GOODBYE Nadal for Australian Open 2011

I am effingly grieving with the Australian Open 2011 results. I didn’t expect the No Nadal for Australian Open 2011 thingy to happen. The worst thing is, even eying him for the quarterfinals is has been a no-no.For this week’s Music Monday, I am singing GOODBYE to Nadal for AusOpen 2011.

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Nadal hinders Blogging and Reasearch Experiment

These days, since the start of the Australian Open 2011, my schedules were sliced into blogging, research experiments but most part is for AO 2011, specifically for Rafael Nadal.

Into blogging, having my own domain and deciding whether to have it provided by another web hosting site are very difficult to have by this time. I know and am sure, creating another blog, a pet blog, in particular is doing things out of scratch because I still need to get back to the very first things to consider in blogging like waiting for how many days for the domain to be activated, months to do nothing else but wait for blog approval from any money-making website companies. Still, hassles are dumping. Me, myself can’t deny that I can’t give my 24-hour eying on my proposed pet blog.On the other hand, doing research in Pharmacology, for me, is a thing I need to complete. I have no other choices but to make things done before due time. But because of the weather that is very conducive for watching games especially that Australian Open 2011 has just started, Rafael Nadal is hindering all my things-to-do at home. He’s a real hunk, though, he’s kind’a upsetting me because I can surely make my works neglected just to watch the Australian Open 2011. So LOL I am.Anybody else a huge fan of Rafael Nadal? Come! Watch and play with me and Nadal!


I didn’t noticed that the AUSTRALIAN OPEN 2011 has already started up until one of my friends twitted (@Chesel) last night that she wanted to play tennis in the middle of the night. I asked her if the Australian Open 2011 has opened already, and she said it might be because her dad used to watch the game since the other night on TV.

Oh no!!! Smiley Upon checking it myself online, indeed the AUSTRALIAN OPEN 2011 has opened 4 days before. Smiley

Last week, I even checked on sports site and watched some live telecast some previews of the past Australian Open. I really thought I had planted the schedule deep into me about the Australian Open 2011 but I really forgot because of the Sinulog Festival 2011 and the visit of the mum and sis here. Added to that, last week was also our third bi-monthly exam, so all of the sports and other stuffs were kept behind.

But I will try to make things up though 4 days behind! LOL!