Lock Her!

And do nothing!

It’s none of those you are thinking of!

Mmm.. You might be thinking of LOVE, right?

It’s not about love, actually. It’s a simple thing of locking my roommate inside my locker our room. Great plan. Isn’t it? Haha. I was really pissed of with her when she was about to transfer here in my room because she did it late night – exactly 10:14 PM last Wednesday night. Together with her mum, they were knocking on my door while I was taking some rest, sleeping to be specific. When I opened the door, her mum was even asking me why I opened the door late. The she checked my locker, she even said that it looks like just an ordinary school lockers like when she was still in college because it was small. I didn’t mind her. I just slept back. After minutes of talking, her mum took all her things from outside and was trying to put all of those in my wood lockers, which are larger, more elegant, well arranged and neat. I asked her mum what is she doing with my lockers, she just said that she’ll be getting out from it my things so she could put her daughter’s things there. What da!!!!
My blood pressure suddenly raised! Undoubtedly I told her those are my lockers and I intentionally bought those for me to have. I even suggested her to just check the malls in that late night coz there might still be available lockers for sale. Who knows? Right?

I was kind’a pathetic that time. I was just pissed off!

For now, I want my roommate to be locked in my locker!