Soto Betawi

I am no certified cook nor baker, but I just loved to cook and bake. In fact, I had been earning a little with these cooking and baking I do at home. I do not have my restaurant of my own yet, most of my baked goods are in order basis as well as those really yummy cooked dish, but at least, somehow, I am slowly making a name with my prepared mouth-watering food.

So for today, I wanted to share real great soup. This is in fact one of the meat soup recipes that even though I tried only once, but this seemed to be like been looking for by my tongue. Perhaps the very reason why I am trying hard to learn how to prepare and cook this Soto Betawi.

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For sure, you will ask what the ingredients and materials needed to have this dish and how to prepare and cook this one. So here you go, you can find meat soup recipes here. Accordingly, this recipe is best during the cold and rainy days and even in any hour of the day. But because of me being such an adventurous in cooking and used to explore with the ingredients I have in my kitchen, I made some twists on the ingredients since those are not available in my desk. Instead of using coconut milk, I made use of the available cow’s milk. I haven’t tried the coconut milk yet so I cannot compare how the two differs — which one tastes better, creamier and so on. But of course, I made sure to have my beef sliced into cubes that were marinated using Royo seasoning mix. I also added bell pepper just to enhance more the taste and the aroma.

By far, this Soto Betawi is one that is not the typical soup we, Filipinos, used to have but it is great to have this treat in this cold days.