How Eating Habits Link to Cardiovascular Diseases

“You are what you eat.”

As the above saying goes, this is almost always true.

In fact, in making use of a certain unhealthy eating habits, would surely make one suffer from any diseases such as those cardiovascular disease. This simply means that when a person is getting into highly fat-contained foods, there is likely to elevate cholesterol levels in the blood where in severe cases, it can even accumulate and form cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels causing blockage of blood supply, specifically to the heart since the caliber of the blood vessels supplying blood in the heart is getting smaller as it approaches the heart. These blood vessels are the most prone to blockage that is caused by cholesterol plaque formation.

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Another thing is when you consume a large amount of sweet or sugary treats, that are undeniably mouth-watering, there is likelihood of suffering from diabetes, a decade or so after. Once diagnosed of being diabetic but no eating habit and lifestyle changes done, tendency is that the heart is one of the many internal organs that will be affected leading to a certain Cardiovascular Disease secondary to diabetes or high sugar level.

With all these, as I have mentioned above, “you are what you eat”, so eat healthy as to be healthy as well.