Beautiful Full Moon on Friday the 13th of May 2016

It’s Friday the 13th of May 2016. Accordingly, it is the day of the month when the 13th falls on Friday that is said to be something to be feared of. But what if it falls on a full moon? How are you going to feel now? Is it more fearful or the other way around?

Full Moon on Friday the 13th of May 2016Image from

I actually do not believe on the unluckiness on every Friday the 13th. It is, for me, just a superstitious belief. Although many said there is nothing to missed out in believing such or in being the most cautious on that day. However, I do believe that for as long as I have the most powerful One up above there, I know for sure nothing would ever happen to me that is beyond His will for everything that happens to us here in this world is guided by His will for us.

So, on this Friday the 13th of May 2016, just watch the beautiful full moon then. Enjoy!

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