Google Doodles Dian Fossey 82nd Birthday

Here’s Google getting so doodly again as Google Doodles Dian Fossey 82nd Birthday!

As you may notice it, the Google homepage seemed to be gorilla-friendly. This is because Dian Fossey was an American zoologist and extensively studied gorillas for 18 years. Fossey went and studied those gorillas daily in the mountain forests of Rwanda. In fact, she was able to publish a book in 1983 entitled, Gorillas in the Mist. The book was a combination of her scientific studies made at the mountain with the gorilla at Karisoke Research Center and with her own personal story.

However, despite her extravagant knowledge being shared in the field of Zoology, for reasons we do not know, Fossey was murdered in 1985. But the worse thing is that the case remains open.

Anyway, Happy birthday Dian Fossey!

Wireless Electric Fence for Training Dogs

When my baby dog, Keneto, is growing bigger now and I can see him so aggressive and alert, I thought of sending him to a training activity for dogs. It must have been a good idea, however, my mom who takes good care of my baby dog when am not at home disagreed with me. She said, Keneto is not a breed of dog which is best for training but rather for domestication only. Thence, I didn’t argue more with mom.

Training DogTraining Dog (image from

If ever I sent Keneto to a training course, I might see wireless electric fence which is usually used during training of dogs. I haven’t seen one yet and I am curious how that really looks like. Maybe I will just drop by in the nearest training grounds for pet dogs and check on wireless electric fences then.

‘LOLONG’, the World’s Largest Crocodile dies due to Pneumonia; Autopsy confirms

The world was surprised with the news about the death of ‘LOLONG’, the World’s Largest Crocodile after it was captured from its natural habitat in 2011 and stayed for 18 months in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur Ecopark.

'LOLONG', the World's Largest Crocodile dies due to Pneumonia‘LOLONG’, the World’s Largest Crocodile dies due to Pneumonia

After no more than three (3) weeks, autopsy of the dead crocodile reveals hepatic lipidosis (affecting the liver), congestive heart failure, mycotic pneumonia (affecting the lungs) and chronic nephritis (affecting the kidneys).

The Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary, Ramon Paje, said that living in captivity causes the overall health decline of the said giant organism.

‘LOLONG’, the World’s Largest Crocodile dies

On Sunday, at around 8:00 PM, ‘LOLONG‘, the World’s Largest Crocodile in captivity according to the World’s Guinness Book of Record, found dead in the croc’s pen.

'LOLONG', the World's Largest Crocodile‘LOLONG’, the World’s Largest Crocodile

Accordingly, Lolong hasn’t been eating the past days and has been noticed that its left stomach area ballooned. Though the cause of death wasn’t disclosed yet, this might be a factor contributing to Lolong‘s death.

For Aquarium Fishes At Home

I have always loved fishes and my aquariums. In fact, I have made a blog for my pets because I treasure them dearly. I always make sure that they are all well-fed and taken cared of properly even if I am not around the house. I also make sure that the aquariums are in good condition and that the water levels and its salinity are safe for my fishes. I have seen pH meters online that I am planning to buy so that I can make sure that the oxygen and pH level of the water are good for my fishes. I would not want them to get sick and eventually die because they have been ignored.

pH meter

I remember a friend of mine who once had a fish bowl and two fishes in it. The fishes had been her pet for quite some time but because she was away for a few days, no one was able to clean the bowl and the water had become so bad that in just a couple of days, all the fishes died. There was not enough oxygen for the fishes since the water was already dirty and filled with other stuff. She was so sad to see her fishes go and she made sure that when she bought a new aquarium and fishes, that her pets would be always looked after, and I am doing the same thing too.

Google Doodles Eadweard J. Muybridge 182nd Birthday

Google Doodles Eadweard J. Muybridge 182nd Birthday today!

Eadweard J. Muybridge is an English photographer who pioneered the idea of animal locomotion. He cameras to capture motion, as well as his zoopraxiscope. A zoopraxiscope is a device that projects motion pictures perforates film strip.

Watch the animal in motion in the Google homepage today as Google Doodles Eadweard J. Muybridge 182nd Birthday

Frozen Planet: New TV Series from Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel launches its newest TV series, the Frozen Planet.

Frozen Planet is a 7-part series documentary narrated by Alec Baldwin, the star of 30 Rock.

Frozen Planet: New TV Series from Discovery Channel

Frozen Planet is about the life and death in the Arctic Pole. Accordingly, in this TV series, a new knowledge and understanding the living in the poles of the earth will be revealed.

‘Lolong’, Biggest Crocodile in the World

According to Dr. Adam Briton, an Australian expert on wild animals and authenticator of the Guinness Book of World Record for reptiles and snakes, ‘Lolong’ is the biggest Crocodile in the World, so far, being captured.

'Lolong', Biggest Crocodile in the World‘Lolong’, Biggest Crocodile in the World

I am glad to pronounce tonight, that the actual and final measurement of crocodile named Lolong here in Bunawan is 20 feet and three inches long, the biggest so far all over the world. Because of this final report, Lolong will now be the title holder as the biggest crocodile in captivity worldwide,” Dr. Briton said who went to Bunawan, Agusan del Sur on October 31, 2011 to personally conduct research survey about ‘Lolong’.

More about ‘Lolong’ is biggest croc in captivity.

2011 is Rabbit Year

Not until the year is about to set off and another to come, I wouldn’t realized that 2011 is the year of the Rabbit.

Pity me but it’s true. Laugh at me, but I am just telling the truth. I really forgot that this year is for Rabbits.

I have classmates rearing rabbits just this year like Jay and Ernhez and even play with their pets when I could. But I never thought of any relevance in having one pet rabbit this year. I remember, one time Jay shared to me last year, 2010, she said that she has to buy a cute little rabbit to make a pet for 2011. I just smiled and nod at her because I, personally, do not like rearing rabbits at all. When January 2011 came, she bought a gray female rabbit including rabbit hutches to where her rabbit could live at. Since it was a girl, she bought a pink hutch. Ernhez also bought a black male rabbit with a black hutch too. After a few months that his male rabbit has physically grown, he bought another rabbit, a female one. After which, he was planning to buy more rabbit hutches but I am not sure if he really did until now.

Accordingly, making rabbits a pet at home is a luck especially when having them on the rabbit year basing on the Chinese calendar. Even my friends are also believing on that.

But what do rabbits could give and bring to the one rearing them?

It is believed that year of the rabbit brings peaceful and calming life after living a year with the tiger, the one that comes first before rabbit. So most probably, a very good relationship in the family or within oneself with another is expected in the year of the rabbit. Another thing is the easy and more lax lifestyle especially on money-making and luxurious living.

So, to those who has rabbits at home, did, by far, the year of the rabbit has something good brought to you?

Eco Park for Lolong, the Largest Crocodile found in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur

The local government of Bunawan, Agusan del Sur has constructed, in the most immediate time they could, an Eco park for Lolong, the largest crocodile found in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur.

After Lolong, the largest crocodile found in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur was caught into the LGU Bunawan, Agusan del Sur hands to lessen the harm that Lolong could give to people,  Lolong now is having a good rest in his own man-made pool at the so-called Eco Park in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur.

It also a very good thing to know today that after almost two weeks Lolong, the largest crocodile found in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur was caught in captivity, the Eco park now is open to public viewing. The LGU Bunawan, Agusan del Sur is put a prize per person on viewing for the maintenance of the said Eco park.