Eurovision 2016 Winners

It is just very recently that I have known about Eurovision when one of my friends mentioned this singing contest to me. I was a bit hesitant to follow this contest online since I have not heard about this from the local television or any social media ads.

Eurovision 2016 Singing Contest

I have witnessed online some portions of the awarding ceremony but it was just a replay from those uploaded or shared clips online. The overall event was great. But what caught my attention most was their band which really performed well. Perhaps the reason why I also assume that those talented individuals were also using extraordinary quality sound and music equipment such as the MXR pedals for those drum sets. Not to mention also are those guitars that were of different tunes, which were extravagantly produce perfectly-pitched music.

Anyway, the winner for this year’s Eurovision is Ukraine¬†followed by Australia and Russia. Congratulations to you guys and to all other winners.