Security Camera Apps Worth Considering

So you have decided to invest in a security camera, but did you know that there is a range of applications that can help you enhance the effectiveness and capacity of your security camera? From enabling your wireless security device to send you alerts and notifications, to recording and controlling the movements and zoom of your device remotely, these applications prove to be quite useful. Let’s take a look.

Active WebCam

This application offers various tools such as live recording and streaming of the captured video and audio footage. It also enables your wireless camera to send over emails and notifications when needed. If your camera has the ability to pan, tilt and zoom, by installing this application, you can control these actions from anywhere in the world.


Digi -Watcher is a smart webcam software, which you can install to provide 24/7 home and office surveillance. It offers motion capture, takes images of movements, and has the option to save the captured video clips with audio – if allowed by your security camera. You can also receive alerts on your email or phone with this application.


For those who have installed multiple IP cameras and need a unifying support, this app is recommended. It has a stealth mode, and encodes captured videos in real-time. Like the others, it also offers email notifications and alerts, but also allows you to schedule recording times based on your needs.


EvoCam is specifically for Apple products, such as Mac OCX. The application allows you to publish the streaming video online – ideal for wildlife monitoring, meetings, and conferences. It also enables viewing and recording of videos. Love the idea of time-lapse movies? Are you looking to use your security camera for projects? The application, unlike others, also allows you to create time-lapse movies.


This application also offers live streaming, motion detection, and email alerts and notifications. It however, also can automatically produce image galleries of specific, trigger images and movements.


EyeSpyFX is an application that allows you to easily control your camera to Pan Tilt. While this is only for Logitech Orbit and Creative Live! cameras, it will automatically, send and stream captured videos to your smartphone. Moreover, with this app you can create and stream footage on a private webpage.

These are just a few of the many applications available online. For those looking for specific features and capacities, or for particular brands, the right app may be out there. For those looking for the basics, explore the abovementioned applications and pick one that’s right for you.


The article was written by Goga on behalf of TIME2, a brand that specializes in android tablets, windows tablets, and security cameras. Goga loves to explore innovative ways technology can be utilized outside of its intended use. She spends her personal time outside, often in the mountains.


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