striving to get that domain authority as high as possible. But of course, it’s impossible to be that comparable to, or and other websites having a domain authority of as high as 100.

Here below are some tips on how we, bloggers, can make our blogs gain that shining high domain authority.

Blog Domain Authority

First thing is to always put attention on the technical aspect of our blogs. This includes the optimization of the robots or how it has been mapped. The structure of every URL each blog posts is important to have an effective Search Engine Optimization for our blogs.

Another thing to remember is how our contents be like. Of course, we shouldn’t forget the links linking on our blog and the links our blogs are linking. It is best that each blog links are related to each other specifically those that are top-notched and with high value and authority links.

Last thing that I can share on how to make the domain authority of our blogs high is to remove those unhealthy links. Simplest way to remove is just to edit, unlink and that’s it. One need not delete the entire post containing the link, but the just link itself only.

Hope these simple ideas can help. Happy blogging.

Getting My Page Rank BACK!

I always ask myself how can I get my page rank back even just at Page Rank 1 or Page Rank 2. Even to whoever online savvy you’ll ask and consult about getting a higher page rank, no can definitely say a “these” and “that” procedure that would surely help increase page rank easily.

One of my blogger friends just threw me a joke saying that I just look for silver coin prices and that’s definitely the price of getting back those page rank then.

It’s true and it really hurts that page ranks easily declines but very difficult to achieve. How I wish to get my page rank back then.


Page Rank Zero (0)!

Things made me really sad when I checked my blog, this blog, Walking News Paper, earlier today and a big fat page rank zero welcomed me.

Page Rank 0

I didn’t expect this would happen since I am very keen and even very careful on the link exchanges and online activity of this said blog. This has page rank 3 before and went to page rank 2 and now, even went down to page rank zero which is more dreadful to me.

I won’t deny that I earn online especially blogging and this blog really helps me a lot to earn higher. With the decline of this blog’s Page Rank, I am getting worried of how can I earn much of that I earn when this blog has Page Rank. Hopefully, I can get my page rank back in less than three (3) months.

Good News from the Fairy Hobmother!

Allow me to deviate from the usual news and current events today that not only the local press has been busy monitoring at, but the international peg also. What I want to share today is something really really good — very good news from the fairy hobmother.

Fairy Hobmother

The Fairy Hobmother has landed over my blog and here to grant me a wish I longed to come true. Smiley

For now, there’s nothing more I could ask for from the fairy hobmother but a new washing machine which I stumbled upon from his list of appliances online where you can also check for yourself at There are actually a lot more to choose from but this is what I need most as of the moment. I used to do my laundry since then if I have a spare time to do it; else, I need to have them done by a personal launder but never in any laundry shops. I have learned my lesson already and I don’t want to experience losing a pair of socks, a number of hankies, lost buttons in my uniforms and lot more from a laundry shop services. I better do it then myself.

Moreover, it really feels good being visited and, at last, meeting the fairy hobmother. And of course, I don’t want to feel greedy enough not to share this ecstatic experience I have. I guess, it’s now your best time to meet the fairy hobmother. Meeting him is just as simple as leaving a relevant comment here and we’ll wait until he drops by at your blog as what he did to me.

Google Page Rank Update 2013 Schedule

A new year is coming — 2013. And as what we always keep track with especially online, here’s the details of the Google Page Rank Update 2013 Schedule.

Page Rank Update 2012 ScheduleGoogle Page Rank Update 2013 Schedule

Google January 2013 Page Rank Update
Expected date: January 28 to February 6

Google June 2013 Page Rank Update
Expected date: June 27 to July 7

Google September 2013 Page Rank Update
Expected date: September 29 to 4 October

Google December 2013 Page Rank Update
Expected date: 24 December to 29 December

Page Rank Update for November 2012

Just a few hours from now, another month of new challenges and excitements is about to start, not just in my personal life, not to mention my promise to help a friend purchase hitch bike racks, but also in my blogs. And one of which is the upcoming page rank update for November 2012.

Page Rank Update 2012 SchedulePage Rank Update for November 2012

I am not sure though if there will be page rank update for November 2012, but I am just looking forward to it even though I can’t seem to see an deserved-treat in increasing my blog’s PR. I have done nothing for the page rank of this blog the past months. What else should I get?

Anyways, let us just all welcome November 2012 with a happy heart still.

Posting Responsibly and Leaving a Positive Impression

Social media and the Internet have greatly influenced our lives these days. I know most of us can say that Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Yahoo is a part of our daily lives. We spend some time in these social media giants, we let the whole world know of the accounts of our daily lives, we post photos, we tag friends, we join in social and virtual conversations and forums and a whole lot more. But are we all aware that what we post in the Internet or in these media giants, are forever accessible and can somehow be manipulated by people with bad intentions?

Social Networking Sites

We do not want to get a bad image right? We always want to make sure that the image we project is the image that everyone knows, the best and what is true of us. It may be very difficult to understand how these giants work and how we get intertwined in this big World Wide Web. Somehow it is very risky, but with internet reputation management, we can protect our identity, our image, our own self from a different form or harassment or embarrassment. Also, when people search for us, they get the best and truthful results and a positive impression on you. So it is still our responsibility to be wary of whatever we post or do online. We don’t want to get caught up with a very negative image right? So let us all post responsibly.

Protecting My Digital Reputation

Owning a handful of blogs can really take most of my time. Thinking of what to write and what to put on these blogs can, at times, drain me mentally, not to mention the studying I have to do for med school.

image from Google images

I say that writing, quality content and posts, takes time because whatever comes out of these blogs become public. Even if it is the most mundane thing in the world, when I publish it, it becomes a target for everyone’s intention, good or bad.

I’ve read an article on protecting my digital reputation authored by Michael Fertik and I have learned that when people search for me in Google, they should see terrific and good things about me or a company. When I rant about something and publish it, people might take it the wrong way. So my digital reputation really depends on me, that I should be wary and conscious of whatever I write or bring out to the public.

As I was reading the article, I have also learned that Michael Fertik is a Silicon Valley Internet Entrepreneur. He founded which aims to protect reputation and digital privacy of individuals and companies. It was really a good thing that I was able to stumble on that article, it made me realize that no one is safe, even in the World Wide Web.

Unlimited Backup for Bloggers with Multiple Blogs

For a blogger who owns multiple blogs, an unlimited backup plans and services are what he or she is needing for his or her online keepsake.

Just recently I’ve known a blogger who badly experienced losing some of her blog posts in no time. I don’t exactly know what really happened coz only a blogger friend of mine just shared her story to me. But my friend was sure enough that the cause of losing those online files were some problems of her online backup plans.

image from Google images

Trembled to learn about the story, I immediately check all my blogs’ backup storage capacity and statuses. By far, they are all working fine and still can accommodate all my blogs. But hey hey, don’t mind asking how many my blogs are up to this moment. Yes, they’re a lot, a lot more than your fingers. LOL!