Shamu, Killer Whale, kills SeaWorld Employee

After I have read a post of my former adviser, an entomologist, in UP Mindanao who happen to be the college dean (up to now) in our college now, I remember those days that we were finding a colony of western subterranean termites in one of our entomology laboratory activities. If am not mistaken, we went to some areas near in UP Mindanao to look for houses with those termites. That time, our class was in the afternoon from 3pm, after looking for those houses with termites in a very dim day, we ended up and settled for images from books and drew labeled those. Haha. Those were actually the days that I was still very optimistic in bugling those insects. Oh yeah, enough to be enthusiast with insects that, as I have said before, I even opted to deal with insects, specifically, moths as my thesis study. See? I love insects, before. Haha.
But now? After knowing that the place where I am now is surrounded by great whale colonies, I then so love whales. Hehe. There’s one place here in Negros where one can have whale watching. But I haven’t been there yet. I have only seen whales every time went home, seeing those whale from above (if via plane) or watching them nearby (if I prefer MVs – marine vessels).
And oh, by the way, I have read a news that one of the “killer whales“, Shamu kills again a SeaWorld employee. This seems to be one bad news I have read this morning that causes the SeaWorld to cancel all the shows. Too bad.

Westminster Dog Show 2010 Results: Sadie Won the Best in Show

Oh!!! I missed the Westminster Dog Show 2010. I might settle again with grrrr…
Anyway, I have here the list of the winners.
There are 7 groups of breeds in Westminster Dog Show: Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting, Herding, Sporting, Working, Terrier.

Winners of the Hound category:

Winners of the Toy category:

Winners of the Non-Sporting category:

Winners of the Herding Category:

Winners of the Sporting Category:

Winners of the Working Category:

Winners of the Terrier Category:

Take a look at here the 2010 Westminster Dog Show Best Show, Sadie, a four year old Scottish Terrier dog.

Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears

Can you guess what are these?

These are actually Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears. I am in posting frenzy with Polar Bears today coz I just suddenly remember one of the movie scenes while I was studying earlier which there were Churchill Manitoba Polar Bearson that movie. But I really forgot the title of the film. If I’m not mistaken, The Arctic Tale in 2007? I really do not know. I am not sure.

But, one thing’s sure for me now which made me crazy the past two months. If I won’t limit my eating cravings of pizza and all those carb foods, I might get as big as Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears then. Smiley Throw your pizza appetite and settle for protein snacks. Smiley Grrrr… One time, someone teased me my butt looks like Polar Bear’s. I do not know if I get mad or what. Do I really look real fat? What do I need to do now? Liposuction? Surgery? I am getting paranoid of being fat now especially that summer vacay is near.

And yeah, honestly, I am trying my best to forget that there exist pizzas in the world. But if you happen to visit me in my medical blog, I am still eating those like end of the world. LOL!

The Mothman Prophecies

This movie reminds me of my undergraduate degree final thesis topic. I was investigating/studying on moths. Moths are often distinguished as butterflies but they are not butterflies. In fact both butterflies and moths have a lot of different characteristics which definitely separates or could be used in distinguishing one from the other.Anyway, about the film, I remember one of my Japanese friends gave me an original DVD copy Mothman Prophecies Movie which up until now I haven’t watched yet. LOL to me! Haha. Unfortunately, I also left it at home. Grrr.. And now, I am looking for a copy of the movie from the market but haven’t found any yet. Could anyone give me a link to where I could have this one film?

The film, according to those who have seen it, is not really that good. But what makes it interesting are the presentation of the Mothman creature itself. I am so curious now of what the mothman has made in the film. And oh, I have here below one summary if the film.

John Klein is involved in a car accident with his wife, but while he is unharmed, his wife mentions a moth shaped creature appearing. After her death, John begins to investigate the secrets behind this mentioned Mothman. It takes him to a small town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where he discovers a connection with the same problem. Here he meets Connie Mills, whilst he continues to unravel the mystery of what the Mothman really is. Written by simon.

White Nose Syndrome

**can you count how many bats?
Did you know that up to date, there are already approximated 1 million bats died in United due to White Nose Syndrome? takbole

White Nose Syndrome is condition condition wherein there is a ring of fungal growth around the muzzles, and on the wings of bats. According to scientists, fungal growths on bats has been due to loss of winter fat stores make them suffer from pneumonia due to the disruption of their hibernation and feeding cycles caused by warm and variable winter weather.gigil

Poor li’l bats.takbole