Environmental and Pollution Insurance

With the advent of technology and other advancements in machinery and other equipments, highly industrialized companies are now offering CPL Insurance to their workers. For some, they even provide Pollution Insurance and Environmental Insurance Coverage included in the health coverage of their employees. This is due to the fact that health problems now a days are most often than not can also be caused by occupational or industrial-related factors.

One of the most common occupational health risk where in workers in a certain company usually experience is the exposure to chemical. These chemical, especially for workers in a chemical industry, can be directly inhaled by any worker. The chemicals will accumulate in the lungs and sooner after will show signs and symptoms of intoxication of such chemicals. Rehabilitation and medical intervention to this worker will be covered by his or her CPL insurance or any health-related insurances provided by the company. But it is still best if the company would really offer occupational-related insurances to their workers.

To mention some of the covered occupational accidents to the previously mentioned insurances, these include vehicular accidents at the job site or during the operations, facility accidents, pollution and a lot more.

Mitch Lucker, frontman of Suicide Silence, dies in motorcycle crash

The tattooed frontman of the American metal band, Suicide Silence, died at the age of 28 after being involved in a motorcycle crash.

Mitch LuckerMitch Lucker (image from hdwallpapersarena.com)

Mitch Lucker was driving his black 2013 Harley-Davidson in Huntington Beach when he lost control over it and unfortunately slammed into a light pole. He died at the University of California, Irvine, Medical Center. Authorities are still continued investigating over the accident.

5 Common Accidents at Work

Wet Floors. In restaurants and hotels, in particular, spillages are potentially dangerous due to the rushing around that tends to occur. Spillages are left unattended on the floor and waiters, unaware of them, walk with their vision blocked by trays and whatever else they may be carrying. This can cause them to slip and fall. Whilst a large number of accidents don’t typically result in serious injuries, should the waiter be carrying items, this can prevent a softened fall by using their hand which means that they will fall on their hips or elbows. This can result in serious fractures.

Work Injury Claim form (image source: stockpodium.com)

Factory Accidents. Factories are potentially dangerous places of work. The more common factory accidents typically see workers tripping over packaging that has been discarded. Each employer must ensure that any used packaging is relocated to soft containers rather than simply thrown on the floor.

Warehouse Accidents. One of the more common types evolve around storage facilities. Sometimes, employees are stacking shelves constantly and any frailty in the shelf can result in it collapsing. The worst case scenario is a trapping injury which occurs when shelving is removed from the wall and it proceeds to collapse on top of the employee. This can result in a serious injury with long-term complications.

Forklift Truck Accidents. These are a relatively common occurrence. Each driver must have received training and the employer need to ensure that trained workers only use the truck. If there is insufficient supervision and untrained drivers are using the truck, or even trained drivers dropping pallets or causing items to fall on their colleagues, this can result in a successful compensation claim.

Machinery Accidents. Any injuries that have occurred when using machinery can be severe. If the operator of the machine has not received sufficient training or if the machinery has not been subject to the appropriate care or if guards haven’t been fitted, employees can suffer from serious injuries. This can lead to amputation and possibly even death. Machinery has an element of danger and requires first-rate care when being used by both employers and workers.

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Whitney Houston Died of Accidental Drowning

When Whitney Houston died at the age of 48 on February 11, 2012, many speculations came out about the real cause of her death. However, lately, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office confirmed that late singer’s cause of death was accidental drowning.

If you could remember, Whitney Houston was found dead in a hotel room in Beverly Hills on February 11, 2012. On investigation, cocaine use and heart diseases where some of the contributing factors of her death.

Noontime Fire in Cebu City

Could you believe that in my fourteen months of stay here in Cebu City I personally saw more than ten fire events just in the city itself?

The worst thing among all? It was the fire just 100 meters away from my apartment last June 2011. The fire happened early morning around 1:00 AM. Next to that fire event were those two different fire events happened around the vicinity of our school, from the nearby houses of Southwestern University along Urgello Street. The first fire even where a part of our school – the Maritime College building was put into fire happened last year, if I still have the correct figures, it happened around August 2010 last year. And the latest fire event in school was still on June 2011 where in the Natural Science College was also burnt.

The very latest fire even I saw was yesterday noontime. Just timely when I about to check the ATM of  the Land Bank of the Philippines along P. del Rosario Street, huge black to gray colored smoke was almost to cover the whole are of the street due to the very recent fire. I didn’t know where exactly the fire was, I’m not really particular and certain with the streets in Cebu City yet. But I took a shot of the smoke.

Pardon with my image here. It’s not really that of good quality compared to images taken by a digital camera. I just made use of my iPad camera in taking that image. Rest assured, nothing edited on that image but just the watermarks.

Accordingly, one of the main reasons why there are fire events happening in Cebu City is because of the poor electrical wiring management along those crowding small houses wherein the owners are into renting businesses and even making internet cafes available for students. There, in fact, no surface raceways for cables and wires on there houses. I guess, this is one point which the government should put an eye on to.

Gavin DeGraw Hospitalized After Brutal Attack

The American singer and songwriter, Gavin Shane DeGraw, was hospitalized due to the attack of a group of men in a street early Monday morning.

Police said Gavin DeGraw suffered from broken nose. DeGraw is now confined at the Bellevue Hospital and still under observation, his representative disclosed.

DeGraw is well-known with his song “Chariot” and now having his newest album, “Sweeter“.

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What Happened in Oslo, Norway?

Oslo, Norway has just recently experienced bombing attacks. It was suspected to be caused by a terrorist group which is yet unknown.

In a calm afternoon, around 3 o’clock, people in Oslo, Norway were shocked and trembled with the very unexpected bomb explosion causing 87 people died while many others were harmed. The city, after the incedence, was looking like warzone where in many building debris and bits of pieces of glasses were scattered else where.

It has been presumed that the target of the bombing is the Oslo, Norway’s prime minister. However, it has been confirmed by some media sectors that the prime minister is left safe and practically unharmed.

Things like these – unexpected bombing explosions, people should be very cautious with their environment if there’s one or two people or a group looking like so mysterious. Aside from that, if there’s any accidents – being harmed, there’s no other things to rely on for hospitalization and medication but life insurance benefits which need to be updated from time to time.

Hopefully, of whatever happens to Oslo, Norway, the people living and the government of Norway, itself, could recover so soon. May these things be stopped.

2 Rapists Attack Call Center Agent in Cebu

Call center agencies is one of the highest leading companies making the countries economy somehow boost. But it’s so sad to know that the lives of each call center agents in Cebu, most specifically those who are assigned in a graveyard shift schedule, are into a high risk of getting raped, nabbed and more.

Just recently, one call center agent in Cebu was reported being raped after 2 men dragged him in a dim garbage area walking alone on her way home early in the morning after her work.Good thing barangay police, tanods as named locally, were able to rescue her and brought her at a public hospital.

This ain’t good to all call center agents. However, a very good example also to learn that each agents should not be walking home alone to avoid this incidence. And this is also a good point to all the policemen and other authorities in the area to be keen enough on doing their jobs in making the area peaceful.

Thinking about the call center agent – victim, I am just wondering if are there any benefits the company, where she’s working, has extended to her even just a little help? Is this instance is still covered with the companies work injury benefits? I am getting curious, anyway, because I have read like the work injury lawyer St Louis firm having accident lawyer St Louis who process legal terms of benefits each company employees could receive. But hey, this is just what I am getting curious of. I don’t know much of call center companies.

Anyway, hope the agent will be fine soon.