The New iPad ‘mini’, REVEALED!

Apple revealed its newest and sleekest gadget to date, the iPad “mini”.

iPad MINIiPad Mini (image from

This new iPad “mini” has a 7.9 inches display. It is definitely a very handy gadget. Accordingly, what’s good in this kind of gadget is that it has a 4:3 aspect ratio and its viewing area is large and wide enough for both portrait and landscape views, respectively.

Verizon iPhone 5 is UNLOCKED!

I have no plans to buy myself an iPhone 5 since I am still having a very functional mobile phone at this very moment. However, while I was browsing for Zeal Eclipse Ski Goggles for a preparation for an upcoming out-of-town travel of my cousin with his friends, I stumble upon the Verizon iPhone 5 which has a very interesting feature, it is ‘unlocked’.

Verizon iPhone 5 is UNLOCKED!Verizon iPhone 5 is UNLOCKED! (image from

When one says an iPhone is ‘unlocked’ it only means that the said mobile phone accepts a “sim card” that identifies any wireless network. Pretty cool, right? But I am still having two thoughts whether to buy new phone or not the price exceeds my budget. LOL!

iPad Apps for the Car Mad

Does the sight of a classic hot rod send chills down your spine? When you see a Lamborghini parked in a nearby lot, do you pull over just to admire it? If you are an iPad owner with a passion for cars, you might be missing out on some apps that will help satisfy your addiction. Fellow car fans are out there, creating apps for people just like you, from racing games to directories of used cars for sale and digital magazines. Most of these awesome apps cost only a dollar or two and some are even free.

If driving cars is what you love, then you should definitely look into downloading some racing games. Racing games on the iPad typically have high quality graphics and tilt control features that make virtual driving feel a bit more realistic than computer racing games. Ridge Racer Accelerated HD is one of the highest rated racing games and best of all, it is free. Other highly rated racing games include Reckless Racing HD, Uber Racer 3D, Real Racing 2 HD, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD and Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit for iPad.

Maybe you love to drive but prefer the real thing to video games. You can make your driving experience more adventurous by downloading a navigation system app. Global Positioning System apps are great on the iPad because the screen is much bigger and the graphics are higher quality than those on standard GPS devices. CoPilot Live HD North America is a GPS app that will make your driving experience much more epic. It is a bit on the pricey side, but it is much cheaper than a stand-alone GPS device and it is definitely worth the money. This app includes crystal clear 2D and 3D maps, as well as trip planning features that will save you time and gas money. Some highly rated, free GPS apps include GPS app, GPS-R and Free GPS.

Another way to use your iPad to your advantage is to download car magazines that are made by people that are crazy about cars just like you. Get informed and stay up-to-date on the newest developments in the motor industry by receiving daily articles from highly rated iPad car magazines. Download the Winding Road Magazine for free to get weekly car, driving and other auto-enthusiast news. DUB Magazine has an app that will provide you with news, tutorials and updates about everything dealing with the automotive culture. The UK magazine, Diesel Car will inform you about environment-friendly and alternative-fuelled cars on a regular basis. Car Mad is another automotive magazine that is created by everyday car fanatics.

Another app that you might find useful is Auto Brand Collection for iPad. This app contains information about all kinds of auto brands so that you can educate yourself on the history and reputations of all car brands. Also, do not forget to grab the eBay app, which will allow you to find cars and car parts for sale. The Kelly Blue Book and Carfax apps are also must-haves for those who are looking for good deals on cars

Helen Pritchard writes for both, a used car classified website and Car Finance 247 who specialize in helping people obtain car finance deals.

New Facebook App for iPad RELEASED!

At long last, a new Facebook app for iPad is out now!

Facebook App for iPad

This time, it is said to be better than the one existing because the newly released app is having a more pleasing in appearance where the fonts and font sizes are just enough to the screen.

I am really waiting for this app since the Facebook app for iPad that I am using today ain’t that good to look at. It looks like messy in my iPad. Another app or software that I would want to have my iPad 2 on is the document management software. My documents saved in my iPad is also getting messier every time I add more everyday. My mom suggested me to look for one, actually, and up until now I am still lurking for it.

Hopefully, soon enough I could grab one.

Apple Co-Founder, Steve Jobs, Dies at 56 from Pancreatic Cancer

Upon reading the news about the death of the Apple co-founder and former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, I really looked for my iPad and stared at it while thinking and even imagining stuff inside it running smoothly after the magnificent minds of Steve Jobs. He died after suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs was born on February 24, 1955. He is an American entrepreneur and a computer inventor. He was a co-founder of the Apple company. He was also one of the former CEO of such company.

As an inventor, Jobs has been listed as either primary or co-inventor in more or less 300 patent applications related to technology.

For you Steve Jobs, may you rest in peace!

E-Book Pioneer, Michael Stern Hart dies at 64

The pioneer of the electronic book, e-book, Michael Stern Hart died at the age of 64. His death is still under investigation since an autopsy of his dead body is still going on according to LA Times.

E-book has been the widely used book today even in schools where the text, images and all parts of the physical hard bounded books are could be found and read already in any digital devices, provided the capability to read e-books, even the slightest iPhone and iPad and other modern technological devices today.

Apple iPhone 5 SOON?

As much as I wanted to get an Apple iPhone smartphones, I still could not because of my so sweaty hands. Not just an iPhone but all full-touch screen phones. It ain’t a good phone for me, as per advised.

To all Apple iPhone and techie Apple fanatics, iPhone 5 is going to be released by the Apple company this year.

And for the exact date? That still a question.

According to, there are two theories to when Apple iPhone 5 be released this year. Would it be on the first week of October or on the latter weeks.

If I were to ask, when would you prefer for Apple iPhone 5 be released? Smiley

Apple iPad 3 in Early 2012

I don’t know if I’ll be ecstatic or what with the newest update from Apple company that they will be releasing the next generation of Apple iPad. This is basically because I am having iPad 2 and absolutely, the next generation of any gadgets is better than the present.Accordingly, the Apple iPad 3 will have a higher resolution 2048-by-1536 pixel display. Comparing it to the recent Apple iPad 2 which has only 1024-by-768 display.

How I wish the new iPad 3 could have features to enable it to directly connect it to any dlp projector so for many not to have difficulty during any report presentations and more.


Anyway, If and only if there will be a FREE SWAPPING of iPad as soon as the next generation iPad will be released, I won’t hesitate to swap my iPad 2 with iPad 3. LOL!